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    Power Looping in TTB?

    So I was recently looking to build a Tinkerer and saw that the Engineering skill has a trigger on Rams to give a friendly construct the Power Loop condition. But Power Loop is only useful if there are other characters with Power Loop on them as well. I tried reading through all the rule books but couldn't find any other place where the Power Loop condition is mentioned. Is there any other way to apply Power Loop? Or is the only way through the Engineering trigger?
  2. Weaker Ink

    Power Looping in TTB?

    Setting it up as a manifested power actually seems like a good way to implement it. Thanks!
  3. Weaker Ink

    App Data Deleted

    So I tried using the app after not having touched it for a while. In addition to the problems with not being able to start encounters or formats while I was using it the app crashed. When I restarted it all of my data had been lost. All of my saved crews are gone as well as everything I had saved in the model list. Does any one know if there's anyway to retrieve the data, or am I boned? I'm on app version 3.8 for iPhone if that helps.
  4. I know I'll be there. I might even be bringing a few friends!
  5. Weaker Ink

    M2E 50SS Tournament @ Games Plus - Mt Prospect IL 5/14/16

    Looking forward to being at the event on Saturday!
  6. I'm looking forward to attending! This might be the only taste of Adepticon I get so I'm looking to make the most of it.
  7. Weaker Ink

    What base size is Mancha Roja?

    Thank you very much!
  8. Weaker Ink

    What base size is Mancha Roja?

    Just as the title says. I know its a silly question but I don't have the cards available to me and, with the Wong box on its way, I need to start making plans for bases to make or buy and I just need to know where to start. Thanks!
  9. Weaker Ink

    Whats your favorite masters theme song..

    Call me crazy, but for some reason I always think of Bayside's "Sick Sick Sick" when I think of Malifaux theme songs. Not just for a specific master, more as like a montage of multiple masters.
  10. Weaker Ink

    Gencon Pick-up Game Roll Call

    I would absolutely say that I'm coming because I'd love to play!...If only I knew what time its actually at.
  11. Weaker Ink

    Murder on the Rails: a Gencon Pick-up game

    Awesome! This makes me even more excited to play in this game! I can't wait for the pregenerated characters to go up so I can (hopefully) get first dibs on who I want to play! Thanks for all the work Brewmaster!
  12. Weaker Ink

    Murder on the Rails: a Gencon Pick-up game

    Hey everyone! Just wondering if we have any sort of update on any plans or scheduling for this event. Please don't let this die! I need to get my murder mystery on in Malifaux!
  13. Weaker Ink

    Murder on the Rails: a Gencon Pick-up game

    Hey all! Just dropping back in to make sure that no one forgets about how awesome this game sounds. Here's hoping Brewmaster can get everything together so this game can be a go!
  14. Weaker Ink

    Murder on the Rails: a Gencon Pick-up game

    I would absolutely love to take part in this. I have literally no idea how the game works or how to play it but I've been super interested in trying it out ever since I discovered it (which was unfortunately after the kickstarter had ended). I plan on attending GenCon with a friend or two and I'm pretty sure they would be interested in playing, so that might be two or three people who would love to participate but I'm definitely 100% for this event if you actually hold it