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  1. In Northern Minnesota, I work in Grand Rapids. Sad but Grue, The Grue
  2. It is weird, all of a sudden lately work has been in an uptick and I have had less time to write. That and keeping my bees alive and stocking for Farmer's Market. I lost power today and can't upload from my phone so if we extend to Friday I think everyone would hopefully be able to get a story in and then if we want we can make changes to the format. Darn Minnesota storms. Sad but Grue, The Grue
  3. For some reason it will not let me upload my story from work so I will do it when I get home tonight. It is my fault for being lazy and not posting it last night or the night before but real world distractions can be a killer. Sad but Grue, The Grue
  4. That is the line I was thinking 7th, sort of a risk-reward deal. Lose points to purchase crew models to purchase this terrain piece that has a synergy with your crew and hope you can play around it and the schemes to your advantage. Also, to agree with Aaron, a photo page or spread in a rulebook with the employees of Wyrd would be interesting. Or a trading card so you could "collect them all" with Wyrd employees. Sad but Grue, The Grue
  5. More environment pieces. Like Planechase for MTG where these cards were separate but impacted the game. Perhaps each player can place up to 5 points worth of environment pieces. Christopher: I place Horror Duel well for 2 points. Larry: I place Tethered Mutated Cow for 1 point. Christopher: Awh, your crew kept pushing me into that last game. That viron-piece should be Cuddled. Larry: Well, Aaron said more pictures of Justin in the rulebooks so your arguement is invalid. Just my two scrip worth. Sad but Grue, The Grue
  6. I think that some people (being generalizing here and not calling anyone out) perhaps wanted them to look close to the same as the Malifaux figures and were "disappointed (placeholder word to encompass all emotions)" when they did not. Beyond different art styles they could hand wave the differences, if they so chose to and did not have to, that Malifaux in a sense permeates everything. Nature is different, weather is different, even some of the laws of the universe are different. I mean who knows what the soulstone stores are doing to the Mali-earth over there? What havoc is it wreaking to the ecosystem and in doing so perhaps changing how things are being created, used, and encompassed. Has anyone compared wood side by side from Malifaux to Earth? Do livestock grown in one devour the ones in the other if they survive the Breach crossing? How deep are the oceans and what horrible beings of unfathomable madness lurk in those inky depths? This would cause Malifaux over time to shift slightly in terms of how thinks looked and reacted to the world around them, whereas Earthside, although of the same cloth and universe would have developed differently if ever so slightly, which would achieve the differences in look that we are seeing. It could also be that it was simpler to make them that way and we should rejoice! I mean we are getting another game system in the world that we all know and love and not many games get that. Most get sequels or expansion and if you did not like the first version you most likely will not like the second or third if they are the same. However, if you change it up to target a different audience we could witness a board surge as more people visit and are enchanted by this world we know as Malifaux. Again, just my two scrip worth. As Always, The Grue
  7. The one thing that I always wondered about was if there were oceans on the Malifaux side of the Breach. I know that oceans were touched upon in Obliteration's realm during the "Tara" saga but I thought it would be interesting to do them outside of that void realm. You could have it that during the first foray into the Breach some settlers and possibly a Guild contingent (because Guild is awesome) headed out into the badlands to find a far reaching post to build a frontier town. They went out searching for a new trade route, a new Soulstone mining location, etc. They came across a vast ocean and decided to venture out into it. They sent messengers back to tell people what they found but the messengers never made it and when the search parties came across the mangled, mostly eaten corpse of the messenger on the edge of the badlands they decided to not go any further. This could explain why no one else has really traversed very far out into the badlands beyond the frontier towns and the trappers. Once the ship(s) were finished they went out and sailed these Malifauxian seas in search of adventure and profit. They could have found it and found new and exciting creatures and locations which would allow for radically different models as Malifaux is mostly a dry landlocked area versus what you would see in coastal or island nations/ natives/ inhabitants. Perhaps there are native pirates out scavenging these newcomers to their watery