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  1. I think you should try the UK ones before Brexit happens
  2. Some online stores are better than others at informing their customers. For example, a month ago, Wayland still let you order Von Schill's box without having stocks inside their inventory and telling you on the website they refurbish was expected. Meanwhile, Element games told you flat out that the product was no longer available. So sometimes you have to go to several sources to find out what is the most likely truth.
  3. I am very happy to have access to M3E cards with the old artwork, even for a short while. For the models I don't replace I will still have cards looking like what's on the table. Thank you very much.
  4. Well the last time I was threaten by a knife (quite frankly it just happened once to me so perhaps not all thugs are the same :D), it was pointed towards me in a position allowing for a quick strike in case I tried to go after the guy. It makes absolutely no sense to try to scare someone away in the position chosen by the artist. I have never been threatened by a gun but from what I have told, it is also pointed right at you. But I am not American so I know less about guns
  5. Nice art but imho too close to the former one for Levi. I preferred the previous Levi. For Alice I like both arts. This one is new and different. The waives are very similar to their previous art I think. The scavengers are too neat and clean for my taste but not bad per se (they just lack flavour). Or perhaps I was expecting some Jawas 😛 What exactly is the one in the middle doing? It seems that he is waiting for the opponent to come but in that case his shotgun is in a poor position for the fight... Or maybe he is just having the tourista which can happen to the best of us .
  6. Awesome thanks ! About the errata I was not implying there would be one soon. Sorry if I was unclear. I just thought that it was likely that during the M3E's happy life there would be a few card modifications and wanted to know how we would be able to track if the translation is up to date.
  7. Thanks a lot for the news. Seeing that there was a naval blockade to try to delay the faction books, what kind of dark secrets are you revealing? Speaking of books, I do not buy physical copies anymore because it takes too much space so I buy the pdfs directly. Do you expect the books to be released in pdf 2-3 months after physical release as was usually done previously or will this practice change? The translations are a great news. Many players play in both French & English, how do you expect the errata to be handled? Will there be a versionning written on each card?
  8. Thanks a lot for the explanation. I will check with some LGS to see what is possible to do. Malifaux orders are scarce for the LGS I have visited so I don't know if they have regular orders. Maybe if the distributor sells other products that the LGS also purchases, there is a way of rationalizing the shipping cost. Frankly speaking, it's been a while since I have used an LGS to order Wyrd minis (no stock and no support for the game anymore so I stopped bothering). I'll check anyway and perhaps ask other LGS to have more points of view. Thanks for the insight.
  9. Special orders are a great idea and thx a lot for that. However, please kindly note that in some parts of Europe (France in my situation), the number of LGS distributing Wyrd's products is low (and has dropped during M2E for reasons that are entirely another topic). Some still provide the ordering service to customers but without any stock in the shop and without advertizing (it is akeen to ask for a favour from them to order Wyrd products). Needless to say that a special order will cost them a lot in shipping costs unless I misunderstood something about how it will work (so I guess it will cost the final customer a lot in the end). So it seems that, unless I misunderstood, many European customers will have to go through Wyrd's webstore to get the special orders. Unfortunately, Wyrd provides one of the highest shipping costs I have encountered on US webstores. So, although the commercial gesture of special orders is thoughtful and nice, I am worried it will in practice be only available to US customers or EU customers with active communities nearby that will make grouping orders to share the pain (quickly a logistic hell in my experience).
  10. Donnot ever attempt to assemble Bayou Gators . In Wyrd's defence, if you come from PP & GW, Wyrd's minis are thinner (and imho more realistic) and M2E poses tend to be less static than the average space marine or chaos daemon (it is not a critic though, I love the last chaos daemons that GW has issued). Some minis are not revolving around a given moulding plan as some other minis are (PP miniatures and many GW miniatures mostly have the classic facing or oblic shoulders pose) so my guess is that it impacts the mould design and causes the breaking down of the minis into a myriad of pieces. But my knowledge of miniature injection moulding is a basic one so I could be wrong. You will note that the latest M3E renders we have seen so far are much more classical in their pose and bulkier so I guess the problem will be less prevalent on new releases. Personally, I'd rather have glued fingers and nervous breakdown than systematically having a classical pose & bulkiness on all the models but it seems that the trend now is to have simplier minis.
