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  1. Evergreen Plasticcard I Beams and build your own track beams/wood what its called in balsa?
  2. i love the streets its like when im plating house tiles!! (roof and walls) But why are you using lego? isnt that kinda heavy? in the end!
  3. ooh i thought this thread was about display boards and not tournament trays ^^
  4. steel on all limbs and brass on all joints, cogs and so on and red tubeing!?
  5. Why even Discuss this at all!? all games are the same! Malifaux: You walk, you shoot, cast spells or fight in melee ... Warmachine/Hordes: Malifaux: You walk, you shoot, cast spells or fight in melee ... Warhammer 40k: Malifaux: You walk, you shoot, cast spells or fight in melee ... Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Malifaux: You walk, you shoot, cast spells or fight in melee ...
  6. im like a kid for Christmas! :D


    have you sent Miss Anne Thrope yet?

  7. Kolla En Svensk! :D

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    2. MrCheeze
    3. Cate


      Sitter och tittar på Daredevil samtidigt som jag målar TT's galning med kulspruta. Så det kunde vara sämre. Själv?


    4. MrCheeze


      Bygger baser till mitt ten thunder crew!

      Vad heter du? tänkte om vi har korsat våra vägar på en turnering nån gång!

  8. i made my own from the goblin town from games workshop it worked out fine
  9. MrCheeze

    December Releases

    :(   no piglets in december release :/
  10. I havent had problem with whole models but diffrent parts and im only rooling on plastics now Yan Lo Beard Taelor Armstrap
  11. I Love NMM but i have the problem that NMM silvers i paint looks like shaded clothing for me! but im patient and still learning! [Tips and trix are welcome] but i have no problem with Gold, Copper and so on! I also like Metallic paints but im very picky about the results most of the metallic colors are plain bad!
  12. MrCheeze

    July Releases

    i want HANS!!
  13. This is awesome! But! ... Paint the Bamboo so it doesent lock to plastic
  14. OSL effects, blood effect and so on is coming everything is in a wip stage so im going to post some more pictures soon
  15. Thanx Man! Im currently building Scheme Markers and making some painting progress on Barbaros and the tots! Tomorrow im going to start making all the human skintone colors on Pandora, Kade, Candy and so on!
  16. After getting a taste of Malifaux and its world, storyline and awesome plastic miniatures! i started out a Neverborn collection! im only going to get plastic models so here is a taste of the first models i painted for my Neverborn Link to my album: http://wyrd-games.net/community/gallery/album/173-mrcheeze-random-stuff/ Crits and comment are welcome! on my Work in progress miniatures!
  17. MrCheeze


    From the album: MrCheeze Random Stuff

    WIP, Effects and bases is not finnished yet

    © MrCheeze

  18. MrCheeze

    MrCheeze Random Stuff

    Here is my painting progress of random stuff mostly a work in progress!
  19. MrCheeze


    From the album: MrCheeze Random Stuff

    Hug me!!! Also a WIP, Effects and bases is not finnished yet

    © MrCheeze

  20. MrCheeze


    From the album: MrCheeze Random Stuff

    Its a WIP, Effects and bases is not finnished yet

    © MrCheeze

  21. As the topic indicates, im looking for the Herald of Obliteration box My demands/Wishes * Unassembled on sprue (if they are assembled i need to see good pictures if they are in the quality i want) * Unassembled Gives more $$$ Assembled gives less $ * all cards need to come along with this box if you got one and want to sell it get in touch i live in Sweden Cheers!
  22. Hello my name is MrCheeze, atleast my nickname on other forums and irl! im From Sweden, Umea i have been painting miniatures sience -88 and my first contact with miniature wargaming was in 90-91 warhammer 40k Rouge trader oh lord i feel like an old fart! anyhow siece that ive been playing alot of games and painting! and im relativley new at Malifaux but i love the minis and the game! Stay Cheeze!
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