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  1. Not my event this time will be pushing it a bit more......idols again though!!!
  2. I know most of the people attending just wanted to check!
  3. @Undercostedhenchman - as there are no Squeeler models do you object to me using Gremlin Criers as them? Debating being a piggie all day, but without the model (and no easily avaliable proxy) would you be ok with this?
  4. @Undercostedhenchman - are tickets still avaliable? As cant get anything from site
  5. Going to be attending. Pre reg on bag o tools?
  6. Two additional notices. 1. Both events are now live on Bag O Tools. PreReg for a bonus swag item 2. There is a meal being arranged for Saturday Night at Harpool Beefeater out by the Premier Inn where a few people are staying
  7. Thanks. Retiring them for now. Back to piggies! Default FTW
  8. Hello All, As discussed at Nationals the Masters event will be returning to Battlefield Hobbies in 2020 at their new venue. The weekend has been prebooked, so you should be able to book accomodation without issue. Attached is the rough outline of the events, please be aware that these are draft and are subject to change but are largely based off the success of last year. Should anyone have any questions, please feel free to contact me and i will address them. ***** Saturday Best Painted is Enforcer Sunday Best Painted is a Henchman Sorry error in rulespack Oz Enforcers Assemble: 1. Rob Hallam 2. Greg Piloswiz 3. Luke Athiko 4. Luke Cocksedge 5. Anthony Dudden 6. Maria Wieland 7. AJ Barr 8. Gary McGuiness 9. Gordon Barlow 10. Steve Thomson 11. Stef McGlen 12. Luke Withrow 13. Craig Woods 14. Richard Matthews 15. Karl McConnell 16. Jon Curtis 17. Andy Bradshaw 18. Alison Whitfield 19. Tobias Dracup Sunday. 1. Rob Hallam 2. Greg Piloswiz 3. Luke Athiko 4. Luke Cocksedge 5. Anthony Dudden 6. Maria Wieland 7. AJ Barr 8. Gary McGuiness 9. Steve Thomson 10. Stef McGlen 11. Luke Withrow 12. Craig Woods 13. Richard Matthews 14. Karl McConnell 15. Jon Curtis 16. Andy Bradshaw 17. Alison Whitfield 18. Tobias Dracup Enforcers Assemble Rulespack.docx League of Extraordinary Henchman RulesPack.docx Masters Rulespack.docx
  9. It seems to be more he is the first to die. So gets 1 turn of shooting, max 2....i burn the stones to keep him going but not usually as effective as a beater from any other faxtion at same cost.
  10. I was the only Explorer player at UK Nationals and had the full compliment of models to use (McCabe and Basse). I did a quick reflection on the a wyrd place group but will be slighlty more indepth here. I played 2 fixed crews McCabe, Luna, Sidir, Desper, 3 x Huckster, 2 x Ruffian Basse, Bernadette, Reichart, 2 x Austrigners, Pathfinder and Frontiersman Game 1 - McCabe vs Dreamer Lost 6 - 4. Reckoning was near on impossible vs Dreamer. I got LCB top of 2 from McCabe simple duels but that was about it. Hucksters and Smugglers couldnt hit for toffee and he siphoned his whole deck. I took Detonate Charges and Harness the Lay Lines. Due to mass death i was unable to secure all my points from Detonate Charges. However on reflection could of denied his hold up force by going second with desper and using dont mind me (move away enough) but first proper game so happy. Game 2 - McCabe vs Zorida (Bayou) Draw 7 - 7 Breakthrough, Take Prisoner on Bokor. Couldnt drop final bomb. McCabe and co planted explosives really well with the teleporting move. I messed up scoring my last point to take the game by misreading false claim (hadnt used it really Game 1) and he was able to vaccum up my Markers. Sidir was ineffective again really and just killed his own models but wasnt great. Not having min 3 on his gun makes it hard. Game 3 - McCabe vs Perdita Lost 7-3 Corrupted Idols - never near me, power ritual (1pt) and search ruins (2pts) Perdita and co 1 shot 3hucksters and a ruffian. Game was super struggle. Not much to reflect on except having a minion army that can be 1 shot at range is soul destroying. Game 4 - Basse vs Tara. Won 5 - 2 I got 3 of my points