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  1. Do you ever consider corpse bloat on Seamus? I"ve used it many times and regretted not taking it the times I've left it home. It's there mostly for the Red Chapel Killer Upgrade -- this usually means that I've left Mad Haberdasher off, which does hurt. Also, you have to set up the corpse a turn before you're planning on jumping. At least you can use the corpse for a Belle if you don't end up jumping that next turn. What do you think? Too corner-case?
  2. Thanks Math Your opinion almost counts. Just kidding... actually this kind of response is just what I was looking for! Cheers
  3. Uh Oh... I also wanted to start the game with the Necrotic Machine out just to hand out BB to Sybelle (and perhaps also a Flesh Construct -- as I see it, BB on a Flesh Construct seems pretty strong, at least on paper). But now people are saying you can't summon one when there is already a Necrotic Machine in play due to it being rare 1. Fetid, Since you usually start with one in play, and play Molly fairly often (so it seems), how do you play around this summoning limitation? Might be playing our favourite girl tomorrow! Thanks!
  4. I'm really liking that combination of upgrades for her. Going to try those out! (Wasn't really a fan of the other Molly-only upgrades besides her limiteds)
  5. In my (admittedly limited) experience, Molly likes to play close up the field in order to hand out her black blood buffs and because her abilities have a mid to low range on them. How then, does one persuade their opponent to target other models in her crew instead (knowing that her defences aren't really all that great).
  6. I'm totally up for some pick up games so send me a pm if you'd like to plan a time to play!
  7. The ambiguity of this ruling drives me a little nuts :S
  8. Think there is a way to mod in an aura and ranged based movement system?
  9. As a proxy, I'm working with the Savage Worlds Female Huckster from Reaper. (Hopefully it comes in soon!)
  10. I like how the larger body of the Sumo will make it look bloated from the water.... cool idea ^^
  11. Reviving this post: I may be moving to Shanghai in the near future... any chances of finding a group/malifauxmate while I'm there??? :S
  12. Thanks for this Gmort! I am a Kirai fanboy... hope you don't mind me posting this... My painted version of the Lost Love, Ikiryo, and Kirai herself!
  13. What happens if the tot was previously at 1 hit point left? Do all Misery abilities go off doing 4 damage (and thus 4 black blood damage)? Does only one Misery ability go off, and 1 black blood damage, and then the tot dies?
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