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  1. What: Rapid Growth League starting at 35pts and going up 5 pts every week. The League will last 4 weeks. When: Friday Sept. 7th at 5pm and every Friday in September until the 28th. Where: Empire Games: 118 N McDuffie St, Anderson, South Carolina 29621
  2. I will be running impromptu demos for anyone who wants to try the game out WHERE: Empire Games in Anderson SC. WHEN: I'm there most Thursdays and some Fridays. Anytime you see me, I can usually run a demo. I'll be the guy in a henchman shirt! See you there!
  3. Sketch201

    Hello from Upstate of SC

    I am going to try to get the Malifaux scene going again after the thunder from Age of Sigmar 2 dies down. Trying to get it going at Empire Games in Anderson SC. Where are you located at? I'd love to get a game in sometime!
  4. This will be a 50ss, fixed faction, GG2018 tournament at Geek Out Games, in Central, South Carolina on March 24th. The address is: 1276 Eighteen Mile Rd, Ste F, Central, South Carolina 29630 Signup starts at 1:30, cards flip at 2pm. Entry fee is $5 There will be prize support from Wyrd for the winners, plus a random drawing as well. Everyone will get a Guilder for attending.
  5. Sketch201

    Growth League * Geek Out Games, Central SC 1-12-18

    A normal roll of tickets.
  6. To bring in the new year, lets do a Malifaux league! The league will be hosted at: Geek Out Games, 1276 Eighteen Mile Rd, Ste F, Central, South Carolina 29630 The league starts on Jan. 12th, 2018 and lasts for 6 weeks, on Fridays at 5pm. This will be a 6 week growth league, starting with 35ss crews, then increasing every week. You'll use the same master for the first 4 weeks of the league, and be able to swap masters for the last 2 weeks. Instead of awarding prizes the old fashioned way, you'll earn tickets for things you do in the league that will go to a random drawing for prizes during every week of the league! Tickets are awarded for: --Showing up and playing at least one league game --Winning a League game --play with a fully painted crew --Buying Malifaux product from Geek Out Games WEEK 1: 35ss, drawing for extra Guilder WEEK 2: 40ss, drawing for small mystery box WEEK 3: 45ss, drawing for extra Guilder WEEK 4: 50ss, drawing for small mystery box WEEK 5: 50ss (optional master swap) drawing for extra Guilder WEEK 6: 50ss (optional master swap) drawing for Large Mystery box We will use the Gaining Grounds schemes and strats.
  7. Here's the address for those who want it! 1276 Eighteen Mile Rd, Ste F Central, South Carolina 29630
  8. This will be a new beginning for Geek Out Games! What better way to start it off than with a Malifaux Tournament! This will be a 50ss, fixed faction, GG2017 tournament on November 18th, starting at 3pm. The tournament will be held at Geek Out Games, in the Wal-Mart shopping center in Central, South Carolina. Entry fee - $10 (most of this goes to prize support) There will be full prize support as always from Wyrd! Prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place, as well as a random drawing for those who didn't place. There will also be a prize for best painted crew. As always, everyone receives a Guilder just for showing up! Come on out and show your support for this wonderful local game store!
  9. Tournament Time!!! This one is at Geek Out Games in Central, SC. It starts at 3pm. LINK TO EVENT: https://www.facebook.com/events/1232915190147235/?context=create&previousaction=create&sid_create=3394435701&action_history=[{"surface"%3A"group"%2C"mechanism"%3A"groups_composer"%2C"extra_data"%3A[]}%2C{"surface"%3A"create_dialog"%2C"mechanism"%3A"group_create_dialog"%2C"extra_data"%3A[]}]&has_source=1 It's Halloween in Malifaux, and that can only mean one thing: IT'S TIME TO SMASH SOME PUMPKINS!!!!!!!! This tournament is going to be a 35 Soulstone, fixed crew tournament. The strategy will be the same for all three rounds, but the schemes will be randomly determined each round. Entry Fee: NONE, it's free! There will be prizes for 1st - 3rd place, as well as a random drawing. Everyone who participates will get a Guilder! If you show up in a Malifaux themed costume, you will get an additional Guilder!!! The best painted crew will receive an additional Guilder! STRATEGY: PUMPKIN BASH!!! Set Up: While deploying models, each player places three 50mm, Ht 1, Severe, Soft Cover Pumpkin Markers on their side of the table not in their deployment zone, and at least 10" from another friendly Marker. These markers cannot be placed in base contact with impassable terrain. Special Rules: On every Turn after the first, non-Peon models gain the following (1) Interact Action: (1) Smash Pumpkin: Target a Pumpkin Marker within 1" on the opponent's side of the board. Remove the targeted Marker from play and gain 1 VP. No more than 1 VP may be scored from this Action per Turn. At the end of the game, a Crew gains 1 VP if they have any Pumpkin Markers left on their side of the table.
  10. I LOVED this battle report!!!!! You definitely need to keep doing these! It was cool to read through and re-live our game! It was a VERY close, and VERY fun game!!!
  11. It's my Birthday*, so what better way to celebrate than by having a Malifaux tournament (don't answer that, it was rhetorical)!!! This will be a 50ss, Fixed faction, GG2017 tournament. Entry cost is $5, most of which goes to prize support. There will be prizes for 1st-3rd place, Best Painted Crew, and a random drawing for prizes as well. Registration is at 1pm. Cards flip at 1:30. The tournament will be held at Geek Out Games in Central, SC. on Sept. 16th. *Presents for your wonderful Henchman are optional. ;P
  12. Summer is here and that can mean only one thing.... it's time for a campaign league!!!! COST: NONE!!! It's totally free!!! ( I do recommend getting a Shifting Loyalties Campaign deck, though) THE LEAGUE: This is going to be a 4 week League, (July 14th - Aug 5th) with game nights happening on Fridays at 6pm and Saturdays at 3pm (don't worry if you can't make both, it won't really affect you). We are going to be using a modified version of the Shifting Loyalties Campaign System. You will get to improve your crew as you play games by adding new skills, special equipment, and new models to your crew, but be careful, your crew can also get serious injuries! Bad things happen, after all... THE RULES: Starting crew size is a Master + 35 pts worth of models, soulstones, and upgrades as normal. This is your starting crew, which (barring some unforseen catastophe) you will have available to use throughout the whole league. You will be able to add additional models as the campaign goes on. Each game that you play, you can earn "Scrip" that you can use to buy upgrades, skills, equipment, and add new models to your crew. You earn scrip by completing a weekly objective, and by scoring victory points during your games (2 VP = 1 Scrip) (rounded up). I'll post the weekly events in advance here. We will be using the story encounters found in the main rulebook, and the GG2017 schemes. The bigest difference here is that you can CHOOSE any scheme that you want from ALL the GG2017 schemes!!! Every week will be a different story encounter, and I'll post those here as well. THE PRIZES: I will have full prize support from WYRD, which includes special edition models, card boxes, stat cards, etc... Everyone will receive a Guilder (which you can turn in 5 or more of to get a special model) just for showing up at least once during the League! WOW, that was a wall of text!!! See you guys on the Other Side!
  13. Sketch201

