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  1. Hey! I've just ordered myself the Study Group and Honor Roll boxes. Looking to part with the models that make up the old University of Transmortis box, since I already have, that. Valedictorian Student of Steel, Sinew, Viscera Looking for £25 + pp. Open to offers! Based in the UK.
  2. I reckon there's some scope to combine Mortimer with Reva on Break The Line: corpses and chatty, with some movement tricks. Shame his corpse is that teeny bit harder to get.
  3. Someone mentioned it earlier, interested to hear if people have put Schtook back on the table much. Holding off having drop money on two boxes of students, would like to see the lists emerging.
  4. Just played Break The Line with Reva, lost 3 v 4 against Asami - @Insomniakwulfcame in at the end with some interesting feedback. Although Reva hit like a train and did some work, I kept her too far back. If you get her sat on the centre line, she can threatened 2/3 Strat markers. I tend to take quite an elite list with Reva, and didn't have the models to where is felt okay to spend their turns moving the Pyre markers. Since Asami shut down my Grave Golem (Jorogumo with their heal-deny and positive dmg flips), I wish I'd taken either Lampad or Dead rider for the Interact, free move, inter
  5. Some really useful pointers here - thanks all! In taking Anna, I'm worried at what I lose in movement - especially as its corner. If I have Valley off in one direction, and say a Viscera in another, I'm worried about the Viks jumping the very slow Schtook & Anna. But I guess time they spend doing that is time they're not killing my point scorers!
  6. Love your guide @Graf! What are your thoughts about what you gain/lose from taking/dropping Anna - what do you weigh up?
  7. Thanks! I have seen that, super useful!
  8. Playing Schtook into Viks again this round. I got absolutely murdered last time! Any advice? The notes I took for myself after my last thrashing were: Actually use the models you took to score the strats/scheme for that purpose! Took Viscera to score Symbols, but then held him back to try and help Schtook & Valley Girl who got jumped. Related to the first, don't get stuck in combat with the Viks - if it's inevitable, but not going to score AP, work around it rather than to win it. I spent my cards too readily on non-AP scoring or non-essential actions. I'm currentl
  9. This is a cunning plan! How are you planning to pump out enough healing to pull this off?
  10. @Thatguy - in this match up I was playing Von Schtook, against @Scofferwith Zipp. The Strat was Corrupted Leylines. As he's said, he did have a bit of luck, but I also made some silly moves (still a fairly newish player). I think in this game I could have played for denial more - I went quite aggressive turn 1, but didn't actually manage to land successfully co-ordinated attacks; he always slipped through my fingers! With Transmortis ability to cover huge distance in one turn, I could have done a bit more waiting for him to come to me - then leaping on over-extended models or slippi
  11. Opponent used him in my last game brilliantly, it's the second I've poured a ton of resource into trying get him, and he's still gone on to score game winning points. I don't feel like you can ignore him, since he's such a scorer - but how on earth do you get enough dmg on him to kill him?
  12. What goes through your head when you're looking at a Strat/Scheme pool and deciding your Master? I current play Schtook and Reva - but I don't really have a clear idea of when Reva might be a better choice than Schtook. Then, to add to that, I'd like to choose a 3rd Master that might fill in a blind spot - but I find it hard to distill what makes logical sense in choosing one Master over another. Any thoughts, processes, or tips welcome!
  13. Tbf, it was fairly early on in learning Reva so I'd be better now. But Archie ended blocking the center, stuff got queued up behind him, and Emmisary didn't have great sight lines
  14. I played Reva on this map before, it was a bit of a night mare!
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