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  1. trent

    Round One Scores

    Thanks for showing us our scores. Really tough Round. Helps a lot with understanding the ranks. Leas than one point to silver. Dran, I should have used better pictures! 😁
  2. trent

    Iron Painter 2017 - Round Two

    There are some good works worth gold or silver by thechnique and theme in Bronze and I don’t understand why they are not up there. But thats how it is. And yes, I‘m a bit disappointed but I think I should have chosen other pictures for my Image. The german masters are in two weeks and I‘ve to finish some minis for this event and I want to put my focus there. If there is still some time left I will show something. Good luck everyone and lots of fun. Interesting theme. @LavronYor: really nice work. I like your first entry very much. I love Rick and Morty. Good choice!
  3. trent

    Iron Painter Round One - Voting

    You are right. A good dry brush can be very nice and make the difference between a good and a master work. But in most of the cases it looks very rough and only Dirty. It‘s just my preference to glaze.
  4. trent

    Iron Painter Round One - Voting

    Try to use glazes as much as possible. It looks much better and you should only dry brush to simulate dirt or something else.
  5. trent

    Iron Painter Round One - Voting

    You can use GIMP for example.
  6. trent

    Iron Painter Round One - Voting

    You don't want to see my first miniatures. I'm painting minis for about 9 years now and still have a lot to learn. And I agree: nothing is trash. It's your work and it will grow with every new step. And remember: Nobody starts als a pro and every Master still learns something new.
  7. trent

    Iron Painter Round One - Voting

    Look at MinipainterInk's entry, the Arcane Emissary. There is lots of NMM in good quality.
  8. trent

    Iron Painter Round One - Voting

    Finally went through the whole images. I'm very excited about the results. Many good works, but also some entries where I missed the theme a little bit. Or I didn't understand it...
  9. trent


    Really nice work. I like the Wings very much.
  10. trent

    Iron Painter 2017

    I'm in!
  11. trent

    cant find into the bayou pdf

    Me too!!! We decided to start a TTB Group and I want to play my Gremlin!
  12. trent

    Iron Painter 2016

    I'm in.
  13. trent

    Long Road to Perfection

    Hi guys. Recently finished Joss for the Arcanists. Now he's ready to run with Mei Feng. Merris is nearly finished and only needs a finished base.