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  1. Hey all, Been living away from my gaming group for a while and as such didn't really play/look up much malifaux. I think the last time i played was when the brutal emissary sculpt was being revealed. Now that i've moved back home i'm looking to get back into the hobby. I haven't played with anything in wave 3 or seen the new schemes. So please fill me in on what's good, keeping in mind that my particular group tends on the side of very competitive when we play tabletop games. Has Lady Justice gotten less one dimensional? Is she better now? What's changed with Sonnia? The last time i played with her i was playing around with burying papa loco to keep his positives to damage on sonnia..any new strategies with her? Is the new master (Nellie) good? What crews does she take/what are her good upgrades? Is frank still amazing/nearly auto include in alot of lists? Any new minions/enforcers/henchman that stand out? What are the new powerful synergies in lists people are running? In general, what are the stronger masters/lists and what are the weaker? I know that's alot of stuff, any news/info is helpful just to get my toes wet and help me figure out my first few purchases aswell. Anything cool that's happened with guild that i haven't asked feel free to include aswell. Thanks in advance 😃
  2. Nice write up! I'd like to share my thoughts on Lady J Although frank's El Mayor is powerful, having a 9ss model in a box not doing anything giving you one less activation is in my opinion not worth it. You are better of activating frank early turn 2 and late turn 3 giving Lady Justice her buff for essentially 2 turns (generally the most important 2 turns) and not worrying about burying him. The brutal effigies healing and Lady J's ability to essentially kill huge threats in an activation is generally enough 'defense'. Hunters as scheme runners is very expensive, although great models i feel this list is wasting there talents. Lady Justice struggles not because of any list design but because of her straight forward and predictable play style. You can just feed her chaf and tie her up with inexpensive models, or avoid her threat range as she has no inherent mobility tricks. I feel vendetta and implacable are also very bad upgrades, usually just crit striking is enough to remove most models, and onslaught is only good against hard to kill. The majority of models in Lady J's engagement will either have a push out or some way of escaping or should already be dead. If you run any upgrade in my experience is should be badge of office. The ability to ignore a red joker damage or someones severe will keep her alive throughout the game, with brutal effs healing and juggernaut, as long as she can ignore a huge burst of damage she should be fine. Also i would never advise stoneing for riposte, even with df7 from frank you will probably be using a 13 to make sure they miss if they really want to hit you, sometimes they will hit anyway. In my opinion using stones for damage reduction and drawing cards at the start of the turn will be the best use of your cache. Using a 13 on defense seems appealing but keeping that 13 to ensure Lady J can truck someone for 4-6 damage per attack is a better use of the card. These are just my thoughts, and my experience with her, take them as you will.
  3. Hey Adran, thanks for the reply! Alot of good information, you've given me alot to think about. This is exactly what i was after. Thanks again mate.
  4. Hey all, I'm entering a tournament on the 1st of April. I've been playing a lot of games recently with my friends who are also entering. In my coming up practice game i'm going to be trying Sonnia to see how she goes at Reconnoiter. Since i usually only play her in turf/war extraction and similar schemes, i'm at somewhat of a loss in how to build her crew, and a few questions have arisen. Keep in mind that i'm asking my questions for a competition level so i'm not interested in what's fun/"can work". Also try to keep your advice centered on Reconn/Flank deployment. The Schemes will be flipped on the day. Thanks! Question 1. My Francisco Dilemma. Almost every game i run him with Sonnia. I find him essential for keeping her alive, +2 Df is nice and +2 Wp makes most people not even bother risking the reflect magic. Pushing her out of combat, and pulling her up the board via 'hermandas de amas' saves her AP walking. He's a great model. But he also leads to a somewhat stale list construction. Keen to find out everyone else's options to keep Sonnia alive and un-engaged, would you still include him in reconn? Do you run him at all? How do you keep her alive? Question 2. How good is the witchling handler in a competitive list? Question 3. Papa Loco/Deathmarshal. Still take this combo or not? Can the Emissary replace the death marshall since he can box? Is Emissary worth its points? How useful have you found the (0) burning cast in your games? Question 4. Reconn requires either a lot of models or the ability to do enough damage in the first few turns that your opponent can't recover. How many models do you find an acceptable amount? Most likes i make inevitably seem to have 7-8. Should i be spamming more minions? How many 'expensive' models do you advice to take? Question 5. Do you think it's better in reconn to build her crew for a burning theme or not? Should i just take another master? Lucius? McCabe? Cheers in advance for any feedback, feel free to also post reconn lists w/ Sonnia that you like. Preferably ones that you have found success with/run in tournaments. Thanks!!
  5. Really nice work man, they look great. I love that model with the arm sticking out haha, so good
  6. Really nice work! Jealous of your work rate. All your outcasts really looked themed and i really like the tones you painted them in. You should be proud of your effort
  7. H Hahah awesome i can't wait to get my Grimwell and nurse models! My friend just told me one with perdita where you can get a family member with the upgrade to push her into base contact, then she can be pushed with either the enslaved neph or her relocate towards nino who's deployed further up with 'from the shadows' and still has 3 ap. Pretty cool
  8. Hey, Was reading a thread the other day about a molly player in a tournament (not totally sure on the details) who did something like double walk madame sybelle>>call belle on molly>>molly walks twice and summons something which instantly dies from summon damage?>>killjoy pops out and turn one kills enemy master. Seems like a really cool super aggressive move. So i'm just wondering what Guild has in terms of Alpha strikes. Feel free to list your favourites! Thanks!
  9. Great job on the work rate! Also i was really unhappy with my viks aswell might be common? They seemed hard to paint especially their hair/face for me. Your painting's very clean you should be proud, the blood effect on the butchers cleaver is really good!
  10. Looking good love the theme. Hannah's suit is huge!
  11. I find infinity really hard to paint. You've done well. I especially like the hair and the base. Great job!
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