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  1. I always wondered why one of the most popular folklore didn't get a model! In that same vein, an Oni/Red Chapel Kuchisake Onna (Slit Mouth Woman) would be the other most famous tale to get out of Japan. I assume you mean by Faction Leveticus & Faction Marcus, you meant hire all Constructs and hire all Beasts, respectively. That was a deeeeeeep hiring pool.
  2. So a model, reguardless of faction, can be hired into a crew as long as they share the same keyword as the Leader. So, why aren't there pockets of other keywords throughout more factions? A Guild Guard that takes the occasional Mercenary job. An Oxfordian Mage dabbling a little in Ressurection magic. A Bayou Smuggler who spends all their money in Ten Thunder's prostitution establishments. Where would you add in a type of minion model with two keywords that aren't represented together yet? I'd want some Half-Bloods who sneaks away to the Honey Pot because they're still a
  3. They'll need lore, cause I doubt we'll know who they are by name and picture. We bearly know anything about English Ivan and he's got a whole story about him already. The other books have 3-4 stories each, and all the masters make an "appearance". This is going to be a whole other ball of wax as we have to get the narrative feel of about 6 new people at once (maybe 5.5 with what we know about English Ivan, maybe 7-8 because we might get more Basse and/or McCabe info.... it's gonna be a mess). I'm wicked excited either way, though.
  4. You had a whole lot of rebuttal for someone who got the joke.
  5. Everyone has an inherent weakness: Outcasts are notoriously light on condition removal Bayou is known for having few armor penetration options Neverborn have little in the way of guns Arcanists are hated by Craig Shipman Ressers have lower stats overall Ten Thunders Guild have very few movenent tricks It balances out across the whole game, so that when everyone is special then no one is special.
  6. Thank you for the point out m_c; my shame knows no bounds. I think you'd get more play out of Ama no Zako by hiring her as a Henchman Leader, bringing Oni into Outcast.
  7. I was going to do a post about all the non-Master/non-Totem duel faction models in 2nd edition that are no longer duel faction in 3rd... bht they all seem to be only models connected to or were connected with the Ten Thunders, so the direction shifted. So, how would you be using these models differently in M3E if they still had their duel faction affiliations? Formerly Ten Thunders: Akaname Pathfinder Clockwork Trap Torshiro Yin Currently Only Ten Thunders: Ama no Zako (Outcasts) Banraku (Neverborn) Chiaki (Ressers) Illuminate
  8. The player doing the Obey makes all the choices and card flips. A Walk action cannot exit an engagement range, a Push or non-Walk movement can exit an engagement range, however you cannot declarea Charge (which is a Push) while engaged. So, if at any time during the Walk move you become engaged by an enemy model, you cannot continue the rest of the Walk move out of the engagement range of that model. In Standard or Wedge deployment, you want one model on each of the table edge on the centerline. In Corner or Flank deployment, you want one model on each of the table corners on the
  9. I'm only missing Gracie from the Infamous keyword.
  10. Frontier only... I guess that caught that one early.
  11. Oh crap.... you can ignore your own Distracted, too! Super Huge!!,
  12. Oh yeah.... that was at the end of 2nd edition, there was so much flux from there to the leak of 3rd edition I'm not surprised. But this is year 2 of an edition, and the first of guaranteed many more models to come, and you think there's a possibility of them not compiling them into a book? It's practically the JC Penny Christmas Catalog of their products!
  13. They were in Shifting Loyalties....
  14. ..... something that counters Serene Countenance!!! Finally!
  15. What if they are the old school Master/Leader only upgrades?
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