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  1. For Reference: Glimpse the Void:Enemy only.Target must pass a TN 14 Wp duel or it is Buried. If the target is Buried by this Trigger, at the start of its Activation, Unbury it within 1" of an enemy model. I'm a little confused on how this ability works. So if someone could clarify the following points for me. 1.) Which player controls where the model is unburied at? (the player activating the buried model, or the player who generated the glimpse the void trigger). 2.) Which perspective is the enemy model from? (the player activating the buried model, or the player who generated the glimpse the void trigger). From Nothing: At the start of this model's Activation, if it is Buried, it may end another model's Fast Condition to Unbury in base contact with that model. Can you choose to end the fast condition and unbury the model in your deployment zone? Sorry if these questions have already been asked and answered before, the search function wasn't working too well for me.
  2. While not quite as powerful as a blanket "remove a condition" we should also remember all models have access to the Assist Action for Burning, Distracted, and Injured.
  3. I still say if we don't get that Lady Justice, Rasputina, Seamus, and Von Schill beach party box from that original post about alternate masters, I'm going to be a bit sad.
  4. First Dimensional Instability's text posted for reference. Dimensional Instability: During Scouting, place three 50mm Portal Markers on the board in any location at least 8" from any other Markers and not in your opponent’s deployment zone. When a Cult of the Burning Man Fireteam in this Company comes into (or starts in) base contact with a friendly Portal Marker, you may place its unit in base contact with any other friendly Portal Marker. Fireteams that move in this way may not use any remaining movement that was granted by the Order, and cannot use the Dimensional Instability rule again during this Activation. In the last sentence where it says "Fireteams that move in this way ect...." Does the wording mean that only the initiating fire team (and those like it hence the plural) lose the movement from an order and not any other fire teams in the unit, or that all fire teams that moved in that particular use of dimensional instability? I'm fairly certain that it's the later, but I've seen someone argue for the former.
  5. If a unit that is a squad of 3 fire teams, and each of those fire teams wants to utilize the Rapid Maneuvering part of the King's Empire Allegiance card, how many cards does the controller discard?
  6. With regards to the wording of the Unyielding ability (copied here for reference) Unyielding: When this model would take an Action outside of its Activation, it may choose not to (even if controlled by an enemy model). I found this wording to be a bit peculiar. Would it make more sense to say "its owner may choose for it not to take action"? As worded it almost seems like you have to wait for the model itself to decide, or could possibly be up to the person controlling the action. I know this affects Lazarus, but I don't know how many other models have the ability so I'm not entirely sure which ones would have to be changed outside of him.
  7. Out of curiosity how many battle reports were secondary masters auto picks? Perhaps it's just me, but as far as I could tell the data pointed to the opposite conclusion.
  8. I feel like many of the players who are advocating getting rid of the second master hiring tend to have been against the idea in the first place. In some of those circumstances it's just theory crafting. So let's talk about really what the potential problem that second masters present. 1.) It breaks immersion of theme for another crew. This argument boils down to how one perceives the fluff of the game. It's entirely subjective, and there can be just as many "un-fluffy" reasons as "fluffy" reasons why two masters might work together for encounter purposes. In some ways it's easier to make fluff justifications for this then some of the Strategies and Schemes. (of Course Seamus wanted to take that Ice gamin prisoner, for ahhh..... reasons). 2.) It is inherently overpowered and broken While this is a concern, the data collected thus far indicates that this is not the case. While theory can be helpful, it's much more subjective when it comes to how things will shake out in the long run. In addition the strength of a model can fluctuate depending on the environment it exists in. GG17 Ashes and Dust vs GG18 Ashes and Dust. 3.) It reduces variety in the game when their are auto includes from a competitive perspective (since from a non-competitive this isn't actually a problem). If we examine most crews in M3E we can see from testing there is less variety in hiring because of how hiring was changed to focus on theme. However, if we are honest with ourselves we can see that certain things were already or nearly auto includes in M2E. It could be simple things like Nekima in many Neverborn lists, Myranda with Imbued Energies in most Arcanist lists, or making sure to take a bunch of void wretches and Nothing Beast with Tara. M3E has mostly focused on promoting that last example in hiring where it's in-theme for a given master, however if the game were to have more "Nekima and Myranda" models would it not be more diverse that a given leader has 7 other "Nekimas" to hire? Even if second masters become auto includes in lists and get banned by competitive players, would not other models just rush to fill the gaps they left? On a more cynical note at the end of the day those with a tournament mindset will eventually find the best "bang for the buck" and more and more we'll see certain models set aside as others that are the most mathematically efficient rise to the top. M3E seems to be in the direction that the difference between the best and the worst is not as great as it was in M2E, but if competitive players want that edge they'll find it and exploit it.
  9. Out of curiosity how many games were tested in your area with multiple masters, and to what extend were they too good? What exactly would remove hiring a second master do for the game?
  10. There a few dozen models that did not get changed back after the back change based I what I can see between the files when it happened.
  11. I was overlooking the change on flight, and wondering why some of the models impacted received movement increases to compensate, and others did not. Perhaps I'm just missing something.
  12. Perhaps we have a different interpretation on page 18 (in the free online rulebook) of the following passage in the third paragraph: "Below are various Terrain Traits. These Traits apply to all Fireteams, but a Trait may be modified by High or Low. A Trait that is High only affects Titan Fireteams. A Trait that is Low only affects non-Titan Fireteams." So as far as I understand if it's Hazardous and low it does not affect Titans. It would also be weird in the example terrain to have the distinction between say Undergrowth, and Forest (dense) when it comes to difficult terrain. EDIT: ninja'd by Clement
  13. I haven't gotten a chance to play him in Open yet, but from when I've used him in beta Let me say I too am happy about the changes received.
  14. because the stormsiren does not have a high or low listed by the Hazardous 3 she gives the tide pools, does it effect titan an non-titan units the same?
  15. Thank you @solkan. I may have seen the question somewhere, and was finding a hard time explaining to another individual why it worked the way you so eloquently described it.
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