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  1. Thank you for the response. However I was curious what was some of the decisions or reasons to make the talent as strong as it is? An example can be made with into the steam and Frozen heart. Power effects but has massive implications for the party. Its Requerment is none, but the flavor text reads like it's pointed at twisted fated. I was just curious about its play testing in general. Is there a part on the forms that go over this kind of things?
  2. Have you tried leaning into their natures? If they're combat monsters start throwing the world in a loop. Bounties on heads, assassins in their sleep, allies start falling left and right to give them a few days of respite. Only to have the hounds at the door again. In my option that's the terror of stepping on a giants toes. If they're invested in the game and their characters then just have fun with things. I ran the system for a few players a while back before 2e, I was able to keep them invested by the world itself. But mine ended around 15 or 16. If you're having doubts ask them
  3. Love the book, it has some quarks, my question lies in Requirement. Or the lack of one. Is this intentional or a mistake? It reads like it'd work well with the Twisted built in The Dread Art talent. Any thoughts or insight into this talent? pg.130
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