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  1. Senjak

    there is something rotten in Malifaux

    my ressurectionist
  2. I decided to paint the crews I had of malifaux. So I started with Seamus and her beautiful ones at night. I had a good time imagining Seamus as a murderous couturier who was wearing his pretty rotten creations. I also did McMourning in colors to match my crew Lucius who is almost finished painting. I' m painting Colette crew
  3. Senjak

    There is something rotten in Malifaux

    I repaint my seamus's crew wip. sorry for the picture...
  4. Senjak

    There is something rotten in Malifaux

    I will try to make better pictures, but in the meantime here are more big.
  5. hello, I start Malifaux and in miniatures painting. This is my first crews in Wip. I would like some advice to improve. My Rotten Belles My Seamus Crew My Mcmourning Crew ps: Sorry I'm not very good in English is not my native language