from Strat, Basse really showed up in this game and was super killy. The Tara player was struggling with learning thr complex mechanics but overstretched the Nothing Beast and a lucky RJ took him down from the pathfinder after Austringer did some work. Game 5 - McCabe vs Viks Won 7 - 4 Rexkoning, Harness the Lay Lines and Hold Up Their Forces. I played Rob before and knew he liked aggressive game. I played keep away. I utilised McCabes netgun alot to tick down wounds and slow/stagger. I stupidly 1 shot Student of Confict Turn 1. Hucksters did well scoring HUTF for the game and also scoring me Harness. False claim is ridicolous if able to get it off. He took Take Prisoner on a Huckster which made sense on him not destroying it. But last activation teleported away and denied StR for end game. Sidir did sweet FA again..... Game 6 - Basse vs Viks Draw 4-4 Corrupted Idols I took Power Ritual and Assasinate. Scored a few for Idols, got half points on Assass but didnt get PR. Despite the forward positions my opponent deployed both Viks down 1 flank and the idols fell to him I was able to deny both end game strats, we didnt discuss terrain connectivity so a dice off. I always played it as if it connefted it 1 piece, but saw it as 2. Game 7 - McCabe vs Molly. Loss 5-4 Plabt Explosives, Detonate and Vendetta Screwed up scoring Vendetta as i punched Archie to hard (forgot GG still in play). Could have scored with a different activation order. Outflank from Molly was a pain. We were slow so only game of the weekend that didnt make 5 turns, slightly frustrating as i think i could of taken it otherwise Overall Reflection. Easy Schemes Detonate Charges (Hucksters) Make sure got enough schemes down as you resolve before scoring. Harness the Lay Lines (Hucksters) If fast, teleport to where you need to be, drop a scheme marker then false claim (allows a single activation score). Breakthrough (Hucksters) Teleport and drop as needed Search the Ruins (Hucksters / Frontier) It is possible with ahucksters due to teleport move and frontier with the push but harder to get the end due to most things typically being dead...... Dig Their Graves (Basse and Co) More likely to be done but is possible with hucksters and McCabe through false claim and stuff. Not really a lot of kill in the faction so not one i auto go for. Hold up their forces. Really easy to score reveal point as all your stuff is low cost but is hard to get end as tyoically ur stuff is dead. Take prisoner (McCabe) Again easy points potentially with either. I prefer McCabe for this especially if he on horseback as 5inch push and 21inch of movement means he can typically get where he needs to be Power Ritual. I thought would be easy with Hucksters ornBasse and co but in both games i cpuldnt score all points. I was against Killy crews and so was difficult. Outflank Should be doable with Basse and Co due to home on range or with Hucksters/McCabe/Desper but i found it hard due to easy deaths. Assassinate Just nope. I got lucky halfing a vik but just not enough killy. Potential with McCabe through enough simple duels. Deliver a Message Point 1 easy, point 2 not as easy due to death but is possible. Just have to play keep away. I would go with McCabe keep away due to movement until last turn and then drop scheme and stuff as needed. (19inch threat) Claim Jump Didnt take it but i think it plausie with Reichart if him and Bassse defend the centre and heal each other. Possible with Desper if she leaps around alot and dodges to stay alive and hide. Vendetta Point 1 is potentially easy due to Depser being 8 with McCabe crew, jsut be wary of activation order to score it. Point 2 fairly easy if playing keep away but need to card hold for it. Basse with Auztrigner is a potential great target for this as they only 7 and raptor can mean they stay far away from the action. Thanks to Alyx for a bit of guidance on McCabe and the entire UK scene for supporting me through it all. Was a great laugh and challenging. Oz
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