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  1. drakeman

    Marcus, where to go?

    Thanks for the advice. Molemen are high on my list. I just picked up Malifaux Raptors for cheap activations/turning enemies into beasts and Siliurids for scheme running. Wanted to try out their speed and see how they do. What are people's thoughts on the hounds? (all 3 kinds)
  2. drakeman

    Marcus, where to go?

    Doesn't sound like it since the target model chain activates immediately after Marcus. Not to mention you would need 8 cards in your hand, 4 of which need to be relatively high masks. I'm sure there are other ways to get more attacks out of him though.
  3. drakeman

    2017 Arcanist Resolutions

    Win more games with Marcus and flesh out his force options some more. Pick Up Mei Feng and learn her too. (TT is my primary, but Marcus and her are some of my favorite masters in malifaux) Run my arcanists for a tourney.
  4. drakeman

    Marcus, where to go?

    Right, for some reason my brain was skipping over the part where it said all beasts in LOS gain this. My bad. So the max I can see is 15 attacks with everything lining up right. Nasty.
  5. drakeman

    Marcus, where to go?

    Bu he can only take one upgrade, can't he? Or is there some rule I am missing? And he had Imbued Energy in that setup. So I think 14 is the number here.
  6. drakeman

    Marcus, where to go?

    Two thoughts/questions. One, can't he get 15 with Myranda if she uses hunting call on him twice? And second, where is he getting smell fear?
  7. drakeman

    Marcus, where to go?

    How would one manage that. It sounds hilarious.
  8. drakeman

    Marcus, where to go?

    Hey all, I am trying to get a better handle on playing Marcus (currently my only Arcanist master. I play TT primarily). I am looking for advice on where to expand with marcus from here. So far I have the following: Marcus Myranda Jackalope Cojo Sabertooth Cerberus Blessed of December Slate Ridge Mauler Razorspine Rattler The Scorpius Dawn Serpent Waldgeist (2) So, I would like some ideas on where to go from here. Any advice is welcome. If it helps, I usually prefer to Run Marcus with his Trail of the Gods upgrade, not the God's Domain. I have run both, but prefer the first cause it suits my style a bi more and l love having Marcus do work. Thanks in advance! I might be playing in an upcoming tournament with him as well. Cause he is the only fully painted force I have ready Also cause I like him.
  9. drakeman

    TT player going Guild

    Hi all, I am primarily a Ten Thunders player and just picked up a Lady Justice box after much debate on what faction to choose as a secondary faction. Other than the obvious of McCabe (cause crossover is fun), what buying advice would you offer? I see a lot of stuff that looks really fun and usefull, and for now my focus will be on Lady J and McCabe, so what models work best with them? Any advice is helpful! Thanks all!