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  1. sandchigger

    Monday Preview - Propagandist

    Love it! Can't wait to play a broadsheet spreading Union propagandist/Brawler
  2. sandchigger

    Monday Preview - Bureaucrat

    Oh no. I apologise, I wasn't clear. My issue isn't that I dislike social pursuits, my issue is that this one looks like it's going to be All About Favors. The trading of and creation of social obligations, with mechanical abilities for same. The problem, in my opinion, then is that if you have mechanics or abilities in the game that allow for the creation of favors, those characters without those abilities are now incapable of - or at least severely disadvantaged in - trading favors for favors. As soon as you create a rule for something that was just fluff or flavor before, it greatly increases the difficulty of don't that thing for someone who isn't built to use the new rule. See also: Feats in D&D.
  3. sandchigger

    Monday Preview - Bureaucrat

    Unlike the previous previews, I'm pretty meh about this one. Honestly, this seems like a way to gamify something I would rather leave to Roleplay. YMM, of course, V.
  4. sandchigger

    Monday Preview - Magewright

    Well I mean we need at least 3 more books to complete the name on the spines, right?
  5. sandchigger

    Monday Preview - Magewright

    There was a SCHEDULE?!?!
  6. sandchigger

    Monday Preview - Magewright

    I would be shocked if there weren't a couple gremlin tinkerers out in the Bayou on this pursuit.
  7. sandchigger

    Time For Crafting Items

    Aside from crafting a construct (which explicitly takes one day), other uses of the Crafting skills are just assumed to take place during downtime. Don't worry admit it too much, basically.
  8. sandchigger

    Monday Preview - Marksman

    Sure, I get that. But there's a much bigger difference between a witch Hunter and a Guild guard than there is between bayou gremlin 1 and bayou gremlin 2.
  9. sandchigger

    Monday Preview - Marksman

    I'm kinda against it because sometimes you want a single unit group where everybody works for the Witch Hunters.
  10. sandchigger

    Monday Preview - Marksman

    Please find a way to make special division selection non-random. I'm begging ya.
  11. sandchigger

    Monday Preview - Marksman

    Yeah, but I bet last week's Commander preview would roll up well into a Witchling Handler type character.
  12. sandchigger

    Monday Preview - Marksman

    It doesn't sound like it from the description (it specifically mentioned long arms but ALSO mentions canons so maybe?) But if not, it sounds like it would be easy to reskin.
  13. sandchigger

    Monday Preview - Marksman

    Ooh, yeah. That would be awesome grist for the speculation mill!
  14. sandchigger

    Monday Preview - The Commander

    Wedge and Biggs are also acceptable.
  15. sandchigger

    List of Status Effects

    Yeah, most. But not the one we looked for for a few minutes during a fight. Eventually we ruled (semi-correctly) that it gave a positive flip to hit the character in Melee and cost an action to stand back up. But still. This would be a fantastic thing to have on the FM Screen.