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  1. For my first Burning Man game I ran Fenton Brahm with Flaming Effigy and Corona of Flame Gorysche with Bad Breath, Splitting Tails, and Writhing Coils. Breachling Stalking Portals Twisted Horrors with Raving Madman Strategems were Burning Man Descends, Time Paradox, Deranged Laughter, From the Aether, Chaos Fissures, and Fire from the Sky, I found that I could easily go to Glory with everything by turn 2, but that with a single Commander, it was very difficult to go through the entire deck for Twisted Horrors. In addition, the shaken tokens were detrimental after they went to glory since they aren't removed. I think I will replace the Flaming Effigy, which I never used, with Icon of Malifaux so I can remove my Shaken tokens from my fireteams that can't take a Raving Madman once they go to Glory. I lost to Storm Siren, but it was close, by the by.
  2. I was hoping I could order some more The Other Side stuff to round out what I didn't get from the kickstarter. I need more Broken. Ah well, just have to wait I suppose.
  3. The errata for the impose and trick actions are much appreciated, especially as a fatemaster. But I have a follow up question about those actions; What is the range for the actions? It does not give one, and the errata has not specified yet. I don't want my sniper to be able to use impose on enemies from outside a range they can match. Even simpler than that, imposing an enemy that is engaged with an ally while not engaged with them myself seems strange to me. It's a thorny rabbit hole that I have just avoided in my game so far, but I like the idea of characters having some more action options.
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