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  1. Brax Jaxon

    Hu Heng and Focused Efforts

    Hu Heng is a Mage and also doesn't have a grimoire listed in his gear. Therefore his Fire Blast and Roasting Flesh will be manifested powers.
  2. Brax Jaxon

    Quick start rules

    Thank you for your swift reply!
  3. I've managed to coerce my local Henchman in to being the FM for this campaign and we've managed to drum up some interest among the Malifaux Players. I've got a copy of the Core Rules, as has the Henchman, but I was wondering whether the Quick Start rules PDF in the secret forum can be shared with the other participants, or if it is supposed to be for the FMs only.
  4. Brax Jaxon

    January 2018 Errata

    @Aaron is there/could there be a plan to create a second bundle to collate those cards from previous erratas that are not included here? i know there are only a few of those, but may be easier to ascertain correct cards when ordering.
  5. Brax Jaxon

    Alt Sculpt Stories.

    She is in some of the later Malifaux books as exposition, but mainly she appears most in Through the Breach doing the same job. mainly we learn about her more by how she writes about things she encounters. We know she was a spy for Lucius and was killed in the line of duty, but became Undead and continued her work.
  6. Brax Jaxon


    Still waiting for this.
  7. Brax Jaxon

    Monday Preview - Alternate Rasputina

    Very nice indeed! Does it come with Story encounters/TTB one shots?
  8. Brax Jaxon

    Wyrd GenCon Newsletter

    Sorry if this has been covered, but I notice that alt huggy and Nekima are under the pre-release bit. Does that mean they will be available retail at some point? i appreciate that may be obvious, but trying to make informed choices.
  9. Brax Jaxon

    Tale of Malifaux Bloggers 2

    I'm going to have to leave this. I've been working 6 day weeks since the beginning of January alongside a degree. When I have had a bit of time to myself the last thing I've wanted to do is paint. I had got some paint on my metal Gamin, but not a lot. Good luck to those with more staying power.
  10. Brax Jaxon

    Frozen Moments Voting - Crew

    I loved the Zoraida crew. I thought the colour choices really gave them a look of being in a badly lit swamp environment. Great job!
  11. Brax Jaxon

    Frozen Moments Voting - Diorama

    I voted for Amo No Zako as I thought the colours were well executed in contrast with the ice. Well done all!
  12. Brax Jaxon

    Frozen Moments Voting - Single Mini

    I love the diversity here. It was close for me between A Better Class of Bouncer and McMourning. I liked the way Graves had been cast in Shadow from the front and light from behind, but in the end it was the clarity of McMourning that got my vote. Well done all!
  13. Brax Jaxon

    Tale of Malifaux Bloggers 2

    It may be worthwhile checking also that the conversion is proportionate to unit cost. That is to say, in the UK, the RRP of the Latigo Posse is £30 Using xe.com, that means it converts at 58.64 AUD Is that representative of the unit cost in Australia, or do you need to adjust?
  14. Brax Jaxon

    Tale of Malifaux Bloggers 2

    To tie in with ToMB and as part of the reason I went for Arcanists, I've written a post about character development of my Gunsmith http://thenationofprocrasti.blogspot.co.uk/2015/01/malifaux-journal-forging-narrative.html
  15. Brax Jaxon

    Webstore Back Up

    Love the domain name! I'm sure that I will comply!