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  1. she's got a lot of brutal scars as if autopsied, I tink she is a resser
  2. Wlokk

    Are Infiltrators lack luster?

    This changes my opinion a little bit in all honesty 4 is a usable number, 3 wasn't.
  3. Wlokk

    Reasons for the Section Sizes.

    Wyrd makes their games very different from anyone else. what other game uses decks of cards? I think the way they did squads is great. I'll be able to play a game in 1-2 hours instead of setting up for an hour then playing for 3-4 after that. Heck even the idea of glory challenges the old thoughts on morale. Most games morale is just a lul random way to loose units or the game.
  4. Wlokk

    How bout them motor scouts?

    could give him an inspired token
  5. They seem pretty fun to me, and they can have a 20" move and shoot if you use rapid redeployment!
  6. Wlokk

    King's Hand Glory Side

    Stalking portals have a def of 3
  7. Wlokk

    More than just heroes?

    Think there will be more than heroes/character models? It would be nice to see some squads or peace keepers or something.
  8. Wlokk

    King's Empire Image Previews

    Um, maybe they think the other armies smell bad! or bandannas could be a make shift filter, lot of chemical warfare at that time. The blunder buss is something I can fix through work so not that bad. I might get the artillery later in pieces to make removing that bell edge easier. However those missing back pack straps are going to bug me! Might have to learn to green stuff/ sculpt if that's the final render.
  9. Wlokk

    King's Empire Image Previews

    I just don't like the blunderbuss look. I'd rather see iron sights at the end. The flared muzzle is too cartoony for me, and that goes double when it is made over pronounced like those and the artillery. I think the look is amplified by most of the models not having that flair, so the few that do, Charles, rifle corp, field intel and artillery make it more annoying to me. edit:And that's weird because those are all high accuracy units but that horn on the end is typical of a time where hitting someone was more about luck than skill.
  10. Wlokk

    Welcome to The Other Side!

    It was talked about somewhere in the kickstarter updates, court of two can be hired by any malifaux factions and guild can be hired by any earth factions. They dont seem to be as loose as mercs but work in a similar way it seems.
  11. Wlokk

    King's Empire Image Previews

    Sorry for the off topic but gotta say. "Alternate Lazarus looks sooo much better than regular." I think I'm going to have to shave off those dorky blunderbuss muzzles off my KE models.
  12. HOROMATANGI!!!!! or ECB Back ops if only on looks. Rules wise: Dragoons think. Hard to pick with so many models being add ons but not knowing their rules.
  13. Wlokk

    King's Empire Image Previews

    IDK man, In a setting where giant robots are fighting Kaiju and a man in blue flames showers the world in chaos, When Africa leads in technology with lightining guns and magic rocks, and when replacing limbs with steam/magic robotics is common place, I can let a revolving grenade launcher go. It's basically a giant revolver anyways. However those straps are going to bug me now that you pointed them out... Edit: Those catapults look ghetto AF. I'd rather have good looking minis and not play historical.
  14. Wlokk

    The King's Empire Discussion

    KE has the potential to have Scotsmen, Aussies, Indians, Arabs, Africans, and Chinese. There is a chance to see all kind of fun and interesting models that don't always fit the "guardsman" bill. Honestly though I'm itching to see the rest of the cards for the models we can add on. Grenadiers and motor scouts got me excited! Also those steam-borgs from wales!