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  1. Thanks for the reply! I'm not sure exactly how the data structure looks, but I imagine in the app you could have 7 seperate upgrades all named "Effigy of Fate" that link to the same jpeg of the upgrade, but each one is restricted to one of the effigies and auto-reference the corresponding emissary?
  2. True - I may have gotten carried away calling them 3AP. But on first turn, maybe second as well I'd definitely call them 2.5 AP at least. I suppose Pass Tokens and winning initiative may be more important for glass-cannony Neverborn than other factions. I almost don't value +Initiative at all but then again I like to play control/grindy/summoning crews. I really like that Black Blood Shaman, Vasilisa, and Wicked Dolls combo. That's pretty hilarious.
  3. A couple of the less talked about points: Lone Swordsman is A+. Ruthless, Stat 6, 3/5/6 with crit strike offense. 8 Wd, H2K, Arm+1, with decent Df/Wp. Roughly 9" charge threat consistently with push angles. Movement as a bonus action. Already worth 8 stones just as a solid beater. Add in plus flips to everything sometimes, pseudo-frenzied-charge sometimes, pseudo-charge while engaged sometimes, 2/4/5 with quick reflexes being stellar sometimes, and being able to generate 1-3 SS during the game. Just gauge your chance to kill well and gamble accordingly. I can't imagine a scenario where he
  4. Basse is a great master simply for that 3Blast minimum and place shenanigans - with a mostly below average keyword. But he will likely be able to take OOK/versatiles to make up for it similar to Dashel, Seamus, or Colette. McCabe is solid and has a solid keyword, but I haven't looked too deeply into him. From what we've seen so far, Apex is looking to be a really good keyword too. You can start collecting now and in just a month you'll have the complete ES book. Just be prepared to proxy some things until most of the boxes get released over the next 3-6 months.
  5. I'm not a Neverborn player, but I like dabbling in building lists for many factions. I've heard occasionally that NB don't have as good schemers as other factions, and I wonder: are people sleeping on wicked dolls? Significant for 3 stones Creep along basically makes them 3 AP schemers 8" stat 5 attack that gives an enemy Adversary for your keyword (which they can use twice after creep along) with accomplice immediately to take advantage if you want (Situational) melee attack that forces cheating or discarding cards if attacking most unactivated models, and can slow or
  6. Bug: The general Effigy upgrade doesn't auto-add the Emissary to Reference Cards Chaki adds all reliquaries to reference cards. This isn't necessary since you'll only be able to split soul reliquaries for ancestors which you take in your list anyway. The text box for notes at the bottom just scrolls horizontally and it's impossible to write multiple lines of text. Makes it poor for reading your notes (might just be my phone? Android 7) An "advanced crew options" feature to create a "core" section and add a list of common optional choices for different scheme pools would be nice.
  7. Wondering if there's a specific terrain piece which causes the lag, or if it's the amount of terrain which causes it. I tested this, and suffice to say it's definitely not the amount of terrain. I had little to no lag on Misty Hills after spamming copies
  8. Now on Vassal 3.4.3 Module 3e v1j Tried 6 maps: New Map, End of Line, Misty Hills don't lag Desolate Wasteland, High Ground, Prison Break lag to the point of unplayability (every action delayed anywhere from 2-20 seconds) Edit: Also, I reloaded High Ground and then (painfully through the lag) deleted a bunch of terrain until very little remained. The lag was MUCH less and the deck windows displayed properly after deleting around 70% of the map objects this way The deck windows show up like this (only on maps which lag, on maps which don't lag they display correct
  9. Now on Vassal 3.4.6 Module 3e v1j Still suffering lag on Desolate Wasteland, didn't test others My last idea is to get Vassal 3.4.3, since that's the version specified by the module, but I highly doubt that'll change anything
  10. Just noticed that when I downloaded the latest module yesterday, it must have not overwritten the old one properly. Trying to reinstall now.
  11. New developments: When picking the map, "New Map", "Bidonville", and "End of Line" don't lag (well, a little bit here and there, but that's just normal vassal) "Desolate Wasteland", "Floodlands" lag like crazy (2-5 seconds delay on every action including scrolling the map or clicking buttons at the top) Haven't tried every map, but at least I confirmed it's something unique to some maps. Although, Desolate Wasteland worked with only a little lag yesterday for about 10 minutes. Now it's unplayable, even on a fresh new game Also, already tried reinstalling Vassal
  12. Yes. Even when it's running, I can still surf the internet without problems, it's only Vassal that lags hard. I downloaded the newest version of both yesterday, I believe. Module version 3e v1g, Vassal 3.4.6 (a good damage track!) Edit: Just noticed that when I downloaded the latest module yesterday, it must have not overwritten the old one properly. Trying to reinstall now.
