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  1. Thanks! I'll check it out. I still want a document, though. And an update the the Crew Builder App. And a pony.
  2. I see that the errata came out, and it substitutes or adds certain abilities, actions and triggers to some cards. Is there a glossary of all of the abilities, actions and triggers in the game so that we can know what these new ones do? Some, like Relentless are common enough that many players will know what it does, but how about something like Savage Winds, which replaces Incorporeal, on Ashes & Dust? Or the new Guitar Bash action on Greed - is it identical to the one on Pride, or does it have different triggers? Does the one on Greed also become a melee attack? Please Wyrd, supplem
  3. What does this action actually do? There is a range of 6", but the ability reads, "This model's controller sets aside their Control Hand and draws a number of cards equal to the number of cards that were set aside..." Does this mean that it is always the player who owns the Emissary setting aside and drawing cards? If so, why is there a range on the ability? Or does it mean that the owner of the model targeted by the ability sets aside a draws cards? I am asking because I want to know how this interacts with Lust's Flirtatious Wink ability. If I target an enemy mode that is within 6
  4. I have three painted Oiran models from M2e, but I cannot seem to find any cards for them. Are they just alternate Geisha models at this point? Edit: Nevermind. I think they are now Kunoichi.
  5. Elijah Borgman and Firebranded have the "Promised to the Flame" ability, which "reduce all damage suffered by this model" while it is within 2" of a Pyre Marker. Does this mean that these models take no damage from the Burning condition (or at least Burning up to +3) so long as they are close to a Pyre marker? Is the default damage reduction down to 0 unless otherwise noted (as minimum of 1 damage)? Thanks for the help!
  6. Hey y'all! I have been playing miniatures wargames for quite a while, starting with WH40k 2nd Edition back in the early '90's. I left after 4th Edition but have recently got back into it. I play Eldar primarily, but also have Space Wolves, Tau and Dark Eldar. I got into WarmaHordes around the time of MkI Superiority after WH40k got too expensive (was still in school at the time), and I play Cryx and Trollbloods, but also have some unpainted Khador and Retribution. I am just now getting into Malifaux because Warmahordes seems to me to be changing from a large skirmish game into a sma
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