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  1. 1st- Henchman Hardcore 8th- Doubles Event 15th-Casual Play 22nd- Casual Play 29th- Casual Play All events will be at Amazing Discoveries at 6pm. 2410 E. Broadway Blvd Tucson, AZ 85719 520-320-0338 http://www.amazingmtg.com/ http://thehallofheroes.com.au/downloads/Henchman_hardcore.pdf http://www.adepticon.org/wpfiles/2012/2012MalifauxTeam.pdf
  2. 32 Entries, free with admission to the convention. Gaining Grounds 2017. Door Prizes each round. Winner gets a display board and token set. 2nd place gets a token set and card case. Single model hobby comeptition- one model from your crew will be judged by the Crystal Brush standard. Winner gets a large mystery box. Second Place gets a small mystery box. Pre-registration begins in October. Scrip provided for participation. https://www.facebook.com/events/1873886772937348/?context=create&previousaction=create&ref=4&sid_create=1537134948&action_history=[{"surface"%3A"create_dialog"%2C"mechanism"%3A"group_create_dialog"%2C"extra_data"%3A[]}]&has_source=1
  3. https://www.facebook.com/events/120826778516188/?context=create&previousaction=create&ref=4&sid_create=982707184&action_history=[{"surface"%3A"create_dialog"%2C"mechanism"%3A"group_create_dialog"%2C"extra_data"%3A[]}]&has_source=1 We are having a themed campaign in the Sonoran Badlands! Something is in the lake and we are fighting to survive as it comes up for a bit of a snack! As promised : The rules for the July Campaign! $5 Entry. 50ss Starting Arsenal, everyone gets 1 Master-no more, no less. Should the Master die you may gain a different one from the same faction for no cost before your next game. Avatars are in- anyone in need of an Avatar upgrade let me know. I have found some fan made rules. The campaign will last 4 weeks. Games can be played Mondays 2-6, Tuesdays 5-10, and Saturdays 6-10 at Amazing Discoveries. We will have an Arsenal Hobby Contest at the end of the month- only fully painted arsenals can enter. Judging will be from the Crystal Brush standard. Hobby and Winner get big boxes. Everyone gets a scrip for showing each week. 1 Door Prize small box at 9pm Tuesday each week. The entry fee for the tournament will go toward getting us some new chairs for the back room.!
  4. This League Culminates in a big event. Everyone much choose 1 henchman on entry to the league that must be in all arsenals for the month. Arsenal can change each game- sans the henchman. Masters can be picked when points deem it to be appropriate. Coming to the game night and playing a game gets you a scrip. Winning a game with your henchman alive and on the table after fourth turn at the end gets you a scrip. Standard 2015 schemes and strategies for all events. Events are one Tuesdays at 6pm- at Amazing Discoveries. All skill levels and ages are welcome, demos available. Fully painted crews add a soulstone to the cache and increase the maximum cache to 8. Week 1- June 6th. Henchman Hardcore Week 2- June 13th. 25 stones Week 3- June 20th, 35 stones Week 4- June 27th, 40 stones. https://www.facebook.com/events/1160558907423905/?context=create&previousaction=create&sid_create=364773307&action_history=[{"surface"%3A"group"%2C"mechanism"%3A"groups_composer"%2C"extra_data"%3A[]}%2C{"surface"%3A"create_dialog"%2C"mechanism"%3A"group_create_dialog"%2C"extra_data"%3A[]}]&has_source=1 https://www.facebook.com/events/1050627538372269/?context=create&previousaction=create&sid_create=2904310906&action_history=[{"surface"%3A"group"%2C"mechanism"%3A"groups_composer"%2C"extra_data"%3A[]}%2C{"surface"%3A"create_dialog"%2C"mechanism"%3A"group_create_dialog"%2C"extra_data"%3A[]}]&has_source=1v https://www.facebook.com/events/527904287600507/?acontext={"ref"%3A"4"%2C"feed_story_type"%3A"370"%2C"action_history"%3A"null"} https://www.facebook.com/events/1482585838459172/?context=create&previousaction=create&sid_create=4127299891&action_history=[{"surface"%3A"group"%2C"mechanism"%3A"groups_composer"%2C"extra_data"%3A[]}%2C{"surface"%3A"create_dialog"%2C"mechanism"%3A"group_create_dialog"%2C"extra_data"%3A[]}]&has_source=1
  5. Every Tuesday in May we will be having Malifaux tournaments. All start at 6pm and Will run for two rounds of swiss before cutting to finals. Rounds are a hard 90 minutes, meaning that when time is called the current activation finishes, end of turn is resolved, and points are calculated as per end of game. Casual during and after the event for late comers. $5 entry. All entry goes to the first place winner as store credit. Tokens provided to all participants. Mystery box provided to 2nd place and best hobby (Crystal Brush Standard). Raffle- gain a ticket in the raffle per loss, names will be drawn at the end of swiss (excluding anyone in the finals) and stuff from my random cool swag bag will be given away. 2nd- 25ss Henchman Brawl, Open Arsenal 9th- 35ss 2015 (Standard Book), Open Arsenal 16th- 40ss RETURN OF THE CIRCUS OF DEATH event. Special 'terrain' rules. Single List 23rd- 40ss 2017 Gaining Grounds, Open Arsenal 30th- League Day- Standard event with extra tickets for the lottery given to folk who complete the BINGO Missions during their games.
