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  1. Thanks for the info. I have only seen the open beta stats.
  2. Even the Poor cherub was left out from the flight change MV compensation I'm curious about the interaction of snapping plants and the new hazardous terrain rules. Even with that... I'm really missing either the old Master of Malifaux's no LoS required for Ca actions part or being able to create forest markers. She's a bit fragile without them - in the two games with her I never managed to disappear due to clever application of injured or stunned, the other defensive mechanics would be tangle shadows to escape... I don't know. Probably if the mask was built in... But probably not. It feel's like she has to be closer to the action than she is able to endure the attention. On the other hand I really like that the neverborn rooster opened up for her. (Now suddenly being in DMH is like when the guild guards increase the resting time between the regular beatings. There still are beatings, but hey, things are better now )
  3. Fair points. I'll have to ponder about this one some more. I'm sure there's an elegant solution somewhere
  4. I don't think the corpse marker is the problem, but the corpse marker and the blocking terrain in one convenient package. While I think it's a bit too powerful for seamus, I agree that this would't justify the need for tracking the owner of every corpse marker. If the ability would change to "Seamus have killed a model that turn", it would (might) probably create some rare but fun combos with the CCK too. (And it's probably a bit more cinematic than taxiing corpses with canine remains? On the other hand it's harder to conserve the bonus action that way... )
  5. Isn't the carrion emissary's exhumation ability the cause of the restriction for enemy corpse markers? ( I mean for the 'a cause for celebration' ability of course)
  6. Old avatars sculpts used as emissary proxies make much less sense now. Shame. Is this the final blow for them?
  7. Sad to see all those iconic masters leave... I just have to find a way to play dead man's hand Lilith with her avatar. It would look extremely fluffy coming back to malifaux to dissapear again. Stupid base sizes... Speaking of avatars, they are going back to paperweight state. Am I correct? (No more official proxying). Also... will the app be updated, or will it remain in 2nd edition?
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