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  1. Silent_Eric is the name I believe. The profile picture is a homestuck troll with what now at the top.
  2. Enforcer and above tend to have unique abilities. It certainly feels strange at a glance to see minions getting access to buffs that only affect minions, while Henchmen get soulstones, leaving Enforcers with nothing special and extra, but you must remember that minions are not unique and enforcers are. Even a high cost minion isn't going to have an ability that would be too strong if repeated, while enforcers will do unique thing befitting their station, but not be powerful or high costed enough to warrant being a henchman and using soulstones, or being the Leader of a list.
  3. I think we've hit the good point. You can play all those DMH characters in the faction they came from. There is no mechanical downside to DMH. They are not allowed in official tournaments, and they won't have future releases give models designed and intended for them to run with. But they can use them. If you are asking for just them to come back in the story, that is possible. But DMH doesn't affect mechanics like it almost did, so I don't think there is any problem with it.
  4. I do indeed still have it. I have all the models but the stats are not up to date. I have to share it directly at the moment, although now that it is open beta I suppose I could maybe release the maps? Either way reach out to me if you want it. I'm Silent Eric on Steam. Or Silent_Eric, or some variation.
  5. Yes. And in casual games among friends presumably, although the rules don't mention that oddly enough. But since Masters are declared before hiring, I think a faction having more Leader options isn't that big a deal. Especially once Masters with Titles start releasing, if there aren't an equal number of those per faction every time any are released which seems unlikely and unnecessarily difficult.
  6. Asylum Nurses makes sense. Man Asylum is a MUCH better keyword than Half-Blood. Although Half-Blood got Tuco so I guess they are even? Rafkin should be Mortuary. He is Nicodem's apprentice. I'm happy for this change, although I don't really mind that he enabled poison gamin for Sandeep. I just didn't understand why an aspiring necromancer would suddenly change character to be a venomancer. I love the Dead Man's Hand change. As for Zombie Chihuahua being Zombie, this means you can have Nicodem as your Leader, hire McMourning as a second Master, and get McMourning's totem without an out of keyword tax penalty! In other words, these two Masters work well together! Reflecting the fluff of the Coroner and the Mortician having close ties. Mechanically it's just saving 1 soulstone, but I like the idea, and having more things like that sprinkled around to showcase which Masters work with which other Masters is a nice subtle worldbuilding thing that can be done. Can't wait to run Asura with Nicodem. She was a powerful henchman for Reva, but mechanically she didn't super jive in a way that couldn't be Versatile. Making corpse counters mobile and hostile to the opponent is just a good thing for Ressurs to have, and she'll help them accomplish schemes very well I think!
  7. It's basically an infinite range aura! Very impressive if you think about it.
  8. Look at their cards. Collodi is Neverborn, DMH. DMH is now just a stamp of death. It's not a faction anymore. You declare Neverborn, and you can play Collodi if you want and the game allows it. You can hire Collodi as a second Master. You can hire upgrades. You can hire other masters. They are just in their faction but with a keyword that allows TO's to disallow them from games if wanted.
  9. Actually, the rules say it's disallowed in tournaments or Story play without TO approval. None of those things are defined in the rulebook. I mean, I know what a tournament and a TO is, and could guess at Story play, but it might be good to define that stuff somewhere when it's in a callout box explaining what Dead Man's Hand means.
  10. DEAD MAN'S HAND IS NO LONGER A GAME CONCEPT. THANK GOD. Or perhaps, I should more accurately thank Design team. Thanks guys. It's everything I wanted and probably would have done anyway.
  11. For my first Burning Man game I ran Fenton Brahm with Flaming Effigy and Corona of Flame Gorysche with Bad Breath, Splitting Tails, and Writhing Coils. Breachling Stalking Portals Twisted Horrors with Raving Madman Strategems were Burning Man Descends, Time Paradox, Deranged Laughter, From the Aether, Chaos Fissures, and Fire from the Sky, I found that I could easily go to Glory with everything by turn 2, but that with a single Commander, it was very difficult to go through the entire deck for Twisted Horrors. In addition, the shaken tokens were detrimental after they went to glory since they aren't removed. I think I will replace the Flaming Effigy, which I never used, with Icon of Malifaux so I can remove my Shaken tokens from my fireteams that can't take a Raving Madman once they go to Glory. I lost to Storm Siren, but it was close, by the by.
  12. I was hoping I could order some more The Other Side stuff to round out what I didn't get from the kickstarter. I need more Broken. Ah well, just have to wait I suppose.
  13. The errata for the impose and trick actions are much appreciated, especially as a fatemaster. But I have a follow up question about those actions; What is the range for the actions? It does not give one, and the errata has not specified yet. I don't want my sniper to be able to use impose on enemies from outside a range they can match. Even simpler than that, imposing an enemy that is engaged with an ally while not engaged with them myself seems strange to me. It's a thorny rabbit hole that I have just avoided in my game so far, but I like the idea of characters having some more action options.
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