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  1. Agree with Herre, I've traded with this guy and has been absolutely incredible.
  2. The post with the LED instructions seems to not go anywhere, anyone still have a link to it? I'd love to see how to do that.
  3. Any tips on Avatar Ramos. That thing is a pain and I'm not confident about pinning.
  4. Damn. I'm bummed I missed this, any chance you are going to sell them online somewhere?
  5. I guess I never got around to doing this... Player: Nogoatsnoglory Country: USA State: Minnesota City: Eden Prarie
  6. Your work is absolutely incredible. I find the scenery you've laser cut to be absolutely astonishing as well.
  7. Just wanted to throw an update on what I'm looking for. Need a Brutal Effigy and Carrion Effigy. Prefer to buy, But I do have 1 and 2 for arcanists and 2 of neverborn that I may be willing to trade. Got Everything I need
  8. Woo sale is live! I can't believe I was able to snag a widow weaver. Shit yes this sale was great for filling out my Collodi crew. Had to cut out a few things I wanted out of impulse.
  9. Not sure if it's been mentioned, WIll this Carver come with a physical M2E card? Ninja edit: Also what time does the sale start exactly?
  10. I personally find the cards more helpful, even for factions I do not play so that I can see what my opponents characters are and what they can do without having to bug my opponent. While the book does have all of the info and may be cheaper, I find being able to set aside the 5-15 cards to be quicker. I personally am not a fan of having to flip through a book trying to find what I need, even finding it little bulky. I think Scorpions point being that it comes down to preference is really true. I for one am happy that there is even an option for both to suit a wider variety of players. Most games would just give you a book and thats that!
  11. Did anyone else see this in the webstore? A Malifaux coloring book. Not sure if I just missed the announcement or what. http://imgur.com/R8v3w1t
  12. Anyone have a Brutal Effigy (Guild) or Hodgepodge Effigy (Outcasts) cards they'd be willing to trade or sell. PM if interested. I own Arsenal decks 1 and 2 for Arcanists. (No fire gamin)
  13. To be fair I'm not terribly attached to keeping him as a gunsmith. I only use it for fun games, nothing serious, but you are totally right on how ti can be misleading and not for serious use. The only one I was concerned with was the spiders. It's more so I wanted the model so I could paint him, but wanted to get some use to justify the purchase. I understand his limits.
  14. I own both for Arcanists because of a couple old metal models I picked up that I liked better than the plastic versions. The generic upgrades are nice, but I do have one complaint. I bought the Collodi starter today and plan on picking up the Neverborn Wave 2 deck so I can play him, but I want a few effigies to use as well. I don't think the effigies are going to be released before January so my only options are to buy the metal versions or wait 4+ months till the new versions come out. Ill most likely go for the metal versions, but I still need two cards that I can only get if I buy two faction decks that I only need a single card for. I know there is the card trading forum, but man what a pain in the for a few cards.
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