  11. I liked the old Torokage. This art is different (which is a good thing). The masks and the clothes are nice, I like their style. However, I have a hard time understanding what the one on the left is doing though. Has he tripped on something? Same thing with the one of the right, how can his legs be in that position and his lower clothes be right under his feet. This feels very awkward to me. I understand this may be to make the model easier to assemble on a base but this does not feel right to me. Overall, nice try at dynamic poses and, except for the pose awkwardness, good art.
  12. @ whodares A good mini game takes time to learn. For example, at the start of M2E, my first games vs summoners were very painful until I learnt to deal with them. They remained strong but not unbeatable. The first game against Nelly was not fun either because she used some new mechanics I had to get used to. It is normal that going up against a crew blindly gets you stomped. You will probably do better next time. And then again, perhaps in 3 months, Titania will be errated because you are correct and she's OP. She has been much test during the open beta though, from the reports I read.
  13. Yep the rule thing is cool. I have always purchased the books from Wyrd to sustain the development work and IP (I never used any copy or shared books with others). The special order things is cool also and very thoughtful of Wyrd. I like the new bundle packaging. I started the topic on crewboxes only and the price has indeed risen, even for existing boxes. However, some posters also noted that crewboxes excepted, some prices had decreased. My original complaint was: _ Stuff that have existed for a long time and for which the original production investment has been amortized (or at least I hope for Wyrd) have seen their price risen. I am more used to seeing rises in price going along with resculpts (and resculpts being far superior to the former minis - see below). I understand inflation and all but this still does not make sense to me (I am a Kaizen kind of guy). _ Much more subjectively: New stuff that I find less appealing than before (or at least less innovative in terms of sculpts and probably easier to mould than many M2E stuff) being more (or as) expensive than the older bolder stuff was. The new minis are imho inferior to the former ones. So overall, I have a feeling of a stagnation or a downgrade in Wyrd's minis along with a price increase for the newer sculpts and some older crewboxes. Hence my discomfort. But it seems that I am in the minority about this so everything is fine for Wyrd :D.
  14. I understand your point. I have only assembled the arcanist & NB minis you list and I find them very nice except for Adze (average) and Grootslang (aweful, only the Blessed of December is uglier in the whole range imho). For Smugglers, Domadores & Investigators, the artworks are fine indeed. Are the minis equal to the art? I have not seen them on a table actually. I found that more of Wave 5 arts (not all, steamfitters are indeed very nice minis imho) were lost in the sculpts than the previous waves. Some details were lost and the minis were too bulky for my taste. Don't you think? Don't you think the Guild releases are very bland, especially when looking at the renders instead of the art? Don't you think the poses of the DMs and Judge are very odd? Basse does not look very impressive in terms of creativity either. Regarding the Arcanist boxes, I actually like the Marcus box (the only new box I am considering picking up) and Colette's is OK, except for Colette herself (I find her chest strangely built and her body too bulky) and Cassandra is less how I picture her than her previous incarnation. However, I find the Elijah & co box very bland. I ordered doomseekers to use them as proxies (even if it will end up being more expensive, I like the sculpts of the doomseekers so I don't mind). Hucksters for me suffer from the same issue as Elijah & Co, their art could be in a D&D book but I find their arts odd in a steampunk setting (perhaps it is because of the clothing). Regarding Somer I liked the previous box and I am not really into Gremlins (except for Zipp) so I have no opinion. I find M3E's renders inferior to Wave 5 imho.
  15. They don't look mad enough and their clothes are too clean for my taste. I like my arsons dirty and wild, don't ask me why :D.
