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  1. Going to be bringing some of these as well as my usual token boxes. If anyone wants a set in advance ready, can just drop me a message. Sets are £8each in your choice of faction specific colours or black/white/grey.
  2. Not my event this time will be pushing it a bit more......idols again though!!!
  3. I know most of the people attending just wanted to check!
  4. @Undercostedhenchman - as there are no Squeeler models do you object to me using Gremlin Criers as them? Debating being a piggie all day, but without the model (and no easily avaliable proxy) would you be ok with this?
  5. @Undercostedhenchman - are tickets still avaliable? As cant get anything from site
  6. Going to be attending. Pre reg on bag o tools?
  7. Two additional notices. 1. Both events are now live on Bag O Tools. PreReg for a bonus swag item 2. There is a meal being arranged for Saturday Night at Harpool Beefeater out by the Premier Inn where a few people are staying
  8. Thanks. Retiring them for now. Back to piggies! Default FTW
  9. Hello All, As discussed at Nationals the Masters event will be returning to Battlefield Hobbies in 2020 at their new venue. The weekend has been prebooked, so you should be able to book accomodation without issue. Attached is the rough outline of the events, please be aware that these are draft and are subject to change but are largely based off the success of last year. Should anyone have any questions, please feel free to contact me and i will address them. ***** Saturday Best Painted is Enforcer Sunday Best Painted is a Henchman
  10. It seems to be more he is the first to die. So gets 1 turn of shooting, max 2....i burn the stones to keep him going but not usually as effective as a beater from any other faxtion at same cost.
  11. I was the only Explorer player at UK Nationals and had the full compliment of models to use (McCabe and Basse). I did a quick reflection on the a wyrd place group but will be slighlty more indepth here. I played 2 fixed crews McCabe, Luna, Sidir, Desper, 3 x Huckster, 2 x Ruffian Basse, Bernadette, Reichart, 2 x Austrigners, Pathfinder and Frontiersman Game 1 - McCabe vs Dreamer Lost 6 - 4. Reckoning was near on impossible vs Dreamer. I got LCB top of 2 from McCabe simple duels but that was about it. Hucksters and Smugglers couldnt hit for toffee
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