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  1. The plastic build instructions have not been updated since April's War Wabbit, is there any ETA on when the instructions for more recent releases will be available for download?
  2. I love it, after loosing one of the hands of my old Snowstorm I can't wait for the new one.
  3. How about remakes of the male heads that are incompatible with some of the torsos.
  4. McMourning - Dr. Reanimator - Move Your Dead Bones: https://youtu.be/7BnOUOkcr9c
  5. Odd, the image for the Peacekeeper seems to have the wrong code on it. The one currently displayed is WYR20214 which would make it a ressurectionist model according to the code system,
  6. I have to agree with M_Ruckuss about the Shadow Effigy, especially when facing against a ranged crew. Collodi's crew tends to be almost purely melee, and the ability for your opponent to take potshots at your models can wear your dedicated combat minions to the point of near uselessness. On a different note, are there any suggested ranged models for a Collodi crew? And what are the preferred methods of taking on horde crews?
  7. Is there any way you could make a background sized image for us?
  8. I've been thinking about using Performers instead of Beckoners. The Performers are a bit cheaper, and have more synergy with Marionettes, Coryphee, and models that give out poison, like Wicked Dolls, They lose 6 inches on their lure, though. Any opinions?
  9. Nah, it should be mis-scaled down enough to actually fit on a 30mm base, that way you could switch it for Ramos' totem.
  10. I've been listening to a couple podcasts and there was a mention of a beta in January, but I was wondering if there was a more precise date for it to come out. Now that I have a good local community, I was hoping to get a campaign up and running.
  11. I would love some backgrounds for phones or tablets, is there any chance of getting some in the future?
  12. How difficult would it be to create masks for the Through the Breach miniatures? I want to make a couple guild lawyers whose bases match my McMourning crew, in addition to the ones that match the rest of my guild.
  13. Actually, I won one of the mystery boxes in a raffle (shout out to Foodhammer and Malifood), and the BĂȘte Noire came with a translucent red base.
  14. Will the translucent crews come with clear bases or will they come with the basic black ones.
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