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  1. Gevurah

    Help versus Ressurectionists

    Unfortunately, I cant really remember all the games we've played, so I cant remember what masters he's played against me. Our two most recent games, however, were Zipp vs Kirai and Ulix vs McMourning. The Zipp game was very rough for him because he invested a number of points into Pere Ravage but my seishin can negate most pulse and blast damage. The Ulix game I was able to just move up the board expunging things to death and tar pitted him with flesh constructs. That is just what stuck out to me the most in those games. He has most of the faction, not including Mah Tucket or Wong.
  2. Gevurah

    Help versus Ressurectionists

    Hello my green skinned friends. Im a resser player looking for help for my gremlin playing friend. We play in our small group semi - competitively with each other. So we both have a large amount of our respective factions' models. Its all good and fun, but my friend has difficulty beating me and it's starting to put some strain on him. I was wondering if you all could give me some insight into good vs bad lists to take against ressers. I usually play a different master every game so its not like i just spam nicodem all the time. I appreciate any help i can get and hope you all have a nice day. Let me know if you need any additional information.