  6. 40ss, gaining grounds 2017, scrip for participation, mystery boxes for overall winner and best hobby. Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/197895214034208/ group with lots more info: https://www.facebook.com/groups/sonoran.badlands/
  7. Everyone is welcome to have a demo! Shameless bribery for local players who demo to new folk! https://www.facebook.com/events/154117905112529/ here is our local Tucson group page with even more info!! https://www.facebook.com/groups/sonoran.badlands/
  8. link also gets you to th`e event on the 11th.
  9. Freeplay. Scrip for participation. 25ss crews only. Any mission type will due. BINGO gets you prizes!!! B-uy the Henchman a drink. I-nspire a new player to join the group. N-eedlessly repair and touch up a tables worth of damaged terrain (1.5ft x 3ft) G-reat hobby on all modles played throughout the day. O-Obliterate em, 40+ damage in a single activation. More info found in our local group page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/sonoran.badlands/
  10. All experience levels welcome! Come down and join in on our Amazing March League! Info here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1884283318506543/ Each Tuesday in march, Come and play your arsenals from 25ss up to 40. League points help get you mystery boxes, playing games gets you scrip! Bringing someone new to the game gets you 'Shameless Bribery!'
  11. If you are a local Malifaux regular and are looking for some shameless bribery, you can help give some demos ;P For everyone else- come check it out and let us show you the world of Malifaux! Come and Learn to Play Malifaux! Quick games that provide a real taste of this amazing Steampunk Victorian Horror miniatures game. Come and see if you have what it takes to master a crew and get in the mix of things! Check it out here!
  12. If you are a local Malifaux regular and are looking for some shameless bribery, you can help give some demos ;P For everyone else- come check it out and let us show you the world of Malifaux! Come and Learn to Play Malifaux! Quick games that provide a real taste of this amazing Steampunk Victorian Horror miniatures game. Come and see if you have what it takes to master a crew and get in the mix of things! Check it out here!
  13. Hey everyone! As the new henchman in town I wanted to get to know everyone a bit better, so I am running an event at the end of the month on Tuesday! 30ss Event, Unlimited Arsenal, 1:15 Timed Rounds, Prizes in guilder and mystery boxes, Bring a new player and nab some store credit for each of you! •Round 1 - Headhunter, Close Deployment, A Line in the Sand, Assassinate, Protect Territory, Outflank, Make Them Suffer •Round 2 - Stake a Claim, Standard Deployment, A LIne in the Sand, Distract, Protect Territory, Plant Explosives, Bodyguard •Round 3 - Squatter's Rights, Corner Deployment, A Line in the Sand, Distract, Protect Territory, Cursed Object, Power Ritual Check out the facebook event for updates and specifics!
  14. Hey Everyone! We are running a quarterly League with monthly tournaments in Tucson Arizona at Amazing Discoveries! Come down and check it out! Its warm up begins this Tuesday, but the events will roll through the End of March. Tournaments will appear at the end of February and March on Sundays. To keep tabs on the situation and join in the fun, check out out local Facebook group Sonoran Badlands. The first events can be found here!
  15. We will be running Learn to play events Saturday from 10am to 8pm at the Tucson Convention Center in Tucson AZ. We Have a custom table and Ash Barker from Guerrilla Miniature Games as a special guest. Once your in the con, drop on by and check out our awesome setup built by our local crowd! Links below give much more information: http://www.tucsoncomic-con.com/ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbO4Vs1vlAA9hz7Ad7IMgug https://www.facebook.com/groups/sonoran.badlands/ https://www.google.com/maps/place/Tucson+Convention+Center,+260+S+Church+Ave,+Tucson,+AZ+85701/@32.218763,-110.973302,17z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x86d670de192264fd:0x6d21704396556f42 http://tucsonconventioncenter.com/
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