  16. I can understand that. I just feel they look too "fantasy" and not enough "steampunky" (not very clear I know). And perhaps I was expecting something more akeen to the cult of the burning man and less like a posse of elemental mages.
  17. I also like cherry picking my models but I think on this point Wyrd has been thoughtful of older players with the special order concept. So this new bundle packaging is quite OK imho. SKU management is a hell once you reach a large enough range of products so this change is perfectly understandable imho. And, as Gnomezilla said, Gadzook is amazing and very efficient so, even after the first year, we should be able to get parts of the boxes.
  18. Yep I was not a fan of Wave 3 either except for some emissaries. I really like the NB and Outcast ones though. I have painted the NB one and I reallly like this mini. The changelings are nice also but the sculpts are much too similar for my taste. Didn’t you like Wave 4? I really liked the NB stuff and I thought Zipp’s box was cool. Nelly was also interesting. I thought new concepts or revisions of old concepts were nicely brought into the game. What did you like in Wave 5? I have got the NB, the Gatreauz bokors and arcanist stuff and I was disappointed when I saw some of the miniatures assembled (the bokors are nice but very big and bulky imho). The Adze was not great but the worst was the Grootslang imho.
  19. It is obvious that on your side you have infinite science and wisdom. I am very sorry I have offended your highness and will stop bothering you with my idiotic questions.
  20. By increasing your sales I would guess and improving your project management process to be able to actually be on schedule on your releases, thereby improving your working capital. I know the market is saturated but Wyrd’s visibility in LGS is non existant around here. You have to really want their products to purchase them. The way I see them their marketing and business development ability is really poor.
  21. I am on a company board also so I have an idea of how a company is run I however can very hardly increase prices for old things without a good reason on the direct production costs (overheads are usually considered to have to be absorbed by more efficiency and economies of scale). To increase prices easily I have to do better than before. Additionally if I make simpler products (like the new M3E sculpts), I cannot expect to rise my prices easily either. Different industries I guess. Looking at the reactions on this topics it does not bother your customers. I wish I had the same luxury But anyhow I can understand why in terms of marketing the crew box prices should all be the same, even if some are old ones. if some prices other than crewboxes have decreased then it is good indeed.
  22. I went into more details: Colette's crew lost the equivalent of 1 mini am I wrong? So same price but less minis Seamus went up 5USD for the exact same box Perdita actually went down since Abuela is added but the increase is just 5 USD (Abuela's mini is imho worth more than 5USD) Sonnia went up 5 USD for the exact same box Justice went up 5 USD Marcus did not change but the content is not the same. It actually went up because the former box included big minis. I just checked the crewboxes, for the other boxes I haven't checked. Colette is not Wave 1, it is Wave 2. For existing minis, how come since the moulds are fully amortized by now, the process automatized (so less inpact of the labour cost) and oil prices are unless I am wrong below those from 5 years ago (https://tradingeconomics.com/commodity/crude-oil)? For new minis, they all have simpler sculpts and larger features which should decrease the mould cost (although I guess they use a bit more material.
  23. Am I wrong or do the M3E crewboxes now feature less minis for the same or for a higher price?
  24. So, after the previews we have seen from the art direction of the M3E, I am now sure that I hate the new arts & sculpts with a passion. I find them boring and unimaginative. The lack of ambition in the art and sculpt line is blatant. There is nothing special to Malifaux anymore, it is just a steampunk game among others. I am really down on the game right now. I don't think I am in line with Wyrd's artistic choices anymore and artistic choices are very important to me when I chose a mini game. I still have M2E minis though so I have a lot of painting on my plate but it is very likely that my purchases for M3E will be limited to books (I still like the game and fluff) and perhaps a few minis to complete some keywords and/or some that avoided the vanilla effect. None of the resculpts interest me more than their M2E version.
  25. I am bored just by looking at the art of Elijah and friends. There was so much better to do with the concept.
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