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  1. Cool.. thanks for the help! Seems like I can run Lucius with what I have and think about the next purchase.
  2. Okay this is my 2nd sculpt ever, so go easy I didn't feel like buying the old sculpt and I'm waiting for the new sculpt (whenever it arrives). all comments are welcome, I personally think the sculpt is a bit too round and bulky. oh! and the cannon is still not ready, just don't know what to do with it.
  3. carreras


    My home made hunter
  4. Guild Crew - 40 - Dustup Lucius -- 4 Pool +Secret Assets [2] Captain Dashel [9] +Vengeance Bullet [1] +Watch My Back [2] Guard Sergeant [6] +Lead Lined Coat [2] Guild Guard [4] Guild Guard [4] Ryle [10] Just a little suggestion for an upcoming tournament.. Do you think this could stand up to some of the harder stuff out there, before I get new models. Is Ryle tough enough to take care of threats himself?
  5. Thanks alot all you guys who have replied. I have been lookin at both neverborn and guild. Just can't decide Luckily both Sonnia and perdita are crew boxes that I like the look of. Going pandora means I can get baby Kade, Candy and HUGGGYYYYYYY!! So in love with those models. Sonnia seems like a very fun master to play against and since summoning is one of the nice unique things in malifaux she's definiatly an option. Does sonnia work well with the minis I have? tried theoryfauxing a bit, but lack of experience makes me blind. Also..I would like to stay within Guild, but I'll ask some more advice on pandora in the neverborn forum. (still interestedin both faction )
  6. Hi everybody on Wyrd! I have played about three games using my Lucius starter box and I am currently looking for more minis to buy and paint. I know I should probably stay with Lucius for a while longer. However, I have a yearning for more minis and was thinking about getting another box of a master or some more minis. Problem is I don't know who could "Compensate" for Lucius in a tourney setting. Lucius as I understand it is a lot of support and laying down schemes quickly. Seems nice for scenario play. Now who could compensate for harder hitting power in certain schemes? or should I just get more minis to play around with in my list, in that case which ones? I currently have: Lucius box set Austringer Dashel (old name i guess) and 2 extra guild guards. I also have the Lynch crew box so technically I could go neverborn as well. I was looking into McMourning as he seems crazy fun, also Sonnia for witchling stalker summoning games. Any and all suggestions are welcome!!! P.S. might b worth to inform you that I have played a lot of wargames before including Infinity (scenarios heavy game), warmachine and ye old horrendous 40k
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