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  1. Nooooooooooooooooooooo! Why does Gen-con have to open a full day before payday! All the Cool stuff might be gone. Sniff Sniff
  2. I'm defiantly interested, Put me down as a possible. I might just see if I can't turn it in to a road trip and use it as an excuse to see the folks at the same time
  3. Can you put me on the Reserves list Mike, I managed to miss this unfortunately. It looks like this sold out faster than a One Direction concert at an all girl boarding school.
  4. Awesome. just hope I have the funds left as pay day isn't till the following Tuesday
  5. I can't figure out how to vote on these entries.
  6. a further take on the Freak show element could be a take on the Indian rubber-man, something along the lines of 'dhalsim' crossed with 'Mirin Dajo' (http://scribol.com/anthropology-and-history/the-man-who-could-survive-being-impaled-by-a-sword/1) and India’s Sufi Muslims. Another possibility could be instead of Siamese Twins, you have Siamese Triplets. To Malifaux it up you could have 1 Male, 1 Female and 1 Neverborn all attached in some horrific twisted yet delightful way
  7. Hi, if you have access to a car there is a thriving Malifaux community at the Sanctuary Gaming Centre in Sutton in Ashfield, about 15 miles North of Nottingham. http://sanctuarygamingcentre.co.uk/ https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sanctuary-Gaming-Centre/631242986915343 Typically the main Gaming nights for Malifaux are Tues and Thurs.
  8. From what I can see Zbrush is pretty much becoming the industry standard. It's not to expensive compared to other 3D packages and if you are planning on getting a Cintiq, Zbrush would be perfect since it is a 2D/3D program. an you would literally be "drawing" your sculpt. The added bonuses of zbrush are that you don't need a super-duper graphics card as it runs using your Ram. The old versions (4r6 and older) were 32 bit and could use only up to 4 Gb but they have just released 4r7 which is 64 bit and AWESOME! Also, once you own it, you get free up dates for life. so when they release zbr
  9. One I've found useful for Line in the Sand is for any crew. it involves taking the Guild Pathfinder to summon traps on the center line (or purchising them) and using the Austringer to deliver orders to the traps and get them to drop scheme markers.
  10. I was really looking forward to this set as soon as I saw the pictures online, and I picked it up as soon as it was available. after assembling them all, I really feel it's only the Watcher that I actually don't like, The Guardian is a little static but thats personnal preferance I guess (i'm going to cut it up and repose it as a little project ), The Hunters look ace even with the mirror, and the chances of me feilding more than one at a time is actually quite slim. The Mechanical assistant is cool, the way he is holding the gun bugs me so I've fixed that. Hoffman is just awesome!, I can't w
  11. Here's pics of the Watcher front and back.
  12. I've just come across this tool and I want to say a massive thanks to you Mako for giving up your free time to construct this and fix the glitches etc that crop up. I've filled it out with what I've aquired and painted since I started about 4 months ago and I've come to the conclusion i'm a Malifauholic. I've got 40 Guild - 176ss, 11 Arcanists - 60ss and 7 Outcasts - 34ss of which I'm 36% Complete As I'm such a completist this resource gives me the ideal motivation (along with tournaments) to get my crews done and painted! Cheers DR
  13. Awesome, Thanks Aaron, I can relax now. Now I just have to wait on the good ole Royal Mail. That and the unfortunate desision by me to get it shipped to my work and I'm now on Holiday till Jan 5th
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