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  1. Thanks for the tactica. Good stuff. Buy recommendations are good, gives you some guidance when you start Nicodem.
  2. I did play with the metal version of a friend today and I missed my chance to buy a metal one online, and ofc now it's out of stock. I have not seen the Through the Breach kit, but did anyone see the kit, if a model can be make out of the models? Swords can be used from 40k, they are big enough, but question is the pose.
  3. Lucius: Doppelganger + Guild Riflemen for Lucius McGabe: Metal Guild hound box and something big that you can boost up with badge of speed or with elixir of life. Executioners, the Judge (lady justice box is available again and comes with death marshals).
  4. Thanks for the replies. I will keep the additional trapper, libi and specialist. The second von Schill + trunk might find his way into a friends collection. So von Schill is next on the painting list
  5. I got Lazarus too, somehow for got about him. So normally you won't be buying a second von Schill box, because the investment is just to high for two models that you will play from time to time or in certain situations. So when I am serious to run von Schill on a regular basis, it's good to have.
  6. I bought some Outcasts from a friend and he has two crew boxes from von Schill, but one box is missing the two Freikorpsmen. My question is, does it make sense to have two boxes? In addition I have Hans, Bishop, Ronin, Strongarm suit. I plan to get Hannah in the near future. I am not sure what I will need to advance with von Schill. Also he will not see the battlefield that often. Thanks in advance for the help.
  7. short question. Am I able to build a Witchling Handler out of the female box?. I got some swords from 40k lying around this solves the 2h-cleaver issue. Question is there a hand/pose that allows to put the sword in place?
  8. @Adran, I played Nicodem twice, first time it worked wonders second time not that much. @Chumbalya, I would bring Perdita to any game Competitive play has already ruined a couple of games for me, I see things a little bit different now. My advice might not be the best since our meta is very unique
  9. The general difference between Malifaux and WMhordes or 40k is that there list tailoring is allowed, the game is more balanced and missions are more complex. I started playing table tops with 40k, then switched to WMhordes and added Malifaux. Starting with the same mindset: checking forums for solid lists, the best master to play with, which models to buy next and hard counters for the other fractions or masters. Another thing is you can play each master in so many ways with so many different combination, which makes it hard to give a good answer. I would stick with your other post, where you try go assign masters to strategies and schemes, since this makes more sense. Also I would include something like modules that you take to make certain things happen. For example, Sonnia + death marshal + papa + reincarnation. Cisco + Diestro + shooting. Executioner with death marshal taxi lead by McCabe. FYI, our meta is pretty small and I have a good idea what other people own, prefer to play and prefer not to play against. Also we are a group ot 4-8 people, so this makes everything more predictable. On top of that players have very different model pools, starting from 1 build to 7/7 masters. Against our resser I prefer to play Sonnia at the moment, I got my second box of Stalkers and my idea is to go for reincarnation and papa with death marshal combo. Reconnoiter, Claim a Stake, Squatters Rights and maybe Turf War. Against Neverborn, Perdita with Latigo gang, Turf War, Reckoning, reconnoiter. Lucius with Squatters rights. With Squatters Rights and reconnoiter I would pick Lucius with riflemen and a pathfinder. Against our Arcanist with Marcus I take Perdita.
  10. The answer that I get with Malifaux is, depends on terrain, strategy, schemes, personal mood, friendly game etc.. As already said strategies and schemes let other master shine more, but when you are not less familiar with the models and also the turn flow (movement, activation, ranges etc.), the outcome might not be as good as with another master you know by heart. On top of that, you never know what the other person will tailor into the list and which plans he/she has. At the beginning I also looked for something like the list above, but gladly there are is no simple and patter X you can use against a specific fraction. It's quite a good thing, since it give you a long and steep learning curve, and will keep the game interesting for a long time.
  11. I know that he does a good job in the box, still I have the felling that 7ss for a is a serious investment. Still learning with Criid, so hopefully I will see this at its beauty one day I might try the list ZFiend posted.
  12. Yesterday I have tried this combo, but I do not believe this is a good investment. You are down 7ss for at least two turns and maybe on the third you release Papa. Till then you should return your investment. I believe in some cases this might work, but you need to really milk this combo, the Judge with the movement will complement. Otherwise as already said, box of Death Marshals, box of Witchling Stalkers, maybe the Breach Multipart kits for proxies. Executioners with Death Marshal Taxi maybe. Malifaux Child is available as a promo this month when you support your FLGS. Lady J has an ability: Impossible to find.
  13. Yesterday I played my first game of 20ss hardcore, I like it. Quick and dirty instant fun. Played Cisco with Wade in and Office Badge, 2 Pistoleros and Santo. Since you have 5ss pool, I stoned for two addition cards on turn two, charge with Cisco and then things got pretty nasty pretty quick. Popped Finesse, stoned for prevention, engaged with the enemy henchman and then won the initiative. With a couple of high cards in my hand and Ml7, then Red Joker happened on with : on attack. 9 damage and my opponent conceded. The scales were tipped in my favor. As already said, this format would be the best to get people into the game. Quick, dead fun and less abilities to worry about and more to focus on the game.
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