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  1. The April Challenge My best three pieces of advice are: Set your own expectations based on time, purpose and your own abilities. Challenge yourself to try something new with every mini or project. There is no 'right' way to paint anything. This is art, not engineering.
  2. But, if you're in Australia and you hang them upside down after washing, should we wash them upside down and then hang them right way around?
  3. Looking good. Do the added stick help with warping?
  4. Those are some nice models you have there! Particularly like the reporters and Mah crew.
  5. Here's my Zomboys, guess they're Rabble Risers now? That'd make them 18SS. Actually finished them like a week ago, but been a bit distracted. Wishing you all well!
  6. My pledge is some of the Nico crew I started yesterday. Most likely the three zomboys sloppily indicated with arrows. Seems to make sense to batch paint them.
  7. Leap Day Bonus Model!! Started and finished this guy today. Thought the OSL would make it quicker for some bizarre reason. Couldn't think of any way of doing Nico other than Reanimator themed though. Puts me up at 35 SS for the month I think @Caedrus? And of course I couldn't get in focus shots showing off the lighting because phone cameras don't like that sort of thing.
  8. My output for February: some grim-ish, dark-ish scatter terrain. We'll call it 4 pieces for 20 SS @Caedrus
  9. @Pastori - very tidy. Nice work. @Polar43 - lady is shaping is beautifully. Looking forward to seeing the finished model.
  10. @Polar43 - Loving the masks on those lads. Think I'd add more mid-tone in the skirt on the lower one, then pick out the frayed bits real quick and call it a day.
  11. @PetitDalek - the metals on those guys look fantastic. Great work.
  12. Looks great. Really like the detail on the severed heads. How did you do the base?
  13. @Harlekin - Great work on the Lost. Really gritty and thematic feel to them. @Stranglelove - Horrific. Good job. @Wintergloom - Nice colour theming on the Nightmares. Really nice scheme and does a great job of tying the models together without looking like they're in uniform. Also, custom web markers FTW. @Pastori - Love those bases on the Investigators.
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