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  1. Rikk

    Rikk s Bayou Board

    Update time Ive broken out the second shack/building, the print out what it looks like is below the mdf Ive started with the base which was very fragile and I’ve broken bits but will try to make it look authentic The roof, I’ll do similar style with this as the last one My aim will to finish this building, the last swamp pond and 2-4 reed (screening scenery) by end of August, ready for the actual board to start in September.
  2. Rikk

    Gen Con 2018 Coverage

    Would appear that strats can be scored from first turn from cards I have seen so far (unless I’m rgonna adding them incorrectly)
  3. Rikk

    Rikk s Bayou Board

    Ok, back from holiday and have made a list of what I think I’m aiming for on my board, hopefully this is a fair balance of types of terrain for blocking, hazard/severe, etc. etc. 2 shack/buildings (blocking impassable, ht 5) fairly big base size 1 dunny/out house (blocking impassable, ht 5) not too large base size 2 swamp trees (blocking impassable, ht 5) not too large base size 3 swamp reeds (blocking impassable, ht 3) reasonable sized base 3 swamp ponds (severe) reasonable sized base Symbols of authority (50mm base, but combine onto large base size for combined scenery); pile o crap, pile o loot, pile o moonshine (blocking, ht 5) 1 moonshine still (blocking, impassable, ht 3) reasonable size base 1 pig pen/fenced area (ht 1) Please could I have some feedback about what I’m missing, too much of anything? Not enough of something to balance out the board? Hazardous? Many thanks
  4. Rikk

    Monthly Painting Challenge - August

    Hi all, Cant believe I’m still in this, thank you all for posting you progress and final pics, very helpful to keep me going. Have actually had a look at spreadsheet for first time in a while and noticed I’m red for one of the months, will go back and see why, I know I def had a poor start to this programme. My pledge for the month will be: Ophelia (15) 3x scenery piece (3x5) War boar (9?? Card not with me atm) Hanged Eric/alt Montressor (9?? Card not with me atm) Wild boar (5) 2x Young La Croix (2x2) and of course the slop hauler (5, who I’ll pledge every month and probably never get round to it)
  5. Rikk

    m3e faction announce

    I’ll be signing up as soon as I’m back from holiday, hopefully will get in. Im a little hopefully that my now redundant Tshirt for Gremlins (Just joking I love it really), can be replaced by a Bayou Tshirt with the subheading “Gremlins are not a faction” - seriously, I would pay a fair amount for that Tshirt
  6. Rikk

    PlastCraft CopyCat Board

    @Brandu This board looks fantastic! I think with all the structures on the board the flocking looks fine. Thanks for the heads up about mdf thickness (Will be picking mine up in a few weeks and will go for 16mm).
  7. Rikk

    Rikk s Bayou Board

    @lusciousmccabe Good idea with blending the banks, I’ll def do that. Have just measured a 50mm base against a GW wood scenic base, doesn’t quite match up 😕 Im going to be making some blocking terrain using symbols of authority markers that can be taken off and used independently for the strategy. They will be; 1 pile o’ loot 1 pile o’ crap 1 tbc - was thinking a moon shine still but that will need more than a 50mm base... any suggestions for last marker?
  8. Rikk

    Rikk s Bayou Board

    Some more progress (time ticking away to U.K. Nationals and I’d really like to take a board along to support as many attendees as possible, and they have a cool board to play games at home with) I Just need to rust out the roof and blend some mud below roof and then a final layer of water effects on the pond which I’ll do after holidays Tree just need more water effects and possibly some more leaf foliage, I’m unsure with this bit Most of the terrain so far
  9. Rikk

    Worcester Shenanigans - Sunday 4th November 2018

    Will try and make this one, though have a feeling I’m on call at work. Possibly can swap.
  10. Rikk

    Monthly Painting Challenge - July

    I’m seeing some great painting and very inspirational stuff so far, keep it up all looking good. So, for me, after saying I’m done for the month and “should” be packing for holiday, tidying house, buying euros, going to work, etc... I got a bit carried away Im going to get the rest of the structure done before going away but the gremlins will have to wait until I get back in August
  11. Rikk

    Gen Con 2018 Newsletter

    I’m a bit torn, as a Gremlin player, I like the alt Lenny and Nightmare box, but all depends what’s also available specials and alts from previous sales, for if I take the delivery and import charges it’s a lot so I’d rather get a lot in one go, or wait until Black Friday and hope the nightmare box is available then.
  12. Rikk

    Monthly Painting Challenge - July

    So I’m off on holiday in a week and need to do so much tidying, packing, etc before I go. So, calling it done for the month The Sow (8) A wild boar (5) Burt and Fingers (18) Total of 31 points from a planned 35 and half the models I had planned to do this month have actually been done.
  13. Rikk

    Rikk s Bayou Board

    Some more painting done before packing for holiday I have a fair bit of weathering effects to go and still need to sand down the sides before I can add water effects but should be complete by end of month
  14. Rikk

    Rikk s Bayou Board

    Hi all, A fair bit of progress with these terrain pieces Ill spend today filing down the sides of all three terrain pieces then I’m happy to start painting this one up. The tree I’m really happy with and have been a bit carried away painting before completing the base. This is the last pond piece I’m having for my board. I have another house to put together and then want to make some blocking terrain, I’m thinking; Moonshine still wooded area pig den Loot tower/horde/pile o’ crap