realms or perhaps some of the ships were taken over by angry sailors or convicts and resorted to buccaneering to make do. We would assume from their distant voyages that they perhaps made it through the initial purge of Malifaux and have been living and thriving on the sea. Co-mingling and cross breeding between the sailors and the local populace could have happened resulting in halfbreeds and whole new nations or allegiances. That and this group and all the generations down would have only known the original world and system before the purge and how Earth has changed since the closing of the great Breach and if they were to come across the citizens and factions of Malifaux of today's standards they might not be a copacetic as they once would have been. The original members of the Guild that branched out would be structured off of the old Guild ways combined with their hard life on the sea and the unwavering discipline it would take. They would form the bulk of what would be a Navy and be the dominant force on the waves. The Arcanists aboard or the ones that survived/ blossomed on the journey and subsequent years would be a hired force that was Merc'd out to the captains and pirates. The Resurrectionists would be the chirurgeons and play their work the same as the Arcanists but in keeping the slave rowing force/ slave force in workable conditions. They could also have their own scourge fleets where they venture out and pillage to increase their stores. The Ten Thunders could have a breach on an island chain, but it could be from a group not loyal or connected to the Oyabun so their influence would not necessarily be felt. Their fast skimmers and tight control over their sovereign waterways would force the Guild and any other vessel to pay the toll or find themselves added to the drink. The Outcasts would be your normal mercs but to give them flavor and separate them from the Arcanists and Resurrectionists you could give them more advance shippery (Patent Pending word there) and they could have sort of like a Jules Verne/ Captain Nemo vibe with subs and steamships. They would be the monster hunters of the deep on the surface but the only ones who would know the true terrors slumbering below and trying desperately to keep them sated/ asleep. The Gremlins could be a water-based faction, eschewing dry land to more of an amphibious life. They would congregate on floating atolls of flotsam and jetsam that drifts out in the vast expanse of the sea. Whenever one of these "Grembarges" came close enough to a settlement or a ship they would ship out and attack at night or in the open, alas they are Gremlins in nature, and rip it to shreds and bring the choice bits back to add to their makeshift islands. They would most likely venerate the terrors below as gods and you could have different tribes based on what different types of terrors you called for. The Neverborn would be based off of these terrors, sort of the same way they were from the Tyrants (although I know not really) but they are the progeny that does not want to lose their grip on this tasty stew of fleshy bodies with their tan jerkified skin. You could have different breeds based off of a singular lineage or have them look like the evolutionary path that split when some grew purple fur and took to flight, this group developed fins or flippers, groping suction cups and milky tentacles. Their black blood could be a version of an octopuses/ squids ink and they could use it at range or in cloud attacks. Like I mentioned, if there are no oceans that is fine and understandable. Malifaux could be in a dyson sphere for all we know. Just my thoughts on this growing thread. Let me know what you think. As Always, The Grue
  8. Perhaps it is just me but I really like the way the "The Other Side" figures look, especially the Titans. I respect everyone's differing opinions but if they end up looking "toyish" that is a bonus to me. Someone else: They look like Toys. Me: So you mean not only do I get to use them when I wargame but I can use them to kick the crap out of my sons' Paw Patrol and Little Einstein figures when we have our action figure battles? Someone else: ..... Me: Haha, not amount of Pat-Clapping or Yelping for help will save you now... [a moment of silence for the fallen pups and grossly unsupervised children of the rocket Rocket] As Always, The Grue
  9. It will be hard choice between her and Lucius. However, recently I was sent a small envelope with a newspaper clipping in it. This may just change my opinion on Lucius... As Always, The Grue
  10. I meant no disrespect nor did I assume you were of school age. I was merely implying that education and work are very important and should take precedent over our little Iron Quill, but not too much, just kidding. Implement Naruto Exam cheating rules, get caught and you're out of the class and can retry next year As Always, The Grue
