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  1. Hey guys! I've posted a bunch of my painted models on Ebay - head on over there to check them out! Nightmare Mr. Cooper's Dark Carnival (Alt-Colette) http://www.ebay.com/itm/172474648268 Mei Feng Crew + Rail Golem + Willie http://www.ebay.com/itm/172474620443 Marcus Crew http://www.ebay.com/itm/172474615561 Two Player Starter Crews (Angel Eyes and Dr. Grimwell Crews) http://www.ebay.com/itm/172474658884 Lot of OOP Metal Gremlins (Som'er and co.) http://www.ebay.com/itm/172474667565
  2. Here are the Strategies and Schemes for Maliween. Maliween.pdf
  3. Come on down to Valhalla's Gate in Columbia, MO, for Maliween! This will be a two round, 50ss, fixed faction story encounter tournament on Oct. 31st, 2015. Your $5 registration fee goes towards prizes! To register, contact the Gate: 573-442-9909. Schedule 11:00-11:30: Registration 11:30-1:30: Round One - Don't Let Them Summon the Carver! (Arcane Ritual + Graveyard) 1:30-2:15: Lunch Break 2:15-4:15: Round Two - Night of the Carver (scenario from Crossroads) 4:15-4:30: Prizes! Let me know if you have any questions, or if you're planning to come! Full details of strategies and schemes will be announced in advance. Come on down for prizes, candy, and spooky mayhem!
  4. It's a tactical action that doesn't specify "other," so I think you can target yourself - am I wrong?
  5. Took Wrath and Envy today in a 50ss game against Perdita. Corners, Turf War, ALitS, Assassinate, Make them Suffer, Plant Explosives, Bodyguard. It was a hard fought game - by the end, Francisco was the only model left on the board, with 1 wound left. I won 8-6: 3 on Make them Suffer, 2 on Plant Explosives, and 3 on Turf War. Wrath got Perdita-ed right off the bat, so with only a couple of wounds left at the start of turn 2, I figured I'd make the most of him and just mix it up. Pitched Oathkeeper for Fast, pushed 3" because of Jack's aura, walked, and charged a Death Marshal that was carrying Papa Loco. Sadly, despite flipping a high mask to hit that would've gotten me some healing, I flipped Black Joker on damage on the first hit, and so only managed to put a couple wounds on the Marshal. Wrath was then utterly destroyed by Perdita, but at least by then he was close enough to Jack that I was able to use his death to drop a scheme marker perfectly placed for Plant Explosives. Envy on the other hand was the star of the show. He shot Nino at the top of turn one, and despite a double negative damage flip, did severe damage and killed him in one shot. Fortunately for me, Nino was my opponent's Bodyguard, and that was what won me the game in the end. He fooled around for a few turns and then murdered Perdita late in the game to spoil Turf War for my opponent. Lessons learned: Envy is a complete boss. The damage track on his gun (2/5/6) means you want to be focused, which happily he can give himself with his (0) action! Wrath is very squishy, despite being able to heal himself when he deals damage. Next time I think I will hold him back and try to use him to deny enemy scheme runners or the like - seems like he'd be better at that. Also - Jack Daw and I are just clicking. No matter how badly I feel like I'm playing, I've won every game I've played with him since I switched from proxies to the genuine article at the start of the month.
  6. I frankly just look at him as a 12pt model - the couple of times I've taken him without Patron's Blessing, he's been lackluster (especially compared to other models in that price range, like Joss). But when he can move three models 5" most turns, he becomes a crucial piece that's worth every soulstone in the right situation. I have yet to discover the use of Wind Wall. Since it's not blocking, it doesn't really have the board control utility of Raspy's Ice Pillars or other wall / pillar actions. It's Soft Cover, ok, but you can't place it within an inch of anything, so you're just creating a bit of soft cover that a model could walk towards - never found that very useful. And eye of the storm could be good in an emergency, but I just think the way I play him I haven't let him get surrounded. The one thing I can see doing with it is if I really needed to move an enemy model more than 5", you could combine it with Airburst (since you can only Airburst a given model once per turn), but 5" is already a long way to move something. And since he's immune to disengaging strikes, you don't need Eye of the Storm to rescue him. Have other people found good uses for either of those abilities?
  7. Yeah, the whole band does really seem designed to be played with Creeping Terror. I don't have any Crooked Men yet, but they're on my list of further Tormented to pick up. I'll let you guys know how it goes with Envy and Wrath, and as soon as I get the rest painted up they'll join the party as well!
