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  1. Thank you. That was actually very informative. I do like the idea of allowing a player to construct a Doll out of higher quality parts than is otherwise necessary to give that Doll a buff. It's a good way of incentivizing players to invest more in their puppets and reward them for saving their money to buy higher quality parts. And thank you for the clarification on the height. The images in the book obviously don't have a relative scale to compare their height so I had trouble visualizing it. It makes sense that a puppet just about your size, covered in blood and wielding a scythe would be Terrifying!
  2. I was reading over the Puppeteer Advanced Pursuit in the new book and I noticed that under the A New Player Talent it mentions different costs for the different material used in constructing a new puppet subordinate character. My question is twofold: 1. Is there any mechanical benefit on the materials used in the construction? Because I can't seem to find any mention of that anywhere if it exists. 2. The Talent does mention that you may need additional materials (such as a corpse when making a Stitched Together). Does this mean that the materials listed are purely based on the type of doll being constructed? And if so, what's the best way to determine what kinds of materials a specific doll needs? Does a Songster require cloth or wood, for example. Follow up question: The Red Cap and Stuffed Knight are both described and depicted as being "small" which I would take to mean Height 1, but their stats list them as Height 2. Is that a typo or am I overthinking things?
  3. We're near the end of our campaign and all of my player's Fated characters are basically unstoppable for one reason or another (as should be with a long running campaign). However, there's one talent specifically that's giving me a lot of problems as a Fate Master. One of the Fated is a maxed out Marksman with a very good Long arms skill (AV of 7) and the Startling Shot talent from the Marksman pursuit. The talent reads as such, found on page 119 of Above the Law: The issue I'm running into is that the character's Long arms skill is high enough that they regularly get their damage flips to a straight, then cheat in a severe for damage. Then the TN for the Unconsciousness challenge is so high that it's nearly impossible for any Fatemaster character to pass (TN between 18-21). It's completely blowing out any encounters I have planned and even Master level enemies are getting knocked out as soon as the fight begins. The character has also picked up a couple steps in Wastrel to ensure that card flow is consistent. Is there a way that I can balance this ability without the player feeling like I'm taking away a powerful skill? I don't want to completely nerf the character but with the ability as is there's just no real threat in fights anymore and I'm concerned that it's taking the tension and fun away from encounters. Follow-up question: What's your ideas in regards to Startling Shot and special ammo? RAW the ability implies that Cavity bullets should still allow for a on the damage flip against unarmored targets but the flavor of the ability is more about startling the target by firing near them, not hitting them. In which case, the type of bullet shouldn't have any impact on the damage flip?
  4. These are incredibly handy! Thank you very much!
  5. I was recently looking at creating some custom Fatemaster characters by tweaking the stats on existing monsters and also adding some steps from various monster pursuits. I was wondering if anyone had come up with a convenient or a handy format for writing up custom Fatemaster characters. Any templates or spreadsheets that anyone uses that works for them?
  6. Setting it up as a manifested power actually seems like a good way to implement it. Thanks!
  7. So I was recently looking to build a Tinkerer and saw that the Engineering skill has a trigger on Rams to give a friendly construct the Power Loop condition. But Power Loop is only useful if there are other characters with Power Loop on them as well. I tried reading through all the rule books but couldn't find any other place where the Power Loop condition is mentioned. Is there any other way to apply Power Loop? Or is the only way through the Engineering trigger?
  8. I'm looking forward to attending! This might be the only taste of Adepticon I get so I'm looking to make the most of it.
  9. Just as the title says. I know its a silly question but I don't have the cards available to me and, with the Wong box on its way, I need to start making plans for bases to make or buy and I just need to know where to start. Thanks!
  10. Call me crazy, but for some reason I always think of Bayside's "Sick Sick Sick" when I think of Malifaux theme songs. Not just for a specific master, more as like a montage of multiple masters.
  11. I would absolutely say that I'm coming because I'd love to play!...If only I knew what time its actually at.
  12. Awesome! This makes me even more excited to play in this game! I can't wait for the pregenerated characters to go up so I can (hopefully) get first dibs on who I want to play! Thanks for all the work Brewmaster!
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