    April 3rd - Upcoming Releases

    What happened to the Terracotta Warriors?
  14. This is going to be a 3 round, 50ss Gaining Grounds 2017 Tournament. It will be using a 125ss pool of models and upgrades, with up to 3 Masters in the pool, that you use to build your crews each round. For summoning, you MUST have access in your hiring pool to at least one of the model that you wish to summon, but may then summon any number of them during the game (example: Ramos must have at least one Steam Arachnid in his pool, but then may summon any number of them during the game.) There is no painting requirement, though it is strongly encouraged to play with painted crews. I will have full prize support from Wyrd, with models, Guilders, and winners certificates. Depending on how many players I get will depend on what models I will have for prizes. I will also have extra prizes for Best Painted and Best Sport. There will be a $5 entry fee, that will all be going towards store credit for the winners. Hope to see you all there!
  15. New Year, New League! We are going to be doing a different kind of League this time around! It is going to be an 8 week Shifting Loyalties Campaign League! For those of you who don't know what that means, it's a type of growth league that you start off with a set crew (led by a Henchman) of 35ss (you have to pay for the Henchman too) and a limit of 1 upgrade. Choose your starting line-up carefully, as they'll need to be able to accomplish a wide variety of schemes and strategies. From there, you will earn Guild Scrip for every game that you play, up to a max of 16 per week, that can be used to upgrade(!!!) your crew with new equipment and skills and add new crew members each week! Be careful though, because if a model is defeated ("killed") in a game, they can receive injuries that can last until they can get in to see the Doctor! During the league, you'll all be competeing to see who can build the coolest hideout for your crew. You can earn "construction materials" in each game that you play, that can be used to build your hideout! May the best crew win!!! Entry fee: Buy a "shifting Loyalties Campaign Deck" WYR20030 **If you buy one from Geek Out, you'll get a $5 off $25 or more coupon to use for future purchases! Times: Saturdays around 4pm, Feb. 11th - April 1st, (or other times if you can arrange for a game) at Geek Out Games. Prizes: The crew with the best hideout will get a Limited edition Root beer Translucent Nightmare Whiskey Golem (hey you had to use your extra construction material to build something, right?) The next two best hideouts will get a small mystery box! As always, everyone gets a Guilder! There may be other prizes as well, but let's keep that a secret for now, shall we?