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  1. Very nice! I hope to get better photos of them up soon
  2. I will start going over my Batman rogue's gallery. I'll be mentioning things about the mini, improvement ideas, ect. Let's start off with Colette herself This mini is the reason that her entire crew is Batman themed. My boyfriend wanted her to be painted like The Joker, to witch I stirred the pot by asking 'what about Cassandra' and that turned into questions about performers and mannequins. I love her, but now that I have learned how to do finer detail, I want to re-do her stockings so instead of flesh colored, they will be lace. I also want to give her a new base, the one she is standing on was a metal base I had previously bought. I'm not sure what to yet. I will gladly accept feedback. Next up: Cassandra Who better to paint her as than The Joker's right hand woman, Harley Quinn. She was fun to paint, and turning her sword into a Harley Quinn mallet was a brilliant idea. Again, I'm going to do a new base for her, just not sure what yet. Performer 1 - Poison Ivy The performer's are where we really got the layout for the army's paint scheme. We decided that since Joker and Harley Quinn were living models, all of the living models in the crew should be villians, and the hero's will be their dolls, their playthings. The dress she's wearing just screamed Poison Ivy to me (it looked kind of leafy). I'm probably going to greenstuff some vines or something coming from her outstretched hand, and possibly have her standing on a giant flower (because yet again, I want to re-do her base too) Performer 2 - Catwoman It just wouldn't be Batman without Catwoman. However she seems kind of plain to me. I might have her posing on a ledge or something. I was also thinking of doing cat ears, but I don't know. she could probably do without. What do you guys think? I'll also go ahead and throw the mechanical doves down here I'm trying to figure out how to make this go with the DC theme, but I'm currently drawing blanks. I didn't realize this was showing so much silver until I was editing the pictures (my boyfriend took the pictures) but I will wait to fix it until I have a base for it. I'm just positing to show my current progress. I also want to re-do the cards now that I know how to do smaller detail. I would show you a third Mechanical Dove, but unfortunately we lost it. So I'm going to take a raven mini I bought at Gencon and paint it up like the doves (small miracles, but now I'm out a raven ) That's all for now. I'll post up the heros (the mannequins and coryphee) later. I need some sleep, it's 3:30 am
  3. Greetings all, I haven't been painting mini's for long, but I have enough confidence in my skill to post my work here to see what others think, and to find out what I can do to improve my craft. So far I have 2 painted factions (one is mine, the other my boyfriends -The Dreamer and Colette respectively-) with others planned for the near future (including commission work from guys at my local game shop) I'll start off by showing crew pics... Colette and her showgirls: My boyfriend wanted them done as Batman Heros and Villians, where the villian's were the dancers and the hero's were the puppets, so this is what I came up with so far. He is still wanting to get a few more mini's to add to her crew (I can't remember who right now). Also, I wan't to re-do the bases (this is why the other's don't have anything on their bases) but I'm still thinking of what I want to do with them. All I know is that on the Batman and Robin Coryphee, I want them to be posing on the bat signal. The Dreamer and Lord Chompy Bits: I love everything about The Dreamer. And I love turning innocent things into terrible nightmare inducing creatures. One thing I knew was important, NO GLOOMY COLORS! They had to look bright and cheerful, so that when they to terrifying things, it shocks people even more. Lord Chompy Bits is War Greymon from Digimon. Both of the Teddy's are Bedtime Bear and Cheer Bear from Care Bears... beware their Care Bear stare. As a side note on the Widow Weaver, of my friends was looking at my models and when looking at her he was like -paraphrasing- 'Oh this is nice... oh, uh, that's a gnarly mouth' ... ... ... So, those are the crew's I have painted, I will post individual pics soon. Also sorry about the crap photo quality. ... ... ... Things I'll be working on: -I'm looking at picking up Rasputina soon, and as soon as Colodi and Zorida have plastic mini's out, I'm going to look into getting them too. -My boyfriend has C. Hoffman and Ramos primed and ready to be painted. -Auntie J (a male ) has commissioned me to paint McMourning's crew to look like heartless' from Kingdom Hearts. -Kirklin want's me to paint Misaki's crew (which I'm super excited about) -2 more friends (Nick and Dan) are looking at crews, and are going to commission me to paint them as well. -And of course I need to work on bases for at least mine and my boyfriend's mini's. I'm going to be buisy, but at least I'm not going to be board, and it will allow me to hoan my skills. I'll keep you posted
  4. All of the mini's involved in Colette's crew
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    Mini's involved in my Dreamer crew
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