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  1. Family coloring time, with colored pencils and watercolor pencils.
  2. Are there plans to post the revised strat and scheme cards on Wargame Vault? Ideally with some subtle "GG0" notation somewhere on the face?
  3. Well, you can only collect one VP per turn, and your bounty points reset each turn. So whack it a couple times to load up on bounty points, get your VP, then repeat next turn for another VP. Good point that it would probably be pretty easy for your opponent to put the model down themselves. Although careful use of Barbaros's pushes and Nimble may make it hard to draw LoS around his 40mm base, and there's always Challenge.
  4. Collect the Bounty: For the Brood (trigger on Barbaros and Young Nephilim attack): This effect is kind of like Bad Juju / Leveticus and all the other models that don't actually die when killed (which the new Collect is explicitly intended to hit), except that it's applied to an enemy model. So can Barbaros keep whacking somebody to pile up points? And then leave it Paralyzed to do it again next turn?
  5. I've had occasion to contact support twice. 1) A missing Miss Terious card. I submitted the form December 12 of last year. It took 33 days (!!!) to get a response. I must have been in a forgiving mood (or just forgetful ), since I guess I didn't send any followup emails in the interval. The holidays were in the middle, too, although I guess that's where we are now. 2) Some missing bits in a Crossroads Seven box, submitted in September. This time, I got a response within an hour, and a shipping notice 2 business days later. My impression is that with the site/store upgrade last summer, Wyrd improved a lot of their processes. Personally, I'd wait about two business days, then follow up with a polite "when can I expect a response?"
  6. I finally got around to photographing and writing up my month four. Slop Haulers round out my Neverborn-turned-Gremlins. http://paintedguys.com/blog/2015/05/29/tomb2-month-four-complete/ I'm happy with the hobby parts, though I wish I had gotten in more games.
  7. I'd suggest keeping it vague. People will do what they feel is appropriate, and you're already setting an example with your late fee. Then again, I've never really been a fan of these kind of "fun" fundraising things, so you probably shouldn't listen to me. Thanks for organizing!
  8. Rathnard, that is awesome! My month three is a little more mundane, but at least it's done. I cheated with the cost (again), so I'm making it right spending more money. That how it works, right? Right? http://paintedguys.com/blog/2015/05/03/tomb2-month-three-complete/
  9. That deserves a post in itself, but the short version is that I use an arduino microcontroller with a stepper motor and an IR emitter. I use the stepper motor to turn the model 1/48th of a turn, then use the IR emitter to trigger the camera, and loop for 48 times. Make sure the camera is on a tripod and on full manual, otherwise you'll get flicker as it auto-chooses slightly different settings each frame. Then I batch-process it to apply the same cropping and color adjustment to each frame. Finally, I toss it a blog post with some custom javascript to do the actual spinning. I'm not entirely satisfied yet. The lighting isn't right, which is why the backdrop is grey. I've intended to play with some laser cutting to make the rotation platform -- right now it's just a 30mm base hot-glued to the gear at the end of the motor shaft, and held in a vise. Then the actual subject gets blue tacked to the base. That makes it hard to center anything except 30mm, and unsuitable for anything bigger than about 50mm.
  10. I finally got around to posting about my month two. Waldgeists, a Performer, and a Nurse join my Zoraida crew. http://paintedguys.com/blog/2015/04/02/tomb2-month-two-complete/ Hopefully I'll post about the games I've played before I completely forget them...
  11. You can "buy" my spare nurse for $5 if you like. I'm doing a nurse, performer, and waldgeists to supplement my Zoraida box. And only cheating a little in the process. http://paintedguys.com/blog/2015/03/06/tomb2-month-two-plans/
  12. I posted my Month One hobby completion a couple of days ago: http://paintedguys.com/blog/2015/02/28/tomb2-month-one-zoraida-box-complete/ I also just posted up a writeup for my first game with Zoraida: http://paintedguys.com/blog/2015/03/02/tomb2-first-game-with-zoraida/
  13. Thanks for the comments and criticisms, all. Some responses and answers: The red hand on Karina is intended to be magic glowiness from casting a spell. I struggled with whether to do this, and even considered offering to trade a non-transparent Karina for my transparent one and just painting the whole thing. In the end, I decided to take advantage of the medium. Shortly after painting it, I regretted not using blue, since the red maybe looks more bloody than magicky, but I guess it ties into Bete, so that's something. Eyes.. yes, eyes are my nemesis. I do pretty well with helmet eyes (Space Marine eyes, for example), but less so with human eyes, especially tiny ones like Wyrd's. The Nothing Beast and Void Wretches have purple eyes, although it's not very visible. Maybe I should have used a dark red to contrast more strongly.
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