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  1. Will be using GG0 https://static1.squarespace.com/static/54fe412ce4b0c449f7369857/t/5db9d54e3c4f652f768d593c/1572459855510/GG_Season_0.pdf
  2. Tournament Scheme Pool: Game 1: https://m3e.page.link/3H66Qczn5GMdTQmK6 Game 2: https://m3e.page.link/tE5pjjNe9Pvbw14t7 Game 3: https://m3e.page.link/GtRtskFY7cyvMS4U7
  3. What: "Through The Hole" Tournament will be a 16 player, 50ss Standard 3 round tournament Where: GameHoleCon In Madison WI When: Sunday November 3rd. Sign-ups begin at 9am at the con. How: If you would like to pre-reg Message me and I will add you to the list Wow!: $150 prize pool donated by GameHoleCon, Noble Knight Games and Madison Malifaux Group. Every Player receives gifts and great prizes for placements!!
  4. 2 Weeks to USFT Through The Hole Tournament at GameHole Con in Madison WI. https://www.gameholecon.com/events/event/1115 Check Out The Prize Pool Donated by the con and Noble Knight Games. Sign ups start at 9am on Nov 3rd. Msg me if you want to pre-reg!
  5. All of that is correct. but The number of times WP have been more useful than spending those stones on literally anything else = 0 😋
  6. Sure if they get close enough to do that before dying... which they don't. They are cheep but 4ss for a model that does nothing before being removed from the table isn't good value. At best they will get down a scheme marker, get killed by any other 4 pt scheme runner in the game and then have the marker overturned. total value 0pts. If you are buying 2 of them you are wasting 8ss that you could spend on a Stalker that will score you at least 2 points and murder something. if you are only buying 1 of them then just save those SS to use as damage reduction on Nix or Benny who have actual effect on the game.
  7. Calling all Outcast Players!! Join the Outcasts of Malifaux Discord Channel for chats and strats with like minded outlaws! https://discord.gg/RcuSuE2
  8. Rules Clarification about upgrades and HH. It says that crews are fixed. Does that include upgrades? Can you decide per match if you want to use an upgrade or extra SS? When determining targets for Vendetta does the cost calculation include upgrades (general question that is probably somewhere else but came up in our last game)
  9. Does Wyrd have a minimum painting requirement for tournaments at Gencon? If so are these going to be laxed considering people might be getting a bunch of new models at the con before the Tournys?
  10. Yeah self discovery is super important, you are right. I do find however that the only people lauding WP as useful are people who say things like "I'm pretty sure there is a good use for Winged plagues but I've not yet really used them" Theory crafting is fun but isn't really helpful to someone asking for advice on how to make a master work or help correcting their build. That is just leading them to more frustrating games which isn't fun for them. Jesy didn't ask for permission for self discovery, they asked specifically for "insight". Advice from much experience has been given. Take it or leave it. In the end its your game.
  11. Hamlin is super dense too... His crews cards are chocked full of text, more than most other crews. I just switched over to Tara for a few games and I was like oh... there are only three things on this card.. sweet! There is so much to remember with him and so many ways each model can work in different situations... He is extra hard mode.
  12. TRUTH! Things are so different now! so many games doing things completely wrong! Imagine what it was like with the rules changing every week. I still make mistakes cause I am remembering a rule from 6 months ago. :D
  13. Benny isn't terrible you are probably just playing him wrong. He is 100% a support model. I have gotten good use out of him in almost every game. He, Nix and a Rat Catcher are really important pieces in getting Hamlin to work. Morgan is right. Charging is a push and must be in a straight line. You can use rats by positioning them correctly and using them for board control. Rats are a resource now. Hamlin's crew can do a bunch of things with them. Hamlin can explode them for 2 damage and blight in a . He can also activate all of them within 6 and have them each take free focused attacks. (note Yellow Teeth's text with this). Benny can use them for straight damage as a free action, he can turn them into scheme markers. Rat Catchers use them as armor and eat them for health. If you are only thinking about them in terms of attacks, and summoning, your head is still in M2E. It also might be possible you are bringing Hamlin against the wrong opponents. Hamlin doesn't do well against blasts or black blood. Crews that are heavy in that will counter him hard and if you are trying to learn him in that environment, you are going to have a bad day. If they are dying to normal attacks, that actually isn't a bad thing. You opponent is wasting AP on them instead of your other models. What Morgan says about WP is absolutely true. It obvious what theory crafting says they are supposed to do.....I promise you it doesn't work and you end up wasting 4 SS on each one to MAYBE get a plague marker on a model or two. Hamlin has so many ways to apply markers you don't need to blow SS for that. WP die to almost any other model in the game in 1 or 2 hits. They have no survivability and no escapes. They just get removed before they can do anything you want them to. Instead of wasting 12SS on models that are "supposed to die" you should spend them on models that are going to have an effect on the game. You can keep banging your head against that wall trying to get Winged Plague to work or you can look at the wall with all the bloody forehead prints left there from Beta and hire something good. M3E Hamlin has a really high learning curve and takes much more finesse than in M2E. He does A LOT of things and that makes him pretty versatile but he does have a couple exploitable weaknesses that you have to learn to play around. He might just not be right for your play-style.
  14. The 8 SS looks like almost the only thing you got right with this list. You are wasting 12 points on Winged Plague. They are garbage, don't hire them ever. That is your first problem. OW is only useful if you are facing someone that Analyze Weakness is useful against. He is no longer core to the crew. Don't hire him unless the situation arises. That is your second problem. I don't know what Malifaux Child is trying to do in that crew. I don't know what Montresor is trying to do here either. It looks like you are throwing all of Hamlin's synergy out. He is def not going to work like that. That is your Third problem. Take Benny. He is hard to use but he is great if you get the hang of him. Play him and learn a bit. He can summon a rat king on your first 2 turns if you position everything correctly (you need to hire 2 rats to do this) Use some of those SS to keep him alive. After he suffers damage he summons a rat....keep him up and bleeding to make more rats that help spread blight, lock down charges and make kings. Benny is the rat engine in M3E Hamlin and Hamlin needs rats even if you aren't using them to summon. Midnight Stalker is absolutely amazing in a Hamlin crew I find him to be an autohire in pretty much every scheme pool. Hire a rat catcher, they are amazing now.
  15. I just had a brain dump to someone on this topic in the Outcasts of Malifaux group on facebook if you want to check it out https://www.facebook.com/groups/531907140296338/ It is in the comments of the Are Winged Plagues worth taking in Hamelin? post... spoiler alert... NO!
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