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  1. Because some people can never have enough guns. The figure is the Arkham Knight Riddler by Knight Models and the modern weapons are from Hasslefree Miniatures.
  2. Entry for Round 3: Wyrd Science! Including Alpeh High Functionary, Thrasymys and Valeria Gromoz from Infinity, and Sorceress by Spyglass, along with plenty of techy bits mostly from the Ork Big Gun kit.
  3. This is a cracker, the waist cloth is really well done. Good job on the flames, too, when I try to paint fire it ends up looking like orange goo.
  4. Thanks guys! First time making a diorama like this, there are things I'd do differently but I'm glad I took it on.
  5. Dr von Evilstein's laboratory, where he carries out his very special beauty treatment. Just one session and he guarantees you'll be drop dead gorgeous. Here we see him exhibiting his hardware and several previous success stories to a prospective customer - but the knife behind her back suggests she might not be there purely for her prettification. Rotten Belles and Female Multi-Part Adventurer by Wyrd, Dr Arkadius by Privateer Press, Medi-Scanner and Computer by Warmill. Other materials include florist's wire, doll's house parquet flooring and scrapbooking embellishments.
  6. Hello chaps! First post. My local store carries a lot of Malifaux and there's plenty of interest in it, so I was hoping to buy in and start playing. I remember playing a demo a while back and thinking it was great. I'm a miniatures painting nerd, which in my case means that I prefer to paint a small number of models well. Which factions/crews/whatever can be run as a low model count force? Malifaux looks like it has relatively small forces anyway but a handful of big powerful expensive guys would suit me better than a crew with lots of cheap henchmen. Many thanks for any suggestions.
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