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  1. Tbf, it was fairly early on in learning Reva so I'd be better now. But Archie ended blocking the center, stuff got queued up behind him, and Emmisary didn't have great sight lines
  2. I played Reva on this map before, it was a bit of a night mare!
  3. Thanks for all the tips here. I think I'll play to the Marker schemes and keep my distance, until I see something out of position that I can leap on with the Valley girl (following up with the Undergrads).
  4. Hi all! I've an upcoming game against Lady J, I'm playing Von Schtook. I've had a tough time vs Guild so far, and this is my first time playing against the Lady herself. Any tips, tricks, condolences for dealing with her? Much appreciated. The Strat is Recover evidence.
  5. Cheers for this. It's interesting what you say about Toshiro. I had certainly been considering him, to create bit of a tarpit, but you're right that he's quite card hungry. I'd also been thinking about the Emissary as setting himself up as a turret. I like your list, but I've found corpse gen a little superfluous, since it's easy to end up with a lot of cores passively. I struggle more with Burning generation, I find it hard to make sure there's enough for Reva to benefit from. I was thinking a slightly altered: Reva + Corpse Candles Dead Rider Grave Golem Bete Noi
  6. Hey! Being a very new player, I've rather jumped in the deep end with December's tournament. I've never played a round of Symbols of Authority before, and wondered if anyone had any thoughts, tips, and things to look out for? Edit: Posted to early. I'm likely to be taking either Reva or Von Schtook. Strat: Symbols of Authority Schemes: Vendetta, Claim Jump, Catch & Release, Let Them Bleed, Research Mission. Deployment: Standard.
  7. Runic Binding is a nice one to see in a pool with Leave Your Mark or Claim Jump, provides a good counter scheme if you think your opponent will hold the center. I have entirely steered away from Sabotage so far, just can envision pulling it off. However, now I'm beginning to try out more schemey crews like Von Schtook that may change. Spread Them Out is one that I always think I'll manage, but I tend to get distracted by brawling! With crews like Reva, I feel like every AP counts, and I often don't find the time to drops Scheme Markers. But, ideally, with Dead Rider, Emmisary, and
  8. Super useful breakdown! Cheers. Had a rough tourney, including being beaten by yourself 😅 I think my losses were mainly down to my inexperience and my really poor scheme choice, and failing to use Reva at her best. Really struggling to get Reva feeling as strong as she apparently can be. It's good see the thoughts here on scheme choice, hope I can take the lessons learned into next month!
  9. Yes! I think it was one of your posts that set me on that theme. Recently had a brilliant time lobbing zombies/corpse candles with Grave Golem/Archie and blowing them up with Anna 😆
  10. I think that's perhaps it - there's is a lot possible synergies in that sense, but it feels (to my novice eyes) like they all point to different models, rather than forming a group of cohesive models.
  11. Thanks so much for the advice here! Pulled up Vassal this morning and spent some time First Turn planning for upcoming Fauxvember game; insanely useful! I always suffer a bit of First Turn Panic. Hopefully this will help.
  12. Hello! This question is relevant outside Ressers, but since they're my chosen faction I hope I can find some help here. How do you go about approaching activation order and positioning? I currently play Reva and have expanded my crew pool to include the usual suggestions found on the forums here. I've played about 6 games or so. In every game so far I have consistently shot my self in the foot with my positioning, and I've often felt like I'm activating models purely in reaction to my opponent, rather than feeling in charge of the turn. I often end up with models
  13. Hey! Fairly new player here, 6 games or so, all with Reva (bar one). I just want Revenant to feel more synergistic. I get pangs of jealousy looking at other Keywords or factions, like Guard, Bayou, Augmented, where their synergy seems to leap off the page. I feel like I'm have to dig so deep and extract blood from stone to get Reva to feel like she's synergising with anything or anyone. I barely take anything from her keyword. I would love to see something that just made it a little easier to get a burning engine going.
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