  11. @Gnomezilla Mine was Theme and Location. Don't worry if it is a little late, your education is more important, with work tying in importance, and family and well life in general. The key is the happy medium and late caffeine fueled spontaneous writing sessions and creativity. Don't lose sight, beat hope into submission and show them that you got this. You can be a princess locked in a tower of solitude and safety, the queen sitting on her throne of hardwork and chances, or the army laying siege to both and oh look you brought a battering ram made of badassery. As Always, The Grue
  12. I have sent my ingredients in, but perhaps the other chefs for this Iron Quill have not yet or were delayed. Have patience and all will come to fruition soon. As Always, The Grue
  13. Thanks! Which path was your first choice? And did you read all of them? As always, The Grue
  14. Sorry, editing it down and trimming the fat took longer than I thought. Choices Let me know what you think. As Always, The Grue
  15. Here is my entry. Ingredients Used: Loaded Dice, Rebirth, Intersection Words: 1,744 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Choices Choice? Daniella had made up her mind to stop believing in choice a long time ago. Much longer from her perspective but she was always telling herself to live in the moments of others and not the exaggerated spaces she created. It wasn’t easy; seeing things from anyone else's point of view was hard enough for normal people. Normally you would have a few positions to deals with, your own and the other sides, but what if you could see all the sides, know all the possible views and what came with them? What would you do; pick the most optimal and hope for the best? Not so hard, except that just because you can see where all the viewpoints are coming from it is truly hard to see where they are headed to. Daniella ducked through an alley and leaped over the daily refuse that had piled up. She was careful to plant her feet this time, the other two times she had just tried making the leap ended in disaster. She could feel her ankle throb in her mind from where she had twisted it and at the same time she could feel the infection creep up her arm from where the rat had bitten her when she landed in the debris. She shook her head, and tried to push past the phantom injuries and ignore them. She reached down and cradled the die in her pocket. The ancient die was heavy for its size; smooth to the touch on its face but well worn around the edges. She shivered, she didn’t know if it was the chill air or her realities realigning, layering on top of one another and sewing themselves. Men of science would probably have fancy words to describe what she was experiencing but she was neither. All she could guess in the time she had it in her possession is that whenever she was faced with a possible choice… Her brains made a sickening slapping noise as they splattered onto the wall next to her, the bullet punching through and lodging into the brick. Half of her head was gone, a gaping crevasse full of loose skin and singed blood-matted hair. The smell nearly made her retch as she ran past with her head down, the slapping noise replaced with a loud crack as the bullet hit the wall unimpeded. A quick side step past where she had fallen by ducking too low and she was almost at the end of the alley. She reached the end of the alley and prepared to bolt off down the street, shielding her eyes against the sudden sunlight. She looked back and watched as the group of guardsmen chasing her stopped and inspected her corpse at the same time as she watched them chase after her. This was getting out of hand and they were closing in. She ran out into the street just as they made it to her prone form and planted a bullet in the back of her head. They breached the mouth of the alley and she knew she was running out of time. Up until now she had assumed she was reflexively using the die, but she decided it was time to put the choice out of her hands and try to follow the path that hopefully would open up for her. The plan was ludicrous, but what choice did she have? She heard shouts and orders for her to stop as she was about to reach the market square, full of the vendors and their carts, so she weighed her options. She could veer left at the intersection and take the street down to the river docks, she could run straight through into the garment district, or she could take the hard right but that took her dangerously close to the Quarantine Zone. All in all not the best choices, but she was almost at the crossing and needed to make a decision. “This next part is going to hurt,” she told herself as she gritted her teeth and gave the die in her pocket a jumble. [Left, to the docks seems like the best option] ---------------- [Straight, into the Garment District is the best option] ---------------- [Right, towards the Quarantine Zone is the best option] ---------------- [Surrender] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Let me know what you think. As Always, The Grue
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