  13. I used to play on vassal on this same laptop just 3-4 months ago, but now when I start a game the Java SDK uses 65%+ of my CPU and every action I make lags for 5 whole seconds. Could this be because of the newest version of vassal or the module? My computer can run XCOM2 with little to no lag, and I'm ~relatively~ sure that game should be taking a lot more computing power than Vassal. Anyone know what could be going on?
  14. A Dissertation, By Biletsky Prior to FAQ The text of the My Loyal Servant trigger breaks any notion of an intuitive definition for "another" If every "another" trigger/action had a parenthesis clarification, it would make sense as a primary rule, clarifying exactly which models can or cannot be chosen. But it's not on every one, which implies there exists a "base case" for what "another" means, and that "(ottm)" alters this base case to mean something different. Does "another" = "non-target"? Does "another (ottm)" seek to change the meaning to "not this model"?
  15. For the record, if you do this, Kandara staggers Seamus and then the whole crew kills him. Bad plan.
  16. There is a big difference between out-of-activation mobility and in-activation mobility. There is also a big difference between 1 Wind Gamin placing a model 4" at the cost of his AP and giving EVERY Elemental within 6" getting free pushes for zero AP cost for the whole game. There's a reason why on Turn 1 a fast Dead Rider is scarier and safer than a non-fast Dead Rider who is pushed forward 6" by another model. Or a Dead Rider who first charges an enemy model and then has to wait for someone else to pull him back. You, as a Colette player, should know this. Focus-shoot or Focus-char
  17. Essentially this. The FAQ is currently a poor solution to the problem. This would never happen in practice, but imagine Wyrd designed a model with a Df trigger "Immediately Push 5" away from the attacking model." Suddenly every "another" trigger in the game would break because there exists a theoretical scenario where "another" can no longer legally mean the model with the trigger.
  18. I'm willing to admit that IF Ricochet doesn't allow you to hit the same model twice, then SVG are average at best. I'd still be hesitant to call them bad, they're a choice to add mobility to your crew in the same way you might take a sub-par model for condition removal, or marker removal, or healing. The current consensus seems to be that you can, and I'm just rolling with it here (again, I don't play Arcanists). It's strange to me that Wyrd, who are usually amazing at wording consistency, are leaving enough of a grey area here to even be questionable. They even almost solved this
  19. Why doesn't it work against Seamus? He suffers from Concealment + Cover more than your average shooting model. If Banasuva has Concealment + Cover, Seamus needs 2 focused or SS'd shots to kill him. Maybe around T2-3, it becomes much harder to ensure cover against a teleporting Seamus, but T1 he has no way of ignoring it. I admit I forgot about the SS Cache upgrade, and Captain - those are both good calls that I missed, but I don't play Arcanists. Fire Gamin give only 1 point for strategy, and if he's killing them, he's not killing Banasuva, Kandara, Sandeep, or Metal Golem. Sandeep m
  20. Товарищ, объясните I assume the issue is that Seamus can one-shot the Fire Gamin. I edited it to make it a bit more clear what I meant
  21. Sandeep's Crew: A good way to remember how Sandeep works is this: Mantra and Pseudo-obeys are for Elementals, everything else is Academics Keep in mind Banasuva and Kandara are BOTH Academics and Elementals Every Academic has a Mantra. 6" range and only applies to the model with the Mantra and Elementals. NOT all Academics Sandeep's lets you deal 1 damage within 2" Banasuva's lets you resolve your Demise Kandara's lets you draw a card SVG's lets you push 2" Ox Mage's lets you heal 2 Kudra is a bad model
  22. Tabletop will never be precise to 3 sigfigs or whatever. You're right that's physically impossible. But at the end of the day, the rules explicitly encourage this kind of perfect-distance placement through rule of intent, and the game is specifically designed with models being able to intentionally block LoS in this way. No one will stop you from shooting yourself in the foot if it simply doesn't feel right to you, but one day you'll be on the last activation of a turn, staring down the barrel of a 4x focused Sniper with a 13 of rams in hand, 23 inches from your most important Ht2 30
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