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  1. Perdita, 46, doppelganger, one minion to taste. Keeps the crew real small to get me some card draw turn one and then perdita likes both the small crew size and the 7 card hand for hero's gamble.
  2. I nicknamed my Alpha Crawler "Mr Gaps". Even plastic like the Star Wars Legion models (not counting droids) would be better than these pre-assembled models. If they want to whipe the slate and do a relaunch down the road, they should definitely kick the pre-assembled stuff. Or they could figure out how CMON does it with Ice and Fire. I haven't had a problem with any of those.
  3. Regarding my scheme choices... I need to learn to read. I thought Seamus was "that one resser who doesn't do lots of things with corpse markers" and didn't catch how Betty worked. The plan was to just ignore the loot ability on my guardsmen and go around killing his minions with Alan and 46. Thanks to Betty, that didn't work so much. I could have taken mirror schemes to LC and the guards would have done just fine on that. Deployment was my other big mistake. I was the attacker, so I had them split into two piles, with a horse+Lucius/scribe in one and a horse+henchmen in the other. I stuck those on opposite ends of my flanks. The horse + Lucius were put down first and ended up much closer to the action. I think that, having seen where he put Betty, Sybelle, and a doxie, I should have put Alan down there as well. Crooligans and Seamus can go wherever they want almost (long as they go together), but the others have to walk. Highlights of the game (for me): Standing on a corpse marker so that Betty was engaged by 46 the moment she popped out, and thus unable to charge. Murdering the copycat killer turn one before it activated with a shot from a charging mounted guard. Lead-lined coat on 46 stopped way more than 2 stones worth of damage.
  4. I mean they've been in the past three or four game trade magazines. It's kinda hard to advertise minis games outside your own website, GTM, or maybe Beasts of War or similar sites. I am surprised I haven't seen them on Beasts Of War recently.
  5. 20 motor scouts is probably a fun counter to eel spam, if you know the other player is gonna do that. Every hit is a pin token. See who ends the game with the most single model units!
  6. Terrain within 2" doesn't count for cover. It absolutely still blocks los.
  7. If you're playing against the Gibbering Hordes, bring a few things that can hand out pinned tokens. Doing something extra cool with spare reinforce tokens is by no means unique to the eel.
  8. KE can get a good return on investment vs eel spam with infiltrators just using their confuse action repeatedly.
  9. Pinned this li'l guy's feet with some steel wire that I bent up under the base and hot glued the heck out of it.
  10. Pinning it is pretty much a must. I'm thinking of first making the underside of the base thicker, somehow, and then pinning it.
  11. In a pitched assault, if you eat a fireteam before any of your other units have died that turn does that count as your opponent's 1 VP event for the turn (or more if you ate the last fireteam)?
  12. So to recap: Tide pools work that way because magic, and by magic we mean balance. This is fine. Other water features are just a 'suggestion', and can be whatever. That's fine too I suppose. Forests block line of sight through them, but not into them, despite the rulebook making no distinction between LOS crossing a little bit or all the way. Because that's how they solved contradictory graits in Malifaux, supposedly. Shakey about this one, but if you showed up at the store and wanted to play em that way, I'd be ok with it. It just surprises me that while the rest of the rulebook is really tightly written, the terrain rules have contradictory text and "agree with your opponent" instead of making an attempt at an exhaustive list. Then they dedicate the entire next page to rules that are even more optional than the previous terrain rules, and a large picture of a gentleman with a gatling gun.
  13. That's not in question. The question is why any sort of water feature would do that in the first place. Why is a pond the same as a wall or a forest? The tide pools I can hand wave away with "because of magic" but literally every water feature is treated as such in he rules as they currently are.
  14. I would love to do it that way, because that would make these rules understandable, but for two things. First, Malifaux rules clarifications aren't necessarily how they mean to do things in TOS. Second, while one can make whatever rules one wants for terrain features the players agree to put on the table, the Gibbering Hordes players are going to start every game with two or three areas of "concealing[low]" terrain, and we really need to know exactly how that is supposed to work. Currently, shooting across a tide pool gives your target cover. It's not written any differently from how shooting across a Barricade or Stockade works. They're all "concealing[low]". Somehow, I don't think that's what the authors meant. Ponds don't do that, and if anyone knows of a pond that does, please post a video of it.
  15. So shooting over a pond grants cover to targets on the other side? So how is a forest both concealing and blocking? Seems like it could use clarification.
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