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  1. Just sent payment, will see you there.
  2. I think it's for the best, don't want to be too tired in the morning
  3. I'll be staying at my in-laws in Daventry so won't be able to make food, but if anyone else is in Daventry for the Saturday night I'm able to escape with the father in law for drinks.
  4. Just realised I mentioned my wife's business name not her email address. 🙄
  5. Ok can't see an option to cancel unfortunately, but it's saying it's paid.
  6. I paid through my wife's PayPal, cakes with grace to retrogamersworld@gmail.com
  7. I presumed it to be £17.50/day so paid £35.
  8. Thanks Oz, I've now paid for both side events.
  9. For some reason the PayPal me link just keeps asking me to register a PayPal me and not pay you. Am I being dim or can I grab your email linked to the PayPal so I can send payment fir the two side events please.
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