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  1. I have been bested by the best, spectrehorseman. Congrats on advancing. To your next opponent: better be planning a museum piece to compete with this guy!
  2. Ahhh, gremlins! So much winning!
  3. I feel the same. I was reticent to glue my model in place on the diorama base of my entry, too. After the competition, I'll likely peel him off to re-base it.
  4. Disagree with you here. Whiskey can certainly be interpreted as liquid gold for the tongue! ...and there certainly are enough fools around.
  5. What a fun surprise for the curious adventurer!
  6. Sadly the gold is lost in photographic translation. It comes through as a sickly green instead. I hope the judges can appreciate the effort and technique that got you there.
  7. "Wonder where these nuggets came from?" This may be the most unexpected form of prospecting. Anxiously awaiting what Wargamer101 has to offer against this. Which of us will get the GOLD? Which of us will be the FOOL?
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