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  1. So after a long time off due to life and such I will be back doing demos. I will be doing demos at Toy Wiz located in Nanuet NY. Date 2-4-16 Demos start at 7pm and I am looking forward to seeing people coming and playing games. I also am hoping to get players going more and more to hopefully get a tournament going for Malifaux come Spring Time. Message me here if you have any questions. Lazlo out
  2. My first tournament for the year over at Nu Brand Gaming​. This will be a 50SS Event, Single Faction, Gaining ground format. Fully painted miniatures not required but there will be a best painted by judges between Rounds 1 and 2 ( Lunch Break). Entry: $20 for non NBG members, $5 for members Rotation: Round 0 – Hardcore Kickoff Round 1 - Extraction, Standard Deployment Round 2 - Reckoning, Corner Deployment Round 3 - Headhunter, Standard Deployment Rules for Hardcore Kickoff: Henchman led, 20 SS, 4 models, unspent stones do not go towards cache, no summoning Strategy: Turf War Scheme: Assassinate Nu Brand Gaming 196 31st Street Brooklyn, NY 11232 (646) 696-4132
  3. There is a change of venue only because it seems my store is closing on Nov 3, 2014. the 50SS game is one Day, 3 rounds unless i amazingly get a lot of players which forces me to 4 rounds *unlikely*, Due to the store closing there is no Day 2. Sorry.
  4. It is with great sadness that the store I was henchman for is closing so I have to cancel the event. Until then I am a storeless hencman...I am Ronin....
  5. Its supposed to be the 23rd Will make change now Thanks weird....
  6. Story encounter. 35 SS, no painting requirement. Please let me know what proxies you will be using before November 15, 2014. Address and Phone Number 446 Market St, Saddle Brook, NJ 07663 (201) 796-7377 Start Time: 11am Entry Fee: TBD (maybe $10) will be posting up the Story encounter in the beginning of the month. Thanks again
  7. I hope to make this a more common thing since the last few have been messed up because of work but I will be hosting demo and gaming meetup Wednesday Sept 24, 2014 at Gamers Gambit in Saddle Brook, NJ Address: 446 Market St, Saddle Brook, NJ 07663 6pm Startup
  8. Lazlo

    Demo and Free Play

    With the Summer rush over with I want to start playing games and demo some Malifaux to people. Come check it out Wednesday at Gamer's Gambit in Saddle Brook, NJ Address: 446 Market St, Saddle Brook, NJ 07663 Phone:(201) 796-7377 Come play and have some fun games. Nestor
  9. After a quick break I will be restarting my demos over at Gamer's Gambit for anyone that is interested in coming and playing some Malifaux or just learning how to play the game. Come check it out guys. I will be there from 6-10pm Wednesday for anyone that is interested. 446 Market St, Saddle Brook, NJ 07663 Phone:(201) 796-7377 Nestor
  10. To go with the explosive first event at Gamer's Gambit I also will be doing Demos through out the day for anyone that is interested in learning about M2E. Gamer's Gambit 446 Market Street Saddle Brook, NJ 07663 Phone: (201) 796-7377 Date: June 29,2014 Demo Start Time: 1:30pm
  11. After playing some awesome games in Califaux I wanted to bring it to NJ so I decided on Gambitfaux. Gamer's Gambit first Malifaux Tournament. This will be a 40SS beginnerish tournament. The rules will following gaining grounds except for the painting requirement. There will be no painting requirement. All other aspect of gaining grounds will be followed. If you have any questions please let me know. Gamer's Gambit 446 Market Street Saddle Brook, NJ 07663 Phone: (201) 796-7377 Date: June 29,2014 Registration: 12pm Start: 1pm Entry Fee: $5
  12. The weather is getting hotter and so is the game play. Come check out Malifaux at Gamer's Gambit on Wednesday May 21, 2014 at 6:30pm. Already know how to play then come for some awesome gaming. I will be there as will others for some game time and demos. Nestor
  13. The weekend has come and gone but doesnt mean that the gamin stops. Come to Gamer's Gambit for Malifaux night where you can get a demo or even play a game or two. I will be there from 6pm-10pm playing games or giving demos but others will be there as well. Come on down Gamer's Gambit: Address: 446 Market St, Saddle Brook, NJ 07663 Phone:(201) 796-7377
  14. Andrew (Guy in a suit) and I are teaming up to run a month long painting contest between our two fair states to not only get our locals painting, but also to foster a friendly rivalry between NJ and NY . We will both be running painting contests within our stores through the month of May. The individual winners within each location will then be posted online and YOU THE PEOPLE will vote between entrants from each of our fair states to determine which side of the Hudson is the victor! (Which we all know will be NJ) The three categories are: Single Mini - 30mm Single Avatar or Large Base - 40mm+ Malifaux Crew Box (If no official Crew Box exists for what you want to paint, just submit a legal 30SS+ list of at least 5 models) There will be a prize for each category winner, and the overall 'State' winner will receive a custom prize they can display in their store to let us all know of their awesomeness or as Andrew put it Uber-ness. All entries must be submitted by 5/31. If any other NJ Area henchman want to join us, just let us know - the more the merrier and the more likely we are in winning J New Jersey entrants can either submit entries online at our Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/Tabltopgamersunited/ Or if you prefer to be judged in person, show up at the Gamer's Gambitt on our regular Wednesday night Malifaux nights: Address: 446 Market St, Saddle Brook, NJ 07663 Phone:(201) 796-7377 Wednesdays - 6pm - 10pm