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  1. we used the vassal card images to create the decks.
  2. So I just found out about the Free RPG Day scenario Recruitment Drive. It looks like my local store isn't participating in the Free RPG Day activities, but I was wondering if it would be possible to run the scenario myself at the store. Is the only way to get the scenario from a store?
  3. We used Roll 20. created individual fate decks and then had a central fate deck. worked great.
  4. Huh? Enemies taking the simple dule has nothing to do with relenting them. You can only relent if it's a friendly model. And the second point you made I'm not sure about either. You can choose to relent or not. If you want the model to pass, then choose to take the simple dule. My point is you can relent the attack (let it happen), but not the trigger. I'm not complaining, but it seems inconsistent to me.
  5. no, the design choice. As a Tara player, it just doesn't make sense to me. You want this trigger to happen to your friendly models. Why make it where it's possible to relent the initial attack, but be able to have the trigger fail (due to flipping too high and not having a low card in hand for some reason).
  6. I still don't understand why you can't relent to a simple duel caused by a friendly model (ie Glimpse the Void trigger).
  7. I think a Malifaux Child is a better totem than Karina (most of the time). Just my opinion. I like the option of someone else burring for her with KoE.
  8. Yeah, the "That's not how any of this works!!!!!!" part was sarcasm.. Probably not very good way to deliver my thoughts with that there.... Also, I don't think I've complemented you on the original post with the article. It helped me greatly when I was starting out with Tara.
  9. I agree, like I stated, it might not be intended, but there seems to be no rules preventing it. And surprisingly it is something to consider with a void heavy crew and crappy hand
  10. That's not how any of this works!!!!!! I would side on that's not how defensive was intended, however there seems to be a precedence set. Interact is also worded as a (#) and you can definitely take two different AP(1) interact actions. So I would say that doing two different defensive AP(1) actions is not intended, but I would also say that your statement about the rules not limiting that is accurate. As for the topic at hand, I tend to slingshot Mr. Nothing beast with Tara, however I always take KoE and use the + on initiative to have Tara pull him back in the void to keep him aliv
  11. I've wanted to try and just place the mouth/head on the base to make it look like it's coming out of the ground. I just got the box, but have not looked to see if it would be possible.
  12. I don't think you can discard more than one card for defensive. It states discard a card and then spend AP equal to the defensive count. Also void shield should help to keep him alive.
  13. I have both books for TtB as well as the Fatemaster's Kit. Additionally I have the TtB Fate deck (not the Arcane Deck, but the Kickstarter one). $110 for everything including shipping. I also have Johana on spur. $30 including shipping. email: mellgass@gmail.com
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