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  1. Welcome folks to my first, and hopefully not last, lackluster battle report. Today's match was Nellie Cochran versus Nicodemus with no real mission since we were both exceptionally new to the game. At my opponents request, we decided to stick to no real mission beyond first to kill the other's master. I know this doesn't give a very accurate impression of the game, but it was still enough fun to make us both happy Lists I had Nellie, Alison, Phonia, an Executioner, Printing Press and 3x Field Reporters He had Nicodemus, Mortimer, the Vulture 2x Carrion Doggos, 3 Zombie Punks Sadly I didn't get a picture a turn, only remembering to take a couple photos second and third turn. I killed Nicodemus start of the third turn. Turn 1 I spent the majority of the first turn discarding cards to make my opponent activate nearly all his models before I did. I lucked out because when he tried puking up corpse markers all over the place he only managed to get two out (Bad flips). I also surprised him when I sent my Executioner flying up the board using a push from a scheme marker, after making him fast and then charging using his unique equipment (discard to make a CG for 1AP). Thanks to this, I managed to cut down two of the punk zombies only taking five damage in return from a final zombie punk counter charging. Turn 2 Nicodemus went first and suddenly the table was covered in cruddy zombies. Apparently cutting stuff apart with the executioner is a bad thing. This turn I didn't delay my turn and when quite active with the team using the executioner to slaughter the last punk zombie and one of the regular zombies. He moved about respoitioning but wasn't expect the Phonia "Look Out" and using it, I managed to get her up the board and the Executioner even further up catching both Nicodemus and Morti in the melee range of the bugger. He also managed to run a pupper up the board and catch Nellie in melee with it. Turn 3 So this turn was the last and was over pretty quick. So he went first, tried to walk away with Nicodemus, got face punched so instead he made more zombies. Phonia popped her "Look Out" and dashed up to face off Nicodemus while sending the executioner around him to beat him up. She did a bunch of damage but Nicodemus has 14hp, who the heck has 14hp!? The vulture went and moved up carrying a zombie which was apparently intended to be a bomb later. I moved up a reporter and stuck a scheme marker next to her. A zombie attacked Phonia and didn't do anything. Nellie popped the scheme marker, pushed up and raised some rabble against Nicodemus which Phonia was offended by. With this, she hit him again and one of his own boosted zombies beat him up too. Another zombie attacked the executioner but it didn't care and he finally finished Nicodemus off.