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  1. Offering you all a bargain. Ramos crew Ironsides crew 2 soulstone Miners 2 union Miners 2 gunsmiths Extra swarms and steam arachnids NOS large arachnids Willie Johan 3 metal gamin Mobile tool kit Electric creation All cards Inc wave 5 included £100 Inc fees and UK postage Int postage at cost
  2. Agree with rosskov I'm bored of reading how and why gremlins are so bad reckless this stilts that. The Kentouri esp with nice summoning them seems too much right now, sanders etc seems that gremlins get complained about more but I'm not sure why
  3. I totally agree My own love affair with gremlins goes back to just playing metal ophelia on her release its always been a hard Road to be gremlin player
  4. I think some People.do have a wierd hate of gremlins, forget the banter about not a real faction etc There is just down right hate for gremlins from some sections of the player Base. Yes francois was undercoated for his use, but I'd often see someone loose a master or big beater to him and cry about how broken he is. Same as just last night o saw a guy claiming that thunders were hit too hard by this errata. This went on to say that the most broken model in the entire game is somer and has been for.4 years. On a personal level I can't ever manage to beat yan lol
  5. Bayou two card isn't as good as a pos flip as you can cheat the pos flip.
  6. Why are bayous the best 3ss model in the game?
  7. All models are built well, undercoated grey all come with the m2e cards and upgardes including wave 5 upgrades All are current plastic editions unless stated Pics on request Ramos Crew Box Set - The M&SU ( metal alt ramos, and 4 metal spiders and a metal swarm ) 3 x Ice Gamin Mei Feng Crew Box - Rail Crew Rail Golem 3 x Metal Gamin ( boxed untouched ) Willie metal Electric Creation Kaeris Crew Box - Burning Revelation Slate Ridge Mauler 2 x Gunsmiths metal Mobile Toolkit 3 x metal Union M
  8. I am not complaining just merely questioning, i am not that knowledgable about the tunders and especially shen long, he does add defensive from another source then use shens ap to top it up and make it last till next activation
  9. This was the reason for my questions I play against shen long alot and seemingly it is perpetual
  10. Perhaps the voice place to say this But in the current climate, I've seen a lot of complaints that this or that is broken or overpowered yet 10t and this interaction never comes up Seems to me being always defensive is a little strong
  11. Do you not play Marcus or just not use those models?
  12. That was my next question Say shen os made a beast and Marcus applies the 2 conditions that means shen ends up with 3 neg on df flips Yet has defensive +8 Are flipping cards as if you were Def + 5? Or are you on negatives
  13. As per the title, and inspired by a thread on AWP about models beng used by every player in every list etc etc What are your must haves? what are you never use? Just for curriosity
  14. Am I missing something here ( which is entirely possible ) but shen long can poetentially keep defensive + all game ? Making him probably the hardest model to kill in the game..
  15. Right bayous, If you were suddenly writing the next erratta from your gremlin point of view, what do you boost and what do you Cuddle? ( obviously this would need to be bias free and not just ake gremlins ridiculously over powered ) Curious to see your responses i think we all have models we think would work better one way or with a certain ability , curious to see if the general consenus is similar fro the grelin players
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