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  1. So, if an enemy places a scheme marker, I'm allowed to spend on AP and remove that marker (as long as I'm base-to-base, not engaged, and am not a peon/insignificant). My question is, does that apply to all enemy markers? If Ramos were to place/generate a scrap marker, can I spend one AP to remove that marker? If a model dies and drops a corpse marker, can I remove it before a Rez is able to summon something? I played a Dreamer crew last night and one model (I forget the name) was putting down "web markers" that lowered my WP... Am I not allowed to remove those? Thanks.
  2. Almost 9 hours of Malifaux on Saturday! Played one game against Jacob Lynch, for our Slow Grow league. Then we had 8 people gathered around a 3x3 table to play an Enforcer Brawl! It was fun, but took a long time in between each player moving. Then I played a third game against Kaeriss as part of the slow grow league. It was a long day, but a fun day of Malifaux.
  3. @tharrup - I believe that quote from the rules regarding blast damage, is in order to determine the order of which models take the blast damage only ie: Model A is main target, and Models B and C each take blast damage, so the attacker gets to choose if B or C takes the damage first or second. But this leads to the question then... does the Blast Damage happen simultaneously with the original attack? I had assumed it was, but now I'm not so sure. (I don't have my rulebook handy to look this up). Interesting twist... @loboracing, tell your friend to hold off on that celebrating!
  4. Clever... but I tend to think it could not happen... Haberdasher says "After this model suffers damage...", which would mean that the initial damage AND the Blast Damage would happen first and simultaneously. Therefore at the time of the blast damage, CCK would not be able to claim the Haberdasher in time.
  5. testing So how does one actually put the code into the post? Ah - it worked. So just a "colon" in front of the word. Thanks for the extra work Ratty!
  6. It sounds like you did what works best for you and your friend, which is great. I hate to say it, but I think it really depends on the person(s) as to how they would like to learn the game. I'm like you, I would prefer to start simple, and gradually increase as you go along. But I've played 2 demo games with beginners to Malifaux, but they were both long time Warhammer and Warmachine players - so they picked up on the rules quickly. We just dove right in and by the end of turn 3 or so, they pretty much had all the basic concepts down. If I were to demo another game for a beginner, I would just ask, how would they like to proceed, in small examples, or just dive in.
  7. Also, you can check out: http://www.miniwargaming.com/ They have a ton of painting tutorials (a lot are focused on Warhammer, but still apply in regards to painting). There are free tutorials and a paid "vault membership" that gives you access to a ton more. Start with the free stuff obviously. Good luck! Here's a link to take you directly to the painting tutorials, and then you can choose a filter at the top for "free" content: http://www.miniwargaming.com/category/painting_tutorial/0/0/1/recent%7CDESC/2/alltime//
  8. Agreed, while the name "toss" implies a throw up into the air, in the description of the action is says it's a "Push" which means it follows the normal definition of a "push". ie: walls would stop the Ht1 model, as well as other Ht1 (or more) models. It should probably be renamed to "shove"
  9. Do you have to declare what you are attempting to summon ahead of time, so then if it fails you wouldn't get to do the Action? ie: You declare you're going to summon 3 Spiders, but your flip isn't high enough for the 19, but you get a 17 instead... can you then summon the 2 Spiders instead? (assuming you can't cheat higher).
  10. For what it's worth Tollboothmusic, I had trouble wrapping my head around this basic question also. I had come from a Warmachine background and my first few games I was building my lists wrong, so your post may help other beginners as well.
  11. ugh - apologies for opening this can of worms. It sounds the the issue is the Action Points being spent = a walk vs actual movement = a walk. I tend to side with the later, but can see that both sides have a good argument.
  12. Oh - Good point Dracomax, and having the (D) Model do a Terror Check if they fail to disengage. Thanks for that clarification.
  13. If a model is engaged with another model that has the Terrifying ability, would they still have to pass a Horror Duel before attempting to disengage? They're trying to walk away (Walk Action), which does not "target" the Terrifying model, yet the disengage is treated like a melee attack, which does target a model. Thanks! <Edit: I think I just answered my own question... So it seems as though the model attempting to walk away is doing the Walk Action, and it's the OTHER model that then target's the model trying to walk away. So Terrifying would not be an issue when trying to disengage.> Would still appreciate a confirmation on this, that I'm reading it correctly.
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