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  1. Cheers guys . shadowopal , I may steal that almost exactly as is
  2. Hi guys , have persuaded my family to play Ttb ( lockdowns good for something ehh?) wondering if you’ve got any advice on a starting adventure? Thinking ideally starting with them on the train as they know almost nothing about the setting ,but open to all ideas
  3. For me they need to sort that bendy plastic , I don’t like it One bit . Some crossover stuff would be an excellent idea too , it’s pretty much wryds go to tactic in Malifaux the way they try and tempt you into other factions .... well it works on me and a lot of other people for that game , it will work here too
  4. Could have spell eater and/or asylum keyword but not be guild affiliated , just use their models
  5. Marcus and zip both having 2 factions is also nice as it gives you both more choice going forward
  6. Any plans to put Genbu ( the tortoise) and Pasha ( the March hare) in? Ideally as individual hireable models ( you know it makes sense wryd!) but just as proxy cards would be fine . This is is assuming they are not already and I’m being dozy of course
  7. I suppose it at least prevents people just removing every marker in range every time
  8. Only used her a couple of times ( quite possible I’m using her wrongly) but haven’t been too impressed myself yet , she’s hard to be killed and has nice ability’s .... but I feel they are just cake icing rather than something i need to get jobs done , and for her cost I’m pretty sure I could get better value
  9. No separate entry’s for genbu and pasha ? 😩 really pleased to see this list though , got a whole load of masterless non theme models now ..... might have to buy some new masters. Buying Zipp so I can field Johan and midnight stalker (I know I don’t actually need Zipp) seems weird though
  10. Let's hope so , mines all had to be stashed away as am moving house soon , so can't fiddle with it at the moment
  11. Yeah not a massive fan of the new art myself ( the last book of 2nd edition wasn’t great either imo)
  12. Some masters can summon multiple models as a single action, seem to recall the Dreamer was mentioned as one , seems like good moves again to me
  13. Good that they seem to take paint ok , really don’t like this material though . (and yes some models are a harder plastic which is much better) to clarify though , nothing is bent , just ridiculously bendy and squishy . I would be concerned transporting them as my foam cases will push the plastic on The models rather than the plastic pushing the foam they are so bad .
  14. Mines arrived today (UK) not a fan of the squishy plastic some of the models are made from , missing a unit according to the receipt as well ( it’s got a funny little line drawn on in pen next to it ,so maybe coming later?) models do look very nice , some of them are so squishy though , seems like any paint would just flake off with all the movement
  15. Theres been quite a lot of Victorian stuff on recently too
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