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  1. Marcus against marcus is horrible. You could alpha myranda and shape change her into a 4ss beast like a moleman
  2. I agree with every one that fixed lists is not how malifaux works. That said it is perfectly normal for any new player to make a fixed list. When I teach people how to play malifaux we normally dont play schemes and only focus on 1 main strategy. This gives them an opportunity to get a feel for the models that they are playing with and discovering for them selves what models are good in what situation. They will also see synergies between different models and how they best fit into each situation.As time goes on and they play more games they build experience and can start increasing the ss pool of that master and try new things. Only then can you focus on building to fit each game. Lets be honest after reading the cards and planing what you going to do in theory is very different to putting that theory into game play. Things that come up is you might have to many models that use the same kind of suit and you finding it harder for certain things to go off due to the lack of cards. This all comes from playing the game more often. I say have fun with a crew you like the sound of enjoy learning the crew and play with models you like the sound of. Every time I start a new master I try different things every game, after a few games you will start putting the pieces of the puzzle together and know where what fits best. As for raspy the models I have for her at the moment are Standard box Snow storm(old model and not easy to find) December Acolytes Hoarcat pride I am waiting on more plastics before I expand this crew Colette models like cassandra Blessed of December New ice dancers (wishful thinking i think)
  3. Its not that easy hiding a ht 3 50mm base the entire time
  4. There is a crew I wana try with ramos just for fun and to stuff around. I wana take the ice gloem and toss electric creations into the enemy. doing damage from the toss and being in base contact with it. Its like throwing hand grenades. sounds fun in theory. And I am not saying it will be any good either.
  5. the problem is its never just the pigpult, its sometimes the taxidermist or lenny or mc tavish around as well making it very east to kill a raptor. the gamin are there for the easy save kill. 16" range and a cast of 8 doing 2 damage with a 0 action is pretty amazing. then they can still walk and interact as well not to mention the 6" push they get towards it. It makes them alot faster and also very easy to get off and you can do it most of the time turn one. if it takes 4 wounds turn 1 he ins going to invest alot of resource keeping it alive and focus less on me.
  6. I am getting the exact same boxes as you for my ramos crew with the addition of Johan. He is M&SU and can heal all within 6 inches. I am also getting metal gamin to use with Iornside and ramos. I am a greedy so my list looks like this. Ramos Box of spiders Electric creation Johan (for iornside as well) Metal Gamin (for iornside as well)
  7. Hi All, Thanks for all the feedback and advice. I played the game yesterday and taking bits of advice from everyone and considering my own play style I came up with the following list, Marcus Feral Instinct Seize the day The trail of the Gods Jackalope Blessed of December Imbued Energies Myranda Imbued Energies 2 x Silurid 2 x Metal Gamin Moleman I know you all thinking why metal gamin. I took them because I was playing gremlins and he was playing a lot with the pigapult. So i put them in just in case. They a nice quick and easy way to kill the pigapult. He did not play with it and they were pretty much cannon fodder wasting burts attacks to try kill them. I ended up taking Power ritual and break through. Silrids did what they do to get power ritual very quick and avoid his crew entirely leaping around placing claim markers. Blessed put her imbued energies to good use to destroy markers at an important time of the game. Myranda turned in to a Tiger to tie up his models to stop interact actions. And as there was almost no attacking one another I had a loaded hand with 11 12 13 of tomes. so i was mauling away. I ended up winning the game 8-6 so again thanks to all for the input and ideas.
  8. You are 100% correct about that. I miss read stake the claim. I see they specify that they are claim markers not scheme markers. Cojo is definitely not worth the 10 points then. Maybe a snake to tie models up and stop interactions for claim markers.
  9. As always Adran I appreciate your advice. Yes my biggest worry is what you mentioned about playing against them. I am hoping the threat of cojo destroying enemy clam markers will pull a force towards him and draw them away from marcus and the molemen. As breakthrough and protect territory are opposite ends I am hoping to get at least one of the 2 schemes. I want to try split my opponents forces as much as possible and using the tiger to pick up a lone model. Just for turn one I will do my marcus moleman way to get over the half way mark fast from turn 2 I think your way of moving the molemen makes better sense.
  10. Here is a crew I was thinking about playing for the following game Strategy Stake the claim Schemes Break through and protect territory Marcus Feral Instinct The hunger Cry The trail of the gods (might swap out one or 2 upgrades depending on opponent) Jackalope Sabertooth Cerberus Imbued Energies Cojo Imbued Protection 2x union miners 3x Molmen Malifaux Raptor My thoughts are to use marcus to get +3 walk then drop a marker then the molemen follow using tunnel and then walking another 8. Turn 2 they in the perfect position to place markers for stake the claim and breakthrough. I know the molemen as not that strong and they dont have to much support. I am hoping their speed is good enough as the will follow marcus around. I will dodge as much as possible and keep them out of harms way. The raptor is there to tie up models that start moving across the board to counter them and the sabertooth is also there to cut of a model thinking of doing that. Cojo and the union miners will do protect territory. I was thinking of using cojo to hang back an discard enemy scheme markers to add to his defense. and the union miners to drop markers and keep the opponent busy. With 10 activations i am hoping to out activate my opponent and use marcus and the molemen last so they are always in a good position.
  11. Their are also many other threads that discuss this in more detail. Maybe read those first then share some thoughts with us and we can better pinpoint what you are looking for. Welcome to Arcanists good choice of faction indeed.
  12. Lelu will not heal if lilitu is on full wounds. I think they are awesome with the dreamer if you can summon both in one turn. If I cant summon both in 1 turn I would rather summon something else. They a nice pair to summon as you get 14 points at full strength in 1 turn. The condition sharing can be really nice just need to think about when to use what. Its not always about the conditions that other models can hand out. Basic conditions like Focus and Defensive stance can also be good choices for these models, also lillitu can do whispers in blood which is also a nice condition and pounce from lelu. I am not sure what other conditions you want to put on them if you could but those are already pretty solid. The only other one i can think of that's really nice is fast which comes from the dreamer.
  13. I prefer Johan and mouse to heal. If you have a bubble if iornside Joss Johan mouse and maybe a metal gamin the 2ap heal on Johan is worth it as you healing all the models. I personally think the mages are awesome with iornside with warding ruins on her and Joss. Make her very survivable with regen 1 immune to conditions and +ve to defense against an enemy master. With regen 1 and adrenaline and heals she will have no problem taking a punch. The warding runes are also awesome against casters as the cant lure you and will have to spend a lot of resource to get triggers if they can spend ss.
  14. This is my best master for each job Reckoning-Raspy Turf War-Marcus Squatters rights-Colette Reconnoiter-Ramos Its almost always the case but there are times that a different master may be better depending on the faction you playing.
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