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  1. I forgot about the additional 5 minute process of slightly moving the 30mm marker around so you can get everyone, followed by pulling out the laser pointer and seeing if it can see everyone. I have yet to place a shockwave where I couldn't hit everyone I wanted because of a LOS issue. Its also easy to say that if a model can't draw LOS to the center point of the template then they are not hit.
  2. I've been using a 3", 5" and 7" template. I have plenty of them from other miniature games, and its 10 times faster and easier then placing the 30mm template. Especially when there are lots of miniatures around, often making me pick several of them up and place them causing even more potential issues. I realize it should be 3.18110236", 5.18110236", and 7.18110236" according to the rules but I'm ok with loosing the .18110236" (or .09" on each side), for the huge saving in time and convenience. Personally I think the rules should be changed to use templates for shackwaves. It would be even easier if they do what Guildball did in its latest edition or what Wyrd did with flying. Shorten the range by 2/5/7" and place allow any part of the template to be in range.
  3. Some more questions regarding snapping heads. If I already have 3 assets attached to the Titan can I add snapping head as a 4th during its turn? If I have 2 snapping heads do I get 2 snapping head attacks? I didn't see a clear answer above. I only got 1 snapping head asset card with my titan. Should I have gotten more? Or should I just use a counter of some kind to keep track of it?
  4. I was thinking about going to Adepticon this year, and the tickets go on sale in 1.5 weeks. I was wondering if TOS or Malifaux were going to be played there? Neither are listed in the Adepticon Preview.
  5. From what I've read, I think it should start arriving at the very end of August if you are lucky; most likely you will start to see it mid September. I've seen stores advertising that it will be in by the end of October, so if you KS or Backerkit it you should see it before then, at the latest.
  6. Not really a bad thing for the consumer and game. As a KS backer, I'm a bit bummed because I should have waited to get some things. However, I am able to point a few friends that direction and let them know they can get into the game at a lower price point. Which will be much more appealing to them and grow the community.
  7. I've seen some online stores listing it for sale on October 31st. Some of the prices are significantly less than what they were during the KS. Hopefully the KS people will be getting theirs early September.
  8. Running Malifaux Demos in Garland TX on Thursday August 3rd from 6:30-9.
  9. I will be running some Malifaux demos Friday July 7 from 3pm to about 9 or 10pm at Brickhouse in Garland Texas. If you would like to check out the game or play a few please stop by. I'll have a few extra lists to play with. Please message me before 1pm tomorrow if you need any additional information. Also, please consider joining the facebook group DFW Malifaux.
  10. Love the eyes
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