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  1. I think I would go with: Kirai (Cach 7SS) +Absorb Spirit Datsue Ba +My Little Helper +Spirit Whisper Philip and the Nany +Haunting Cries +Wronged Spirits Dead Doxy Night Terror Night Terror You should be able to get the doxy to place two schemes so philip can draw you cards. If not that and SS is enough, Kirai can also filter some cards for you. Kirai and Datsue can both summon a Seshin/turn, Datsue can even summon 2 one turn and give you an extra card. Night Terrors are good summoning anchors for Drowned (finish the job, so more snack for Philip if they die) and then something more, and helps you out activate your oponent. This list can go very wrong if you end up with a truly lousy hand. It more or less lack hitting power. So you better get that 11 or 12, so you can get those Goryos or Shikomes. Both Kirai and Datsue can hit some, and when your oponent kills something, you better be in LoS to throw Ikiyro in its face. Sure, Philip can shoot, but tbh, it is not why he is there.
  2. TY, I run Windows 10 and google Chrome Version 44.0.2403.157, anything you want in version numbers and stuff, just ask away.
  3. when I try to sign in via facebook i get an error message saying: "Appen är inte konfigurerad: This app is still in development mode, and you don't have access to it. Switch to a registered test user or ask an app admin for permissions." the first is saying, "the app is not configured"
  4. PeeJay

    August 17th - Drowned #2

    Doesn't he look like the "bug" in MIB?
  5. Nice color coding of the masters, it realy made the articel so much more easy to read!