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  1. I would say that pandoras crew currently has very minimal problems with armour depending on how big the model is. Some of them, you should probably ignore (lock them down, push them away, block their charges, slow+stun them) and those are the ones with armour+2 and healing (god damn ice golems). Otherwise you can reliably put quite a lot of damage on a model if you, for instance: self loathing+ slow trigger, fears given form, glimpse of insanity, and then use carver or iggy to put burning on. Assuming pandora is close to the enemy model thats at least 1+1+1+1+1+1+1 = 6 damage spread across 3 activations and minimal wasted damage if you were using bonus actions and low damage AoE attacks to ping and add conditions. Between Candy and Pandora you want to try to slow+stun as many of these big beaty armoured models as possible anyway, and you can use your Misery to either ping them or to move them into annoying positions.
  2. I say this without reservation but with a lot of restraint - I have not read anything on these forums that i have disagreed with more strongly in the entire beta. Old Misery: Maybe ping 4 or 5 damage a turn (usually not, half the time the enemy cheats its nowhere near your crew) New Misery: endlessly ping models for 1 damage because your crew hands out conditions like candy, or you can reposition models to your hearts content. Someone hits Pandora, gains stunned, is pushed 2" away and is now likely out of melee range. Pandora or Candy does a nice AOE, hands out stunned or slow, everyone is pinged for extra damage or repositioned to block charges, clear charge lanes, or set up future moves. You have a tonne of flexibility, reliability, and finesseability. The new version is so manifestly superior in every possible way I am actually floored anybody would want to go back. Also, while I am here, opportunist is MAD good. Pandora and Carver stripping off focused when an enemy tries to hit them to steal the plus flips is beyond delicious. Candy taking someones fast is also ❤️ and unless it was their 3rd action, prevents them declaring a third action. Boom.
  3. Also, "once per activation" still applies.
  4. Yeah, I didnt have that kind of nerve so dreamer just ran around shooting people trying to deny strat I guess what I was driving at is that the *really* key things come down to *i cheat a 13 and you cant beat that without a RJ so my action goes off* once per turn, and also holding high cards for summons or other tactical actions. I think having a +1 is usually going to take your opponent to a tie rather than failing actions in general due to the imbalance between offensive and defensive stats.
  5. Because I think it feels dumb to attack yourself and defend yourself especially when, in game terms, we have a representation of that attack action with Pandora and Candy. Makes the narrative confusing. I guess you never watched Fight Club
  6. As people pointed out in that thread, Outcasts also have a load of models that have limited condition removal (i.e. Drache Trooper) and the ability to end (Shrug off) or ignore (Nihilism) conditions . Also, people even sure that so many other factions have "lots" of condition removal? Nvb has: Titania can end conditions on herself (via a trigger on an attack that isnt built in), Serena is versatile and can remove conditions on her heal, but that has a 3" range (and is a bonus action) and she is quite squishy, Bad Juju can end conditions all day long but... thats not what you brought him for so its a huge waste for him as a model and also if you hire out of keyword thats 11 stones, Rougarou have Shrug off, and bultungin have the same ability as bad juju but nobody is taking them out of keyword. Honestly Serena is the only one you would take, costs 8 and is not particularly good outside of her theme, so I dont see that Nvb are in any position different to outcasts.
  7. They could cheat down even if you made them attack one of their other models though, what do you imagine is the difference?
  8. VERY much this. It helps you clutch things towards the end of your turn, but it has a fairly minimal impact on crucial actions (yours or your opponents). Also probably worth mentioning that even with the cards i removed in the image above and the absolute FIRE flips i managed in some of the later turns, in both the final turns my starting hand had no cards better than a 9 so i couldnt summon with dreamer and my two stitched (the best way of cycling cards) were dead.
  9. If it was a bit easier to get sin tokens on enemy models I think it would be hilarious to have in a crew with Pandora and candy, making your opponent tear their hair out
  10. If they get concealment then they should also heal. They are not being affected by terrain in any case, they can be in it without being affected by it.
  11. It fixes some overly squishy models (carver, I'm REALLY looking at you) and makes them much less likely to get smooshed. This is very comparable to things like Servant of Dark Powers on a Hanged, you pay a hefty price and in return you get a model a lot more likely to do what you paid for.
  12. What people? I use it, and its awesome. Like, REALLY awesome. with Rake the Eyes its actually abusive, and in a crew with lucid dreams its extremely likely you will win the flip. It also cant be resisted which is really excellent.
  13. I agree, abilities that can turn against you are terrible which is why stitched are garbage and nobody ever uses Gamble Your Life, right? I mean really 🙄🙄🙄 It doesn't "come down to luck" like somehow it could easily go either way. It overwhelmingly goes in your favour, your have a VERY low probability to make your deck worse after several uses of the ability. Like 1 in hundreds of thousands. As an argument against the ability as written that is frankly bullshit. This was from my last game with dreamer, cards removed from my deck, I can tell you I didn't give a shit about losing the 12 or the 9:
  14. I want this to be true but it's not entirely clear to me that the charge is not an action in its own right
  15. Opportunity sometimes removes conditions your opponent is putting on like focus or fast. I dont see how that is bad And Pandora hasnt been about dealing damage for the whole of M3E, and I dont think that is going to change, nor should it. Embrace pandora as a control master - if you want to just deal damage then try nekima.
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