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  1. With Guild Envoys you can pitch two cards to turn Thrace to her glory side upon activation, and based on this section of the rules: 2. Choose Unit – Either Pass or choose a unit to Activate. If you choose to Activate a unit, any effects that occur when that unit Activates are resolved now. • Generate Tactics Tokens - If the unit has a Tactics value, its controller gains a number of Tactics Tokens equal to its Tactics value (see pg. 27). Leads me to believe that she would change from 1 tactics to 2 tactics before you get the tokens. Is this the correct?
  2. ArcMaster

    Red joker question.

    Pg 28 in the rulebook has the rule you are looking for about not being able to cheat if your opponent flips the Red joker.
  3. ArcMaster

    Yet Another Thread About Disengaging

    Let's boil away the parts that don't matter for determining plurality. So it looks more like this. "Enemy models take a free attack action with any one attack" So the models are taking an attack action. If we look in the steps for performing an action on we'll find that we only have rules that tell us how to perform an action for a single model at a time, unless these rules specifically allow for multiple models to share the same action. If that is the case how do we resolve models with wicked, attacking together with models that lack wicked? Overall it's just a rule that needs to be re-worded given other confusion other parts of it have caused. I'm sure it was one of those things the Designers had right in their minds, and was playtested a certain way because that's how people expected it a cerain way, and slipped through the cracks as a result. I'm confident that when they release the first FAQs for the game that they'll cover this.
  4. How does Mei Feng's, Price of Progress upgrade work with killing multiple models simultaneously? (such as using Scalding Breath from Vapormancy) The ability is worded "After this model kills or sacrifices a model, draw a card and heal 1 damage" So is it checking that she at least killed one model, or is it checking for each model killed? At first I thought it was for each model killed, but I'm not so sure any more.