  8. So I've been running JD for a while now, and absolutely love him. I'm starting to phase in the Crossroads 7, and I'm curious what people think about the different band members with Daw, their roles in a Daw crew, unexpected combos, and so on. I ran Envy last week, but sadly all he got to do was draw an enemy Killjoy into position and die, setting me up to waste Killjoy for Murder Protege. Still, I feel he'll do good work, especially with the free 3" push and/or Jack Daw obeying him for extra shots or stealing his attack. Next up is Wrath. He strikes me as a pretty straightforward Beatstick / Tank - good at dealing damage, can heal himself as he does it or stone to prevent damage. Seems to just want to charge in and punch things, which I plan to facilitate with Oathkeeper, Scramble, or the like, and maybe Papa Loco giving him Hold This. Is there more to his role in a Jack Daw crew that I'm missing? And in general, any wild combos or hilarious successes with the band in a JD crew so far? I'll keep reporting on how things go, but I'm curious if this major influx of new tormented models has had much effect on the way people play JD.
  9. It's also printed in Shifting Loyalties if you don't have access to one of the decks. But it's very simple: 2 points, Captain only, gives him Casting Expert (generates 1 extra ap when activating which can only be used for casting actions). I know 12 points is expensive, but I've taken him with and without, and I actually think he's not worth bothering with at 10 points, but at 12 (with the upgrade) he's phenomenal.
  10. To my mind, Joss is much more the all-purpose Arcanist henchman - I've run him with everybody (except Colette, who I haven't gotten to try yet), and he's always earned his keep. But I have been loving the Captain lately. The relic hammer, for me, is an added bonus that only comes into play every now and again - it's all about that airburst. Pushing the Rail Golem and giving it burning +2, pushing your gunsmiths and (as Hippodruid points out) giving them Fast by cheating in the low ram on their df, giving Hank just that little extra shove he needs to nimble and flurry at a crucial moment - it's all beautiful. Since it doesn't have a gun icon, you can also fire it into engagements without randomizing, meaning you can rescue a beleagered scheme runner, or reposition a beater who's engaged with the wrong person, or whatever. It's also great for moving enemies out of position - I played a game a couple of weeks ago against Brewmaster where I would let Brewy set up his little aura every turn and then just shove him somewhere irrelevant and go on with my business. He's not durable at all, but keep him at a distance rearranging the board every turn and I think you'll find him quite satisfactory.
  11. Starting August 6th, we'll be holding an achievement league at Valhalla's Gate in Columbia, MO: Thursdays, 5pm throughout August, with a prize night and painting competition to wrap things up on Sept. 3rd. New and old players are welcome, demos available! Message me for further details, or just come on down to the Gate!
  12. I had my first really great game with Ironsides today, after three or four so-so attempts. I took her in Reckoning with Howard Langston, Joss, Captain, and two Gunsmiths. Between the Captain's pushes (with low rams cheated in on df) and some handy pings of gunfire from my Guild enemy early on, those Gunsmiths basically had fast and Hand Picked going the whole game. Joss and Hank with Hand Picked Men are just horrible. A big scrum developed on one side of the board involving Toni, Hank, Joss vs. Francisco, Santiago, Sidir, and McCabe, and that was when Toni really shone. Hank and Joss softened everybody up, and then she had so many attacks off her Adrenaline when she activated, it was just beautiful. An uppercut killed Sidir, then the free Brass Knuckles I got off that killed Santiago, and then she repositioned and punched McCabe a bunch. One of the Gunsmiths charged a nearby Executioner and just melted right through him, and the other shot Nino off the side of a building. After that it was just cleanup - Hank flurried Francisco into oblivion, and Toni herself polished off both McCabes. Tabled my opponent at the top of turn 5 for a 7-0 victory. I'm sure the mages still have their place, but I was really thrilled by how well the Gunsmiths fit into Toni's crew, and holy mother of god Hank with +flips to attack and damage is just awful. I have to say, at first I thought maybe Toni was a zero, but my vote is now firmly on the hero side.
  13. See, I've found the opposite - my Gunsmiths always seem to perform at cost, but my fire gamin just seem to go down too quickly to accomplish much. But I'll keep trying them - my local scene is starting a new league tomorrow, for which I'm going back to arcanists after a long outcast spell, and Kaeris is going to be one of my main focuses this time around. And yeah, the new box is definitely cheap - it's a pity they've dropped the Gunsmiths. I know the boxes vary a lot, but it's nice to be able to field a reasonable 35ss crew out of one for new players.
  14. Yeah, I have found fire gamin in general to be lackluster. If I want something at that ss cost, I almost always take metal gamin instead, and I never bother with their summoning upgrade. But it may be that I haven't given either a good enough chance - have people